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Intergenerational Warfare Is a Scam—We Need to Expand Social Security and End Student Debt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/26/intergenerational-warfare-scam-we-need-expand-social-security-and-end-student-debt

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Roosevelt’s tyrants, the billionaires, excel in Newspeak that confuses, divides and conquers the masses. Many hoped that as the internet proliferated and information was democratized some of this mindfuck would subside. Rather, it has exponentiated. With a “reality” television star at the helm, the ship is listing way too much to starboard. It is time to show the nazi mindset overboard once and for all so that the ship may sail true.


The 1%'s divide and conquer strategy is not just intergenerational, it is intragenerational, constantly reminding seniors who lost or never had pensions or retirement medical insurance paid by somebody else of the retirement benefits of those who do have generous retirement packages.

Rather than constantly trying to take retirement packages away from those who have them as the 1% are proposing, we should be expanding benefits for those who never had them or lost them as a result of the predator’s ball that started when Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981.


I think that Bernie is correct with the term of democratic socialism , because if you look at the billionaires in this nation. who are certainly democratic capitalists—they are socialists too in how they join together.
They join together in places like Wall St. and board rooms to make sure that no one can object to them buying their own stock back , but solely to increase their own value. So, in a way, by working for their group, they really are doing better for many—just not for the group that we all call ,WE the People.

In the same way the socialism helps the group to rise through common supporting behavior, the rich are doing this too-----but unlike the socialism idea of say—public parks----only the rich are benefitted, while the true socialism shares the good stuff with all.
This is why ideas like Medicare for All, and getting rid of student debt make sense. The the People have to spend more more into rent and food, and not for futures, the nation and the rich suffer too. SHARING, as in SOCIALISM makes life better for all---------and unless America can do this, we’ll be just just be another failed nation, felled by greed. : (

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Thanks for the article. My own partner has huge college debt and will probably have it forever, at our ages. I’m pretty darn tired, not to mention angry, at the way-too-young-to-speak crowd, especially authors, who keep blaming generations instead of the billionaires who are the real culprits for much of what damages us (us as a country, us as a people).
Yesterday I read an age-hate whine called The Boomers Ruined Everything from Lyman Stone at The Atlantic (not the first time I’ve seen this blood-boiling nonsense from them). From his viewpoint I figured he was young and looking at his pictures online I would say 20’s to early 30s (he is/was 27 in November according to an article about him in Bloomberg). He seems very prolific, and seems to be everywhere writing and advising, even though he graduated only a few years ago. At his age not only has he no perspective, he also clearly finds “data” to find his prejudices (very conservative ones). And, after all that whining about the financial predicaments of the “new” gen he is not only employed all over the place but charges (or charged) $300 an hour. So, basically he is ginning up a popular young base and in the process cynically using “boomers” as his editorial scapegoats.
Back in the 1960’s an ad guy from LA (don’t remember his name, but it is famous) made the phrase “don’t trust anyone over 30” into a watch word. When I was still in my 20’s I thought so. Those “older” persons had messed up our world. Then I turned 30 and began to get some perspective on that nonsense. Generations don’t get together to screw up the world for younger generations (assuming generations band together as a party anyway). Everyone has their turn at bat from birth to death. We are all affected and partisan blaming comes from the power centers, not age/generations centers.
No one should buy into Lyman Stone’s nonsense. The Atlantic, Salon, etcetera should not publish such hate mongering disguised as academic research. But anymore journalism is shallow and not experienced. Too many kids in charge when they should still be learning. When they turn 30, and then 40 and so forth, they will finally start learning as I learned. But in the meantime, they do a lot of inter-generational damage.


Bernie also introduced the Expand Social Security Act. It increases the average SS benefit by $1,300 per year and increases the COLA after that.

His MFA would also eliminate the premiums, deductibles and 20% co-pays now paid by seniors on current Medicare.

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I’m pretty sure it was Abbie Hoffman who said “Don’t trust anyone over 30.”

My boomer generation is now up there with me. In USA, it seems to me that my older generation has declared war on younger people. We’ve known for decades that our luxuries are rendering much of the planet uninhabitable for future generations. We’ve denied them the most precious thing anyone can hold: a future. There’s nothing we don’t owe young people to atone for the injury we continue to inflict, but cannot retract, repair, or even slow down.

He has my vote.

Sorry, Hoffman was one of those mis-attributed to. I still keep remembering Pete Townsend saying it. I went back and looked him up again. It came out of something said off the top of Jack Weinberg’s head during a newspaper interview in 1964 (he was part of what was later termed the “Free Speech Movement” at Berkley. (corrected a typo: typed “speed” rather than “speech” - ha)
Here is the Wiki link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Weinberg
Basically he was a young student and lost his patience with the newspaper interviewer who had the standard at the time assumptions about who was really behind this movement. Just to get the guy to back off Jack Weinberg spouted that and it is the one thing which has lasted all these years. He did a great deal of work across the years for labor and speech and freedom and yet those are not remembered unless you look it up.
Also, I mis-remembered the last time I looked him up. Nothing here about advertising. The article lists him as an “environmental activist and former New Left activist.” He is also 79, in Chicago where “He is married to Valerie Denney. Weinberg is a grandfather of three, and he has an adjunct faculty position in public health at the University of Illinois at Chicago.”
There are a number of refs at the bottom.
I do not agree that my generation did or is, as a generation, screwing over the current younger generation. That is very short sighted and just plain wrong. To say nothing of what kind of organizing mechanism could possibly be involved in recruiting and setting against each other groups of people by generation.
But there are plenty of authors who would, cheaply and lazily, gin this up to their own advantage, including that original interviewer who saw that statement as a quick hook to “say” something “incisive” about these activists (disruptors). By the way, Jack Weinberg was also a boomer (early). There is always plenty of mess from former years for any generation from vile corruption to just plain evil. But there is no generation or ethnic, racial, gendered, etc group which has a lock on either side of corruption vs honesty, except for a concentration of corruption to evil with corporate heads / political “leaders.”

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Thanks so much for your sketch, etc. of Jack Weinberg. Awesome tribute, friend! I am not worthy.

When I write, I’m in the habit of going after the whole truth, in particular the moral truth, come what may. If there’s popular ignorance regarding certain truths, these become my particular emphasis. In response to such material I commonly hear from worriers about how all this truth will play, politically. In a clearly mad social context (we’re engaged in collective suicide, after all), that way lies madness.

I wouldn’t assert your straw man that boomers are solely responsible. You read what you like from what I write.