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Interior Secretary Accused of 'Political Blackmail' After Senator's Trumpcare Vote


Interior Secretary Accused of 'Political Blackmail' After Senator's Trumpcare Vote

Julia Conley, staff writer

The ranking Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee is demanding an investigation into the Interior Department's alleged threats against energy projects in Alaska—apparently made in retribution for Sen. Lisa Murkowski's (R-Alaska) vote against the Republican healthcare plan.


SOP for this administration with the GOP still beating the drums for the diabolical despot. All are paid assassins and traitors.


Soo, can you say that the Democrat Leadership in Washington never does any arm twisting to
persuade the folks to vote the party line?
Noo, that never happens in the Democrat Party! Really…


Murkowski can expect a severed moose head in her bed sometime soon.

Don Trumpeone will make her an offer she can’t refuse.
Also, he recommends the moose and mushroom risotto at Mal y Loco. Classy.


Arm-twisting is NOT BLACKMAIL. And how many times have you read about one of the CABINET secretaries threatening through coercion or blackmail, any member of the House or Senate to get a highly suspect and overtly inhumane piece of legislation passed?


Half of the population — Either sick or employed in healthcare —

If we put horse before the cart

So, come join my cause, because if government should give free healthcare to all without first reducing illness, the $3.3 trillion each year we spend on healthcare will increase to $6 trillion. And instead of 1 in 6 workers employed in healthcare, 1 in 4 workers will be doing nothing but serving the sick.

A forth of the economy, a forth of workers and a fourth of the population half-sick, all sucked down a black hole called sickness.

For 95% of illness is self-inflicted, caused either by addictions or a garbage diet void of nutrition.

For Scandinavian countries have a 20% laboring-class population receiving a living wage. On the other hand, we have a 50% Laboring-class that has been enslaved by poverty and illness, deliberately kept malnourished to the point that our laboring-class is now twice as sick as any other industrialized nation.


You just signed up to post here–why?


I suspect a good number of the sick are that way due to lack of adequate medical care, a good portion due to bankruptcy from illness and a large number as simply too poor to pay anything. Yes, there has to be a significant change in treatments and dietary intake but that will never happen in this current environment. Single-payer has shown to decrease spending by decreasing the bloated bureaucracy that is, the insurance agencies. Single-payer isn’t a panacea for all the ails the US, to be sure, but profiting off the sick is an illness that can be dealt with. Comparing the US, with it’s individual states rights, laws and quirks, to Scandinavian countries is probably not as easy as it sounds.


I do not believe any means to an end. immoral means always makes the end the same, immoral.


Sweden, the largest Scandinavian country, it has 9.9 million people, with only 7% in poverty. Empire USA has 330 million with 50% impoverished since 1776.

(1) As 50% of Americans are impoverished, 165 million so poor they have never been able to afford the co-pay and deductibles needed to activate health insurance, why is the government telling us that less than 30 million are without healthcare?

(2) Now we insure only the upper-half of society and it costs $3.3 trillion a year. To insure everyone, would it not cost over $6 trillion a year? Keep in mind that lower-half of society is twice as sick as the upper-half.


It Would appear that Mr. Zinke is paying attention to the goings on at the White House at least. Woe be it from him to listen to the American public on the new interior policies concerning corporate polluters.
I suppose that running extortion demands for the God Father is politically safer.


Blame the victim…yeah, that works…NOT!

Many employees with employer group health insurance benefits (rapidly becoming the minority) pay high prices for those policies and have huge deductibles to meet before coverage, especially when family members are included in the coverage…deductible applies to EACH person covered. In addition, a vast majority of those employer policies do NOT cover dental or vision. And preventive dental care is an integral and highly important part of overall health, especially for children. Temporary and part-time employees (service sector, e.g.) have NO health benefits and work long hours for minimum wage.

Your premise is unkind.


True, a moral end never justifies doing it by an immoral means.
“Do not use force to overcome evil.
If they strike you on the right cheek
turn to them the other.” Matthew 5:38


I say that the lower-half of USA has no healthcare, you generate confusion
by stating that different groups have varying degrees of health insurance.
What is your point?


“Murkowski postponed votes on six Trump nominees, three would-be appointments to the Interior Department,” meaning, the entire bunch needed another private conference to determine which are worse and which deserve honest mention. Loyalty to the Trump Brand shouldn’t bode well for civil service applicants and candidates. Thankyew very much Ms Murkowski.
Yew dun good.


When people live from paycheck to paycheck, how can they afford to practice preventive health care with regular visits for physical exams or dental exams/treatment on a regular basis either for themselves or their children? Having access to AFFORDABLE and readily available health care FOR EVERYONE is the point of single payer/universal health care. Having access to nutritional guidance either through education or local community centers is essential yet not always accessible. Health care begins at birth and should be AFFORDABLE, ACCESSIBLE for EVERYONE and is very easily achieved when focus is on HUMANS and their well-being is a priority as opposed to pumping billions into an already bloated defense budget whose primary focus is taking lives…in the name of “security.” The disparate income equality in our nation is criminal!


Love the comment. One point: healthcare begins when women find out they’re pregnant. I know women who shared more than a few Lucky Strikes with hubby, after the invasion of the body snatchers, who then cold-turkeyed it for 2-3 years.
Healthcare should be health knowledge. And, use more judgment than using more judgmental.
There’s 8 Billion of us and 4 Billion still don’t know how they got here.


(1) For a fact and for a reality, if you each morning gave a homeless man a loaf of 100% whole wheat bread, three bananas, a can of beans and gallon of water, he would be healthier then 99% of Americans.

(2) Without a revolution to equalize wealth, there is no way that we could persuade the 50% tax payers to give up $3 trillion each year to give free healthcare to the 50% impoverished. The 50% impoverished being twice as sick as any other group in the entire Western world.

(3) The goal being to end all harmful addictions, to end a garbage diet void of nutrition and in the process end 95% of all illness. In essence drive the medical industry bankrupt. So, why double the size of medical industry when no addictions and no garbage food will get the job done?


Perhaps; but, one should consider that practically all non-organic wheat grown in the U.S. contains glyphosate from Monsanto’s RoundUp.

MIT States That Half of All Children May be Autistic by 2025 due to Monsanto – Jan 26, 2015 – Janey Phelan - New Eastern Outlook

Roundup, which was introduced in the 1970’s, contains the chemical glyphosate, which is the focal point for Seneff’s concerns. Roundup was originally restricted to use on weeds, as glyphosate kills plants. However, Roundup is now in regular use with crops. With the coming of GMO’s, plants such as soy and corn were bioengineered to tolerate glyphosate, and its use dramatically increased. From 2001 to 2007, glyphosate use doubled, reaching 180 to 185 million pounds in the U.S. alone in 2007.

If you don’t consume corn- on- the -cob or toasted soybeans, however, you are hardly exempt from the potential affects of consuming glyphosate. Wheat is now sprayed with Roundup right before it is harvested, making any consumption of non- organic wheat bread a sure source for the chemical. In addition, any products containing corn syrup, such as soft drinks, are also carrying a payload of glyphosate.

According to studies cited by Seneff, glyphosate engages “gut bacteria” in a process known as the shikimate pathway. This enables the chemical to interfere with the biochemistry of bacteria in our GI tract, resulting in the depletion of essential amino acids .

Monsanto has maintained that glyphosate is safe for human consumption, as humans do not have the shikimate pathway. Bacteria, however, does—including the flora that constitutes “gut bacteria.”

It is this ability to affect gut bacteria that Seneff claims is the link which allows the chemical to get on board and wreak further damage. The connection between intestinal flora and neurological functioning is an ongoing topic of research. According to a number of studies, glyphosate depletes the amino acids tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine, which can then contribute to obesity, depression, autism, inflammatory bowel disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


This thing, this abomination needs a name. I offer up Mala Noche.