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Internal Analysis Revealed Trump Plan Would Cost Workers Billions, So Labor Dept Buried Study

Internal Analysis Revealed Trump Plan Would Cost Workers Billions, So Labor Dept Buried Study

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Infuriating labor rights groups nationwide, the Trump administration reportedly prepared but concealed internal analysis "that showed employees could lose out on billions of dollars" if it moves forward with a proposal that would allow employers to pocket workers' tips.

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Fortunately any tipping establishment that desires to remain in business or retain quality employees will keep the status quo.

Does anyone in the Dump administration have any idea how hard waiting tables is? (Never mind – it’s a rhetorical question.) Do any of these clowns know that waitresses and waiters already share with bus staff and dishwashers? (Again, rhetorical)
I can’t wait until the next time one of these clowns tries to eat out. “Welcome to our establishment, sir. In exactly which orifice would you like me to stuff your dinner?”


Curious, have you walked off of a job not having anything else lined up, and not having a safety net to keep you off the streets?

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I agree with the Chicken here, and I agree with you. But they’ve got us by the currency and, for some reason we all can’t travel to Bear’s Ears or Standing Rock or NYC for a.wall st. Firebombing tomorrow because we gotta work to pay to live to eat and to sleep. Wow. It seems like that is a defensive democratic tariff imposed upon us to make us manageable numbers. Oh well, at least tomorrow is Friday.


Thanks to MSM, most of the people don’t even know they have been had.


noun, plural gratuities.
a gift of money, over and above payment due for service, as to a waiter or bellhop; tip.
something given without claim or demand.

This hardly seems the domain of employers, they have already determined the price expected for their goods or services.

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Nazi Germany revisited. The Oligarchy won’t be happy until we are all serfs, begging them for food and a place to sleep other than the streets.
*Look back over the past few decades. Whether the red sock puppets or the blue, are “in charge,” the money and power goes to the Oligarchy, and We the People get poorer and sicker and hungrier. The “government” does what their masters tell them to. That is how young Senators and Congressmen become multimillionaires, not by serving the people and “protecting the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” but by obeying their masters.
*Unfortunately, We the People seem to have been propagandized and programmed into letting it go, in hopes that the other sock puppet will save us.
*Fat Chance! It is up to us.


Amen to that, Bro.

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And still - STILL - the dumb-ass blind MAGA lemmings will continue to support their Dear Leader, even as he attempts to blatantly rape them with this latest plan (and tries to hide it from them).

I’m sorry, but Trump worshippers are so incredibly stupid they deserve every single bad thing that their Fuhrer’s policies will be bringing down on them, even if they do choose to ignore them or blame someone else. Not very Christian of me, I suppose, but I no longer care. If you are a Trump supporter, you are a complete and utter dumbass. Period. Full stop.

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Among those who voted for Twitler are many who were smart enough to know how deeply evil the Clintons are.

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The point I’m making here, is this meme that blames the masses in the US for not engaging in a general strike, and as the meme goes “like those other countries”. The vast majority of those examples, the other countries have in place protections for those workers in the form of a safety net. Things like healthcare, housing, food…you know, the basics of life that allow you to live and not end up on the streets.

That is the reason that a general strike will never occur in this country. And if such occurs, with mass demonstrations, then of course the response would be brutal by the Corporate State.

Kudos to you for numerous times of walking off a job with no savings, no way to pay your next months rent, no family to support you, no safety net.

I wish all of us had that courage.


Isn’t it automatically taxed at 10 percent. Now if we could only get this to apply to those tax dodgers Trump, Buffet, and a few others.

Yes, I do not get this. Seems most conversations today center around people’s jobs , family and health- nothing about the government. People are too busy just surviving not to realize they had been fooled.

Me too. How did we get to this point? Perhaps we need a giant mirror to help us reflect what we have become.

This might shock you but most of Dump’s supporters are filthy rich uh like those who benfit from this new tax law.

Yes, and they already have ziosks.

Dump doesn’t even pay his hotel staff- they sometimes have to sue him to get their wages.


You do not have to walk off of a job in order to protest. I just did in a women’s march along with tons of others. I also marched in DC during the Viet Nam war. Unless somebody is protesting in the streets 24/7 people do not have to walk out. Maybe that idea is scaring people away from rising up. Also, there are other actions of course like actually doing something for a community such as donating food, volunteering. Rising up also has to have a plan ; a common purpose. Personally, I and others think that government service for all ( like doing volunteering to help with roads, schools etc. to unite in common purpose is what is needed. I have been calling/writing congress for close to twenty years about this. How about joining and others also? Being in the streets ( if people think that way) does not accomplish anything - other than make a statement and then what? That does not feed people, take care of emergencies, help with schools, etc. People have to take care of themselves before they can take care of anyone else or they can do it at the same time. Debating here, just is a place for venting. I have already informed some wait staff I know about this by the way.

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When I said being in the streets does not accomplish anything I meant not the protest but to walk away from a job without a safety net. Then what? That person could be in the streets hoping to have help from others.