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Internal Documents Reveal Right-Wing Plan to Strike Public Unions With 'Mortal Blow'


Internal Documents Reveal Right-Wing Plan to Strike Public Unions With 'Mortal Blow'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As a new poll shows labor unions enjoy their highest approval rating in over a dozen years, newly obtained documents reveal a nationwide plan by an alliance of right-wing think tanks to "deliver a mortal blow" to government employee unions to keep progressive politicians out of power at the state and national levels.


Union representation attracts 81% approval from Democrats and 42% support from Republicans? Both numbers are amazing, I would not expect such levels of support. Must be because of the unsuccessful campaign of Senator Sanders, sabotaged by the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz…

Imagine where we would be today had former President Obama actually pressed for Card Check legislation as he promised during his 2008 campaign when he had majorities in both houses of congress. Imagine where we would be had the Democratic National Committee run a fair set of primaries allowing the most popular politician in the United States to have been the Democratic nominee for president. It’s time to ORGANIZE.


It’s here you will hear and feel Joe Hill.
At this late date: " The only solution is REVOLUTION!":fist:


What was that Obama slogan - something like “Hope you can’t believe in!” They see us a fools.


Card check is un-American. Imagine if everything only needed a simple majority to be passed into law, and everyone knew how everyone else voted.


When Corporate Management engages in Anti Trust Crimes, virtually Racketeering.

The best solution is Strong Unionization. Unions Protect Human Rights.

Based upon cash flow trends towards the 1%, its quite clear who the Thieves are.


Union membership has nothing in common with passing laws. It is pure democracy. Majority rule.

The Federal government and the law should not, do not, and cannot work that way. It is Public.
Unions are private organizations.


It seems wherever you go politics is much the same. Progressives are trying to figure out how to build more schools and hospitals, whilst the right is busy trying to figure out how they can kill the progressives.


Its even MORE important that relations between 2 parties don’t work that way either. Pure democracy is mob rule. Again, our constitution was written with this very thought in mind.


What if we had enough school and hospitals? And progressives wanted more anyway?


Not sure if my sarcasm filter is having problems or you’re really serious. So, I’ll just laugh and give you a thumbs up. First sentence is clearly being sarcastic or at least ironic. The second, on the other hand, is a head-scratcher IMO.


You pricks would still be trying to kill us. Tribal hatred, not reason, drives the right.


I’m not on the right and I don’t hate anyone. You are on the far left however (no irony there :slight_smile:)


I assume the poster I was responding to was being general about schools and such. Point being that progressives will always want the government to do more regardless of whether it’s currently doing too little, just enough, or too much.

The extreme left is just as bad as the extreme right


Do you have a link to anything…anything at all…where an organized group on the “extreme left” is advocating for the extermination of a whole race of people? Seriously. Asking for a friend.


Jim_Schmidt you are so right! (See what I did there?) Look pal, let’s just have free education and health care for everyone and when when the population erupts in fury at the excess of wellbeing then we’ll review the situation. As for me, you’re right again, I’m on the extreme left with Abraham Lincoln. “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” That’s pure socialism BTW, Republican style, if the people so choose.


If you ever walked a picket line…


He probably crossed the picket line…


Nothing worse than a scab.


“Many sides. Many sides”.