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Internal Memo Hints at Coming Climate Purge Under President Trump

Internal Memo Hints at Coming Climate Purge Under President Trump

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's Energy Department transition team has reportedly been asking for the names of civil servants that have worked on environmental policies under President Barack Obama, sparking fears of a coming "climate purge" by the incoming Trump administration.

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So protecting nature is now radical? These people are beyond insane, and Trump is a sociopath? What’s wrong with solar operated, clean water and air and finally an agreement in Paris? Then again, Bush 2 was a denier, and some NASA scientists were marginalized or fired, This IS the social revolution of today’s times , and it’s not even political-nature is not political.


The reality of our times is in fact climate change. Nothing else is so permanent and important an economic issue as the changing climate for this century.

The fossil fuel industry is the economic fuel of our way of life and those interests don’t want that to change. Yes we can have solar rooftops and offshore wind farms etc. Yes we COULD have alternative energy …but they don’t want us to.


They actually don’t. They make money with things just the way they are.

Lots of money.

Don’t they!


Besides the witch hunts and illegal firings of civil servants - literally for doing jobs that are intrinsically governmental, but no doubt they will order the destruction of thousands of man-years worth of scientific research. Effectively a latter day form of book burning to go along with the witch hunting


Actually, it is worse than that - they want an enormous increase in the usage of fossil fuels. What good will all that accelerated drilling be without a market?


So much for the human race. Oh, well… We had a good run.
I personally think we could have lasted a bit longer, even grown and developed into a species which learned to live in harmony with Nature. We certainly have that potential. But declaring war on Mother Earth and attempting to outlaw the laws of physics, well, those may not actually be the best ideas ever hatched.
That being said, since the fat lady has yet to sing, I believe that for the foreseeable future, resistance will be the order of the day.


Witch Hunt, hell…it is an all-out assault on life itself…a veritable Holocaust and Blitzkrieg rolled into one horrifying templor.


This is a group of less than 1000 individuals versus 7 hundred thousand million people. They don’t get to win, even if they do have the guns. A government is only legitimized by the will and consent of the people.


Trump is taking us 150 years back to the days of Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed’s machine politics that spawned the need for civil service regulations and other anti-corruption legislation.

Trump lives by Tweed’s motto: “the way to have power is to take it”.

Looks like a formula for re-entering the dark ages.


" What’s wrong with solar operated, clean water and air."



Given the surge in green energy and all the states and cities fighting climate change I think Trump has only limited ability to hinder the fight against climate change, much less ability than George W. Bush had who really set things back, but this is probably mostly to please his climate denying voters who want action against what they call the alarmists. Trump is really a reflection of millions of voters. He was voted in to do what he is doing.

I fear one day they won’t be coming to fire environmentalists they’ll be coming to arrest them. The way he’s going about it sounds so Nazi-ish. They (congress) are working on bills that will make protestors and probably environmentalists fall into the category of terrorists. I sure hope people with legal knowledge and in positions of power are watching this man. Not getting security briefings sounds pretty rogue to me. Wonder what the military think of that? They may have to come take him out of office if he keeps up with this fascist behavior.
I think it was thirty seven electors they need to end this madness. I hope they have a conscience.

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The fat lady has already song. We’re just waiting for the final echoes to fade away. We don’t have much time now with CO2 levels approaching 405ppm.


I agree. But the human spirit was stopped by Kingship. From the beginning of our written history Kingship had determined our lives and the direction of our growth, same as now.
I should say not stopped but certainly held back purposely.

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“When they came for the communists, I said nothing, because I wasn’t a communist.
When they came for the trade unionists I said nothing…”

Well, you guys know the rest. This is the GOPs world now. Better press that brown shirt and polish those jackboots.
Or maybe, just maybe, we could all say no.


Pull-eeeze, he is NOT president yet and if there is a god, he will not be crowned in January.

Yes, and right now Opec is making deals with oil producing countries to slow the glut of oil. The world does not need more oil. These pipelines may not be as profitable as they think.

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T-dump will exercise the “executive order” at a ramped up rate far surpassing that of the former top practicer of that practice, GWB. He will also use and abuse the “presidential memo” to carry out his destruction.

I’m a big fan of Caroline Casey, who points out that if we suck the ‘G’ out of kingship, we get the reality of kinship.


The fossil fuel industry should have been put to the back of the crowd at least four decades ago.