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Internal Memo Shows Sinclair Threatening Employees to Keep Mouths Shut About 'Must-Read' Scripts


Internal Memo Shows Sinclair Threatening Employees to Keep Mouths Shut About 'Must-Read' Scripts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Sinclair Broadcast Group really doesn't want its employees talking to the press about the Trumpian "fake news" script it has recently been forcing local news anchors to recite.

This was made clear by a memo warning staff at the Sinclair-owned station KATU in Portland, Oregon that "giving statements to the media or sharing negative information about the company can have huge implications."


A threat they will carry out if they don’t fall into line too. The fascists don’t play.


So much for the useless fucking First Amendment protecting these TV reporters…and us.

Sinclair is not a governmental agency, so their threatening, intimidating and censoring and blackmailing their journalists pursuant to controlling what facts and opinions they can express, is 100 percent constitutionally protected!

Now, in the real democracies of the world, they have laws similar to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms where freedom of speech extends far beyond just restricting government conduct and I bet most of what Sinclair is doing would be illegal…


Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, would have been right at home working at Sinclair. They are a perfect sign of just how much our corporate media has degenerated in the last 30 years. This country is rotting from within.


Ultimately, highlighting and boycotting the LOCAL advertisers on each Sinclair station will be the best way to get results. Local advertising pays the bills and if $$$ gets starved-off, only then will the behaviour of Sinclair change.


I hope that employees at Sinclair will leak every frothy propaganda script that they receive!
This company is over the top in gestopo-like control. How in the hell are these policies even legal???
Holy crap!


I’m with you 100%. Make every one of the “must reads” public!


In addition, thanks to Ronnie the Raygun, the “Fairness Doctrine” has been eliminated which has precipitated the rise of this right-wing trash like Rush Limpballs and his ilk with no equal time delegated to dispute their right-wing garbage.


Although Sinclair may not be violating the law it seems to be that its behavior is unethical. For this right wing take over of the US clearly ethics is one thing that must be cast aside. If they were to follow the normal ethics of journalism their efforts would be severely hampered. Of course any ethical journalist should resign from this company. But everyone knows that losing income and benefits has severe consequences if one cannot find a comparable job. These are tough decisions for employees, They have to decide between compromising their integrity and bringing home a paycheck. It appears to me that the type of compromising required here goes well beyond what might occur in a traditional media company that is not set up to carry out an extreme right agenda. This company is obviously trying to radically change the US and undermine democracy which depends on pretty board agreement about what facts are true and what facts are not true.


‘After reviewing two employment contracts, Bloomberg found that “some Sinclair employees were subject to a liquidated damages clause for leaving before the term of their agreement was up: one that requires they pay as much as 40 percent of their annual compensation to the company.”’

:musical_note:I owe my soul to the company store.:musical_note:




Not a lot different than Nazi Germany, where many Germans joined the Nazi party for economic reasons!


“Read THIS, don’t read THAT.”

Yes’m boss. Lightin’ it up here boss. Gettin’ my KY here boss.

Had always hoped to catch one of these local TV luminaries at the checkout counter at the supermarket so’s I could ask them what it’s like being a professional propagandist. Now I’d like to ask them what it’s like to be a white nigger slave.


Deregulate corporations they will do what’s right LOL


Why would anyone want to work for such an employer? Why would anybody want to watch a news department of ventriloquist’s dummies? Why would any business want to associate their business with such a cynical and manipulative broadcaster?


Because according to some polls, up to 40% of US citizens agree with such behavior and support it. Unless of course they perceive the “other side” as doing it. Not much hope for the future of the US. And some people still wonder how Nazi Germany came to be. Just look around as it is happening again in the US now.


This is going to sound like ‘easy for me to say’ but these people who work for Sinclair stations do have a choice. They can go along with Sinclair or they can stand up to Sinclair and so NO! They might lose their job but they can keep their ethics AND if there are enough willing to say FU to Sinclair they might not lose their job. But if I were a non-Sinclair station, those who stand up and get fired would be at the top of the list to get hired somewhere else.


Robert Truman, Gen. Mgr of the Sinclair Group, is a B.A. graduate of the Edward R. Murrow School of Communications, at Washington State Univ. WTF! If true, he profanes the legacy of Ed Murrow, WSU, and the profession of journalism.


I agree. This is a pretty large scale attack on american citizens. I think you make good points about the decisions people are forced to make.

But in a way I think that admission speaks to the inefficiencies of previous strategies. Calls for boycott’s and protests. Not that I don’t think those are useful. They are, but they are limited.

Every protest I can remember goes like this… grass movement starts. someone pays provocateurs to act like shitheads. Press gives bad wrap. For like 50 years now. for christ’s sake, change your tactics.

And boycotting… again, this worked great for David Hogg but to the point that I’m agreeing about difficult decisions Walmart illustrates this perfectly in that poor consumers don’t really have the option to boycott walmart because by this point in time walmart has undercut all the competition furthering their grip.

And ok, some sacrifices do have to be made but how does the average citizen go about boycotting boeing? or lockheed martin? or raytheon? or KBR?

I am not asking you directly, I’m just thinking out loud I guess. I suppose the point I am getting at though is american citizens need to start fighting back. with something more tangible than protests and boycotts.

This company doesn’t deserve to be boycotted and harmed. It deserves to be put out of business.

It deserves the antitrust laws be enacted, be broken off and sold to smaller responsible companies
but who in their right mind thinks that is going to happen?

We are watching these very agencies be dissolved by selective incompetence.

so like i said. maybe when the american citizens fight back.


yes, you have a choice. you resign. as publicly as possible and in as large a number as possible.

the Nuremberg defense cannot be permitted to gain this much traction again. we all risk the loss of career and livelihood by doing the right thing. but to say we “don’t have a choice” is false, especially when what we mean is, “man, my choices suck, and I like steak more than I like you!”