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Internal Watchdog Blasts EPA's Egregious Delay on Flint Emergency Order


Internal Watchdog Blasts EPA's Egregious Delay on Flint Emergency Order

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) internal watchdog said Thursday that the agency failed Flint by waiting a full seven months longer than it needed to before issuing an emergency order to protect residents from lead-contaminated water.


Yeah right
This is all about the Democrats and the election


The EPA has been severely underfunded, undermanned, and overworked as a result of the Republican onslaught to undermine its efficacy and literally decimate it leaving little but the title. Doing away with the EPA was St. Raygun's most earnest goal coming into his first term and he blatantly clarioned his intentions during his campaign, thus placating and pandering to his corporate and energy backers. As "gubner" of California, he did his damnedest to weaken the state's stringent and expansive environmental regulations and agencies. His efforts were not in vain as we see the EPA has NEVER fully recovered from that onslaught, especially during the eight years of GWB's reign. Happy to say that the state of California has managed to restore many of its environmental protections since the Raygun reign. The majority of the members of the US House (and too many members of the Senate) would like to see the EPA gone, gone, gone as would their corporate lobbyists.

Why is all the finger-pointing at the EPA when it was Snyder and his operatives that surreptitiously diverted the water supplies to Flint to the Flint River? First and foremost, Snyder and all complicit parties along with the state of Michigan should be taken to task for their inhumane and disastrous decisions affecting the poorest and most vulnerable of its residents. To date, all that has been done at the state level is window-dressing actions broadcast by paid PR firms to mislead the public as to just how much has NOT been done.

Even if the EPA had pushed the Flint Emergency Order sooner, who thinks that Snyder et alia would have complied? Many orders have been issued in other states and areas that have yet to be acted on. And where is all the funding coming from to pay for the cleanup/adherence to orders? Certainly not from states like Michigan, Ohio, or Florida (look to their governors and state legislatures for the common thread), to be sure.

Obama inherited a crippled, struggling EPA when he first took office and the obstinate, obstreperous, seriously divided Congress has not helped in any way.

Yet another way for the Repugs with their corporatist agenda to undermine "government" by doing away with regulations, regulatory agencies and oversight that might impinge on the bottom line.


Republicans do pretty well at the ballot box, so a significant portion of the populace is clearly all right with this.


Yes it is. It's a preview of what more-of-the-same is going to provide for the average American. Especially if they're poor and a minority. The ruling elite really don't care about the toxic water the children of Flint are still drinking.


I want to know how Governor Snyder keeps avoiding an interrogation under oath by independent, if that is possible, prosecutors about his role in everything that happened from beginning to current day,in Flint, Michigan's water disaster that has destroyed the people of Flints lives, and property?


Still, while "the agency's lack of action is indeed scorn-worthy," as Curt Guyette of the ACLU of Michigan wrote this week, it was an "an austerity-driven autocracy" that caused the problem in the first place.

Austerity under the platform of neoliberalism isn't only cruel ... it kills.

It is quite telling that austerity measures are applied to every program that aids society while the Pentagon (the military) is exempt from austerity measures while it has absolutely nothing but chaos and destruction (people, infrastructure and nations) to show for the trillions of dollars provided them ... much of which is unaccounted for under their ever-expanding programs of state terrorism.

The elite ruling class' fortunes substantially grow under global militarism while their fortunes diminish under social programs that provide life-saving aid to the citizenry.

The inherent nature of capitalism becomes clearer by the day.


You may not be aware of the "revolving door" that joins the corporate elite with government agencies such as the EPA...


Sad to say, I am starkly aware of revolving doors along the political-to-private and private-to-political paths. Presidents placing hand-picked corporate shills, former industry executives and/or counsel in leadership roles at the EPA (Raygun's Anne Gorsuch and GWB's Christine Todd Whitman come to mind) set the agency back leaving the subsequent administration to either build it back up or continue with its undermining. Congress passing laws that weaken the EPA's authority and leaving states to police their environmental hazards or comply with EPA clean-up orders creates a vacuum wherein the environment (and all life) continue(s) to degrade/suffer.


Austerity: hit the poorest-thus-weakest and least powerful in order to benefit the moneyed-thus-most powerful players...when it was the powerful players that created the financial/economic crises in the first place.


Any way you shape it, Obama is leaving a huge mess behind, for someone else to clean up or continue to ignore. This is why it is so critical that The People UNITE to make sure Clinton actually does the job of presiding over this nation. Something that will be very hard to do, but a very worthwhile way to spend our time and energy.