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International Coalition of Public Health Advocates Denounces Any Big Pharma Effort to Profiteer Off Covid-19 Treatments, Vaccines

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/24/international-coalition-public-health-advocates-denounces-any-big-pharma-effort

I’d consider taking a vaccine made in Cuba, because it would have been designed, tested and approved as “safe and effective” by scientists. Here and elsewhere in the capitalist world, it will be the work product of bean counters–the automatic FDA rubber-stamp notwithstanding.


Wouldn’t it be unamerican if pharma couldn’t rip us off?
We need to nationalize medicines.


Twenty-first century fascist passcode demand: “Patents, please!”

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Regarding Medicare Single Payer Insurance

The big items which should be important to most are:

= no more deductibles/no co-pays
= full coverage which includes chiropractor, dental and eyes
= everybody pays so nobody skates
= the insurance will always be there no matter what
= it’s the best bang for the buck though never free
= picks up cancer AND COV19 treatment
= in the end all who enroll have more expendable income.

Where I differ is who should decide? The people should have the last word. Place this issue on the 2020 ballot = get the politicians/profiteers out of the way. After all tax dollars do belong to the taxpayers so lets allow taxpayers to 24/7 health care with
their money.

What should be the choices?

  1. Taxpayer supported Single Payer Insurance = excellent use of tax dollars

  2. Employer Based Coverage for those who wish to participate.

  3. Out of pocket for those with the dough which is done as we speak.

Desperately, we do. Frightening that the Medcal/Pharma Complex is at least as powerful as the military and gas/oil interests!