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International Criminal Court Investigates Human Rights Abuses by British Forces in Iraq


International Criminal Court Investigates Human Rights Abuses by British Forces in Iraq

Samuel Oakford

The long-anticipated Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq War released Wednesday contains stinging indictments of Britain's role in the U.S.-led invasion, detailing failures starting with the exaggerated threat posed by Saddam Hussein through the disastrous lack of post-invasion planning. An element conspicuously missing from the report, however, are allegations of systemic abuse by British soldiers—accusations that are currently being considered by a domestic investigative body as well as the International Criminal Court.


Death Star Anglo-America sure needs this kick to its grapes.


As a by the way the ICC has indicated that Blair will not face any investigation by that same ICC. Even as they have tried rulers of other Countries (Milosevic as example) they apparently have no authority to go after Blair.

The 1 percent and those that serve them must be protected.


Maybe because ISIS isn't a nation. And as far as the rest, well they are supposed too be the bad guys. Syria, Russia and Iran aren't Democratic Nations. However the International Court would if those countries would comply.


Russia has signed ICC Rome Statute but not ratified it, the same as the USA. A list of countries signed into it are here:

Russia does get investigated by the ICC as recently with this case: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-35422437 Not that anything ever comes of it.


It is pathetic for someone to try and excuse horrible crimes against humanity by pointing to other people who have done worse. Be thankful that they are investigating crimes done by the British in Iraq. Encourage them to take on the much bigger job of investigating the United States and others.