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International Law Experts Warn Trump That Attack on Syria Would Be 'Crime of Aggression'


International Law Experts Warn Trump That Attack on Syria Would Be 'Crime of Aggression'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump's tweet early Thursday warning that a military attack on Syria will take place at some point in the future—either "soon or not so soon"—a group of international law experts declared in a statement that any such attack would amount to an illegal act of aggression, which has been defined as "the supreme international crime."


This game-show presidency makes me #wanttopukemygutsout.


But, it’s nice to see Ramsey Clark still active.


Go on Trump, add “International War Criminal” to your resume.


How many US/CIA “illegal wars of aggression” are already running?

US is an outlaw nation right now. Refusing to be held accountable in any way.

What we need is true commitment of this administration – to psychiatric wards.


Where the hell are the Democrat voices of dissent on this? We are drifting into a potential World War 3 scenario here and they are silent?! This country is insane. It is run by madmen and buffoons. It appears they are preparing not just a one off missile attack like last year but a sustained invasion. My guess is that Israel plans to steal the Western half of Syria, while the US steals the Eastern half, making it into a Sunni state and part of Iraq. But Russia has warned us. Again and again. The US, an outlaw nation with its troops illegally occupying Syrian territory, has responded with attacks that killed Russian personnel. What will Americans think when they wake up in the morning and learn a US ship has been sunk by Russia, with thousands of casualties? We know they have been primed by the CIA-controlled mass media to hate Russia for over a year now. So their minds have been prepped for war with Russia. How many of them will start rallying around the flag and chanting mindless jingoistic slogans when it happens?


Crime of Aggression–business as usual for the USA.


“A crime, you say? Shucks! I guess we’d better not do that, then.”


Up is down, left is right, the Dem’s are right where they’ve been through this whole mess, holding hands with their brothers and sisters in the repug. party. One party with 2 names. We don’t even have a party that’s center, much less to the left.


memory –

This is a liberal nation – the majority of Americans 84% are anti-war and anti-MIC.

Even relatives of victims of 9/11 said: “Do not use our suffering and pain for war.”

Internationally, anti-war sentiment is even higher – we are all being ignored.

Our government can ignore us because they know citizens have no leverage over
our elected officials.

When you are given only corporate-fascist candidates to vote for, your vote is

But our elections are rigged in every way possible and the means and methods of
rigging our elections continue to increase.


AGAIN Jimmy Dore is on top of the TRUTH!!!


The “Democrats” died a very long time ago. Now they only smell of the resulting rot! “Opposition Party”, my aging ass!!! We don’t have a true opposition party that is ALLOWED to grow and be heard! (i.e. Green and Socialists for two examples)


What commitment to the rule to international laws? The Fourth Reich has always been disingenuous and insouciant to international laws!

" Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on it’s actions. Washington is exceptional, indispensable. No one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington’s will. In it’s claims Washington surpasses that of the Third Reich."
Paul Craig Roberts


I have been saying the same thing for a long time. The American Eagle is a War Eagle that cannot fly without it’s right and left wings.

But we have to admit, that the Democratic party has been excellent at FOOLING SO MANY PEOPLE! And being the FAKE OPPOSITION PARTY! .


I thought, but please correct if wrong, that the U.S. didn’t sign on to international courts of justice because almost every administration would be in prison.
Feedback appreciated.


I hear you. But there were some Democratic voices of dissent in the run up to the Iraq invasion of 2003. Barbara Lee, e.g. I really think the whole Deep State- spawned “Russia-gate” psyop has paralyzed all voices of dissent that could be in any way construed as “soft on Russia.” It’s a pity, because WW III could be the consequence.__


Agreed. I shouldn’t have intimated that it was ALL of the “Ds”; Barbara Lee is a shining light hidden under the darkness of that corrupt party. BUT…I stand by the fact that MOST of the current Ds are bought-and-paid for and can be trusted about as much as a poison snake in an earthworm suit.


What the Ds and Rs quietly agree on—endless war and corporate capitalism, for starters—is far more relevant to our lives than what they noisily disagreee on, such as abortion, gun control, and the rights of the gender non-conforming.


B-I-N-G-O!!! That sums it up pretty succinctly, GuildF.


But Trump had no dealings with Russia, right? Which psyops are you talking about?

Deep State hates Trump? How so?

Did I just jump on the Russia bashing bandwagon, in concert with NATO et al?

No I did not.