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International Monsanto Tribunal Calls for Human Rights Over Corporate Rights

International Monsanto Tribunal Calls for Human Rights Over Corporate Rights

Katherine Paul

Most opinion tribunals have had a considerable impact, and it is now accepted that they contribute to the progressive development of international law. – International Monsanto Tribunal Advisory Opinion, The Hague, April 18, 2017


When Silent Spring was published in 1962 it should have made consumers fearful that any poison, harmful to any form of life, can safely be ingested by humans. Instead, what happened in the subsequent decades was companies like Monsanto infiltrated employees into regulatory agencies like the FDA and the EPA, so they could have control of the regulatory process.

Today we have the unspeakable situation where the EPA writes regulations based on safety studies provided by the industry itself. What industry, when their sole goal is profits, is going to regulate itself out of business? Round Up, which is now ubiquitous in many foods–anything with corn, soybean, canola–kills the beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract. These bacteria have evolved with humans in a symbiotic profoundly beneficial relationship that scientists are just now beginning to study.

So, is there any talk of banning Round Up in Congress? No. Rather, the conversation is to approve further poisons in a chemical soup to counteract weeds grown resistant to Round Up (glyphosate). The industry perspective, predictably, is that we need more poisons not less.

It is some consolation that a Tribunal like this was organized and is getting some attention even though it won’t be reported in the corporate media. Not with Round Up advertising revenue at stake.

The way corporations poison our food for their profits is a slow, mass genocide.


Profits above life=Criminal negligence… on a global scale.
When will we slam the door of civilization shut against all such anti-life inhuman gargoyles? Their ethics would be considered throwbacks millions of years ago. They would make Cromagnon, Neanderthals, and even bonobos indignant.

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