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International Pledges Not Enough to Avoid Worst Impacts of Climate Change



Greenpeace and the other major environmental list groups are full of crap. None of them call for people to reduce meat consumption. That is quite interesting, since meat consumption is the number one driving force of greenhouse gases. Why do they ignore that simple fact? Because they receive funding from the meat industry, that's why. The meat industry is happy to keep the focus on coal-fired power plants. That allows everyone to ignore the 500 pound gorilla in the room which is meat production. We do not need to wait for governments and corporations to take action. Every single one of us can stop eating meat if we are serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. All other action is too little, too late.


From zenpractice…

Greenpeace and the other major environmental list groups are full of crap. None of them call for people to reduce meat consumption. That is quite interesting, since meat consumption is the number one driving force of greenhouse gases. Why do they ignore that simple fact? Because they receive funding from the meat industry, that's why.

From Greenpeace…

Meat is an important part of heritage and identity. It’s a cultural staple in many communities across the globe. But with a rising global middle class, societies are becoming meat obsessed. Nowhere else is this more prevalent than rich nations whose appetite for beef, pork and processed chicken have reached a tipping point.

The research is clear — a diet heavy in meat increases the risk of obesity, cancer and heart disease.
But it also makes the planet sick. The livestock sector —raising cows, pigs and chickens — generates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all cars, trucks and automobiles combined. Cattle ranchers have clear cut millions of square kilometers of forests for grazing pastures, decimating natural “carbon sinks.”

We’re not advocating that everyone adopt a “meatless” diet tomorrow. But we all must develop “meat consciousness” and reduce the level of meat in our diets. Shifting to more plant-based foods is essential to combatting climate change, soil, air and water pollution, ocean dead zones, and myriad other problems caused by industrial livestock production. If we decide to eat fewer meals with meat or dairy each week, we can have a huge impact on our collective health and the health of the planet.

What You Can Do

Commit to reducing your meat and dairy consumption by a few meals per week and tell five friends about your choice to find alternative proteins

I think Greenpeace deserves a bit more respect zenpractice. At the very least don't you think it is best to not attack and lie about other people while pursuing your vegetarianism advocacy?

I think Greenpeace's approach is just a tad bit more effective.


At this point, I would doubt the honesty of any of the claims made by any of the governments who go to Paris this year.

Not only are the pledges not enough, they're meaningless anyhow.

If we had started to deal with this issue in the 1980s we'd have had some reasonable hope of getting off of fossil fuels in time to avoid the deluge. However, companies like Exxon decided to deny the research, to cover up the problems of burning all of that lovely oil. They did what the Tobacco companies also did; sell poison to everyone and lie like rugs about the effects of using their 'products'..


It's like a band marching towards the edge of a cliff. Someone shouts 'Watch out there's a cliff ahead' and everyone else shouts 'Shut up! We'll lose the beat'.


Absolutely. Power always talks the talk, but never walks the walk.


Thank you for posting that piece from Greenpeace. I have searched their website many times, and have never found any anti-meat statement from that organization. Therefore, I wonder where you found that particular quoted material? In the movie Cowspiracy, Greenpeace was one of the many environmental organizations that was very uncooperative with the fellow who was investigating their position on the meat industry. Therefore, I am surprised that you found this quote from Greenpeace. Please identify where you found it so that I can go and confirm that it came from Greenpeace. Thank you! And every time you respond to one of my posts, you point out that I am not an effective proponent of vegetarianism. Yes, I am filled with hostility towards the meat industry and those who support it. If my hostility shows through, that is OK. I am not required to speak meekly.



Takes about 1 second if you paste a text string into a search engine.

Greenpeace is a (too?) big operation.


The fact that your hostility gets in the way of anything close to effective advocacy of veganism or vegetarianism is apparent to any rational person who follows your posts. Attacking Greenpeace like you just did is a perfect example.

If you are interested in Greenpeace's position I recommend that you simply go to their website, or talk sans-hostility to a Greenpeace fundraiser if you can manage that.


My wife and I became involved with the environmental movement in the 70s following the first Earth Day. Our baptism of fire came when we protested against a nuclear power plant that was to be built in southeast Kansas by a local power producer. That was when we thought local action would solve the problem. Not so. We learned that it was going to be a hard fought action and nearly 40 years later we are still involved but we have learned that unless a person changes themself they can't change the world. A lesson Ernesto Guevara learned well on his road trip through Latin America. We put together a plan many years ago and are still working it. That is all individuals can do. The rest is up to the group and now the world seems to be listening to the group.


Here is some further information about Greenpeace:

They are phonies. I cannot find where they published that paper you found. Why do they not promote that position? Why do they eat meat on their ships and at their meetings?


My decision on how to advocate vegetarianism is my decision, not yours. You do not advocate vegetarianism, do you? Despite that obscure publication that you claim to be published by Greenpeace and which I cannot find, the record is very clear that Greenpeace does not promote vegetarianism. They serve meat on all of their boats and at their meetings, as pointed out in the animalsaustralia site. Watch the movie Cowspiracy and then report back to me that Greenpeace is a pro vegetarian organization. I still say they are full of crap. One obscure publication does not make them a pro vegetarian organization.


When I say vegetarianism, I am including veganism. As a vegetarian, I consume no dairy products. Please watch the movie Cowspiracy, and then let me know if you really believe eating chicken and fish is the right thing to do. You are correct that dairy is awful.


Love you for your response to Ron. thanks.


Easy enough...I copied & pasted the entire quote into the ixquick search engine, & it came up as being from the Greenpeace website. CD won't allow me to post the link, but it is indeed there, under the title "Eating less meat, more plants helps the environment"

...from a fellow vegetarian


Watch Cowspiracy and get back to me. And read the link I posted about Greenpeace. One article buried in a website does not change the fact that Greenpeace and the other big environmental groups have not made animal agriculture the focus of their work. Their silence on the issue of animal agriculture is not cured by the fact that they have one anti-meat paper on their website. When you see the movie on Netflix, you will see that Greenpeace would not even consent to be interviewed on the subject of animal agriculture.


It's on their freaking website. It is easy to find. Copy and paste the text that was copied from their website and pasted into my post to find the freaking page dude.

Your desperation to make your points valid is kind of pathetic to witness. Why do they eat meat on their ships? Oh I have no idea! Could it be that not every person in Greenpeace is a vegetarian, or vegan?

Here they are promoting that meat eaters consume less meat, that there be organized efforts to close factory farms, and all of the other great work they do, but to you they are "phonies".

On what basis do you make that judgement? If there is a phony in the room, it aint Greenpeace.

You are an extremist just chock full of hate and it is revolting.


I think it is absolutely the best path for humanity to transition away from eating meat. I have never, not once criticized vegans or vegetarians for their choices in diet. Thus, I do not advocate against vegetarianism vegan or otherwise.

Obscure publication? Really? You still have not been able to find that? Are you kidding me?

Yes it is just oh so obscure, that it took me all but 2 seconds to find it on their website. Perhaps Greenpeace is actually trying to advocate that people consume more meat by recommending that they consume less meat and tell five of their friends to do so as well!!!!!

It is a diabolical plan don't you know!!!!!

Greenpeace does a whole lot of great work out fighting for me AND you. They have done more good work for this planet than you, will encourage more people to eat less meat than you ever will because your approach to advocacy of vegetarianism is full of hate.

Sure you can advocate any way you like, and I will continue to point out what a poor advocate you are.

Get used to it.


They aren't silent on the issue, but at least you seem to have found their advocacy of eating less meat, and advocacy of spreading that good word.

So your entire basis of judgement against Greenpeace, is that they refused to be interviewed by some person, and that GASP some people risking their lives for the environment on their ships eat meat.

So the great zenpractice judges them as "phonies" and worse, and none of their good work gets any credit whatsoever from you. I don't think Greenpeace should take your criticism seriously and should consider the source.

Also, Greenpeace can't answer for the other environmental groups can they?


Hey zenpractice, I'm so excited to tell you something I found promoted at Greenpeace Greenwire USA!!! You know that group that is opposed to vegetarianism and vegans such that they tell people to move that direction.

Anywho, Greenpeace is promoting an event next week that you might just enjoy!

It is the 16th Annual World Veg Festival that is presented by the San Francisco Veg Society!

And guess what else zenpractice!!!!! If you are a member of Greenpeace then you get in free!!!! Yes that's right. Hurry and join Greenpeace and you too can go to the vegetarian event that is being promoted by Greenpeace. Greenpeace's advocacy is so appreciated by that vegetarian society that they let Greenpeace members in free!!!!

You gotta love how they are phonies huh, those vegetarians letting Greenpeace members in for free.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you. Better hurry to join Greenpeace to get in free because it's coming up soon on October 3rd and 4th. The 10 bucks you save you can put toward that plane ticket, unless of course you are cavorting already with all of those compromised San Francisco vegetarians that befriend members of Greenpeace.


I am not chock full of hate. I use aggressive language to draw attention to the most important issue of the 21st century. If I just post "please don't eat so much meat" what good would that do? I have chosen to aggravate people like you, people who love meat and who will stop at nothing to avoid giving it up. I am glad that I have gotten under your skin. I hope I have aggravated many other people as well. Some of them might even start thinking about what they are doing every time they sit down to eat a slaughtered animal. Thank you for finding me to be revolting. Other vegetarians may choose to post their nice, meek posts.