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International Scientists Issue Call for Climate Action Now: 'Commit to Our Common Future'


International Scientists Issue Call for Climate Action Now: 'Commit to Our Common Future'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Time is running out to deal with the "defining challenge of the 21st century," a group of leading scientists said Friday at the close of a climate conference, and added that this must be the year of bold action like taxing carbon to rein in greenhouse gases.


“The window for economically feasible solutions with a reasonable prospect of holding warming to 2°C or less is rapidly closing,”…

There are no economically feasible solutions possible because the economics are flawed and changing them will take political courage of unimaginable lengths. Until the collective stupidity of unbridled capitalism is dealt with there is no hope. “I’ve been to the desert on a horse with no name…”


A carbon tax might do it but it would have to onerous enough to force the Exxons of the world to become responsible corporate entities. Scientists need to start scaring people with specifics. Tell them the truth like what they can expect if the drought remains permanent in California. Tell them what will actually happen to Northern Europe if the Gulf Stream Drift convection slows and perhaps shifts away from Europe. That would make living in Britain like living in Quebec. Not impossible but a helluva lot different than what people and institutions are prepared for. What if the forests burn and burn and burn? What if the ground cover over the arctic permafrost burns and cause the permafrost to melt even faster than it is now?

Tell us …scare us… because achieving a 70% reduction in worldwide carbon use in 35 years is enough to scare the hell out of any rational person. Will humanity be able to do that?

The scientists should scare the crap out of everybody because that will be the only chance we have to get things done. Right now scientists are too polite and ‘deniers’ too smugly and purposefully uninformed. It’s not a great combination.

Scientists need to scare us far more than they are now because we still aren’t doing what needs to be done and that is scaring everybody.

Scare us… because we are getting really scared.


Einstein said “you cannot solve the problem with the same mind that created it” or words to that effect. It seems obvious that society as we know it is not sustainable and has a finite lifetime, so when will people stop trying to fix the problem with the same tools that created it? carbon taxes and austerity measures aren’t gonna do much really, they just encourage people to keep doing what they’re doing in slightly different ways. The whole structure needs to change.


Exxon should go the way of Enron for denying climate change and wrecking the beautiful landscape of Alaska. BP wrecked the Gulf of Mexico and it too should go the way of Enron. If oil drilling wrecks the environment in North America, wouldn’t it also wreck the Mideast’s environment?


“Growth”?? No, DE-growth now!


I don’t know how carbon futures trading could really accomplish much of anything in the probably limited amount of time the global population has left. It sounds like a way for the banks and the rest of the " financial services" racketeers to create a money skimming “investment” scam as a way of making money while appearing to be addressing the issue.

What’s needed is not just to scare more of the people more but to present a course of action that presents some hope of overcoming the problem, real “hope that can be believed in.”


Evo Morales said a long time ago that for the Earth to live, capitalism must die. Obviously true. but who can kill capitalism? Just the same as we try to find a future we must keep that in mind. It cannot be a system that depends upon constantly growing bigger, using always more finite resources,


It would take more than for capitalism to die. That would leave the “developed world” in failed state shape with everybody having to “live like a refugee.” Capitalism would not just have to die but then be reborn into a social economic political food energy production system that served the majority’s need without exploiting anyone, and completely redesign and reengineer the ways energy is produced and used.


It’s sand and not much else. The coastline is under stress but the biggest threat to The House of Saud is not environmental destruction. It is Iran and the payback that’s coming for 60 years of dirty dealings.


We, the consumer can kill capitalism… by not being consumers any more… reverting back to tribal, pre industrial living is about the only real cure for climate change at this point… WE HAVE LOST THE AMAZON… it used to absorb 2 billion tons of carbon a year… now, it does half that… according to a 30 year study… and so, it now EXUDES more co2 than it absorbs… and it doesn’t suck up the excess carbon from newly industrializing nations in South America either… So, if we are LOOSING MAJOR CARBON SINKS ALREADY AT THIS POINT, what does that say we have to do… any little TWEAKING tht we do, like ooooo, electric cars… is a wash… 'cause now the earth is not only NOT absorbing the co2 we are producing, but she is EXUDING HER OWN… through METHANE from melting permafrost…


And all this while other “international scientists” have discovered a method to predict solar cycles as they relate to climate changes with a 97% accuracy. And guess what sheeple … they say we are in for a ‘Maunder minimum’ within the next decade or so. For all you too lazy to look it up, or be bothered by a crack in the Globalist’s paradigm, that is a mini ice age. The last one lasted around 50 years.

But … but … but this can’t be true everyone knows it’s man that causes climate change. The sun just sits out there looking pretty. With it’s soft, yellow, warm, feminine, curves… right?


Well, Gee, maybe that will help save us from ourselves… slow the damn global warming that WE HAVE CAUSED SO FAR… THANK YOU FELLOW SHEEPLE, FOR THAT BIT OF INFO…


"According to research conducted by Michael Mann in 2001, a vociferous advocate of man-made global warming, the Maunder minimum of the 1600s was estimated to have shaved 0.3C to 0.4C from global temperatures.

It is worth stressing that most scientists believe long term global warming hasn’t gone away. Any global cooling caused by this natural phenomenon would ultimately be temporary, and if projections are correct, the long term warming caused by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases would eventually swamp this solar-driven cooling".

"Peer-Reviewed Research Says Global Warming will Continue
There have been several studies in recent years investigating what impact another grand solar minimum would have on global surface temperatures, since solar research suggests it’s possible we could be due for another extended solar minimum. Generally these studies will run climate model simulations under a given greenhouse gas emissions scenario with stable solar activity, then run the same scenario with the sun going into a grand minimum, and look at the difference in resulting global surface temperature changes.

Using this approach, Feulner & Rahmstorf (2010) (PDF available here) estimated that another solar minimum equivalent to the Dalton and Maunder minima would cause 0.09°C and 0.26°C cooling, respectively."


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It’s going to be hard to change with a dysfunctional political system. When you are driving a car you won’t stop unless you run into a collapsed bridge. Climate Change will provide the collapse soon. We need to wake up and we will need a loud and obnoxious alarm clock. Climate Chaos is now burning down our western forests. Over 3000 fires in Canada and over 300 fires in Alaska. In Olympic National Park we are experiencing one of the biggest fires in Park history, the Queets Fire. I think people are in a coma of illusion and don’t want to face the truth about our future. We need a Revolution.


So I’m a sheepie (whatever that is)? Why don’t you just advocate for a theory of “the flat earth” and we can all go back to sleep. Unfortunately, when a person wakes up and sees the truth manifesting all around the planet, we cannot go back into the Coma of Illusion. We are in deep deep trouble. Our children have no future if we refuse to take responsibility for our stupidity. Time to wake up. The sun is not going to rescue us.


I hear you. Hiking through virgin old growth Olympic National Park was one of the most spectacular moments in my life. I saw primordial forest and understood the term ‘impassable forest’. Most people think that means only jungle but they’ve never seen a true old growth forest… not like Olympic!

Our few treasures that we thought to have saved like Olympic and Yellowstone and many other National Forests and Parks are now under direct threat by climate change. The acreage may be protected but the flora and fauna on that acreage may not survive the effects of climate change whether it is by drought, fire or beetles etc.

People are beginning to awaken to the reality though. The media is at fault for delaying awareness of how serious it all is becoming. The press did not keep us well informed by kowtowing to vested interests and conservative editorial positions.

But climate change is becoming very visible to everyone and it is obvious that the more intelligent folks are getting alarmed despite the media and deniers or skeptics. Their children ask their parents >>> Was it always like this when you were young?

What does a parent say when there is no snow in winter anymore and fires threaten to burn whole forests and farmers have no water and fishermen no fish?

It is hard to dismiss climate change when you don’t want to lie to your own children. And these days children are asking lots of questions.

Olympic - forest as seen only in Tolkein and fairytales.Even the little we do try to save… may not be saved … due to climate change.

Changing a dysfunctional political system will happen but whether it will happen in time to save places like Olympic is the question.

Great point…Thank you for making it.


So how do you explain the numerous mega droughts in the western part of the country as evidenced by the geologic record over the past multiple millennia? I guess ancient man was burning too much coal and oil even then huh??? Look I’m with you on mankind stirring up as little on the planet as possible and raking the sand in the garden as we go. It just makes good sense to live as unobtrusively as possible for the generations to come. What I do have a problem with is a global tax based on an unproven theory. That being, climate change is caused by man. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re going to say it’s “proven.” I say there is enough fraud in the reports of recent years as reported by the main stream media and enough equally qualified scientists disputing that conclusion to make it an unsettled issue in my book. Besides the fact, the geologic record, at the very least, leaves a huge lot of room for doubt on that front.

In my opinion the fairest way to change the habits of the world is a gradual implementation of stricter and stricter rules. If industry can’t keep up, they are pushed out of business, by way of fines, to make way for the stronger. Survival of the fittest, just like nature and the Creator made the place, seems like a pretty good model too me. The current paradigm, as the international laws are written, allows for third world countries to keep on polluting while the developed world suffers the expense of change. The laws further allow big business to buy their way out of the requirements by purchasing “credits.” And guess who picks up the tab in the end? The consumer while they just keep on polluting! It’s just ridiculous!


And it is remarkable that it was published on Bloomberg,com…