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Internet Defenders Urge Mass Revolt to Fight FCC's 'Scorched-Earth' Attack on Net Neutrality


Internet Defenders Urge Mass Revolt to Fight FCC's 'Scorched-Earth' Attack on Net Neutrality

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"The FCC under Pai is handing over the internet to a few humongous gatekeepers who see the rest of us as products to be delivered to advertisers, not as citizens needing communications that serve democracy's needs."


If the Republicans were looking to be the victims of a wave election in 2018, their wish has been granted.


Make no mistake, this is unadulterated censorship…


I’ve signed petitions, emailed my Rep and Senators, all are democrats, and posted at several places to scream loudly about this egregious FCC chair handing the web over to corporate vampires. In ‘14-15’ when Obama was bringing neutrality up I had just recently acquired my first PC, 5-'14, I know I had a lot of catching up to do, another place for this, I digress. I didn’t fully understand this whole business of neutrality. Now with a greater understanding and the most destructive administration in my lifetime we are facing Armageddon on multiple fronts and the FCC is important for anyone using the 'net for not-fake information and access to sites that might be deemed subversive or dissenting of the government. Then the vampire corporations will throttle, find new ways to charge more or deny access altogether. Censorship is now just around the corner as the US slides ever quicker down the slope towards fascist or even totalitarianism. Everybody must do all they can to stop this dangerous man,(Ajit Pai, FCC) from destroying one of the last free freedoms we still have. I’m not holding my breath as the GOP is dismantling the systems that good governance requires.


Unfortunately the damage will have been done. The problem is to reinstate the systems the GOP destroyed. Many fights each becoming harder that the last are coming into their full ugly view,


From the article, simple way to call here: https://www.battleforthenet.com/


Just called Comcast to inform them would boycott and end all services if net neutrality ends. Pleasant person directed me to their policy page on open internet which says Comcast supports net neutrality and no blocking or slowing speed for everything lawful. I said that is good but that that I hope deeds match words, and if there is negative change if the fcc who works for corporate giants gets net neutrality dumped-- because why is the fcc even working for this as a government agency were it not a corporate power grab-- we will cancel all services.


Also this is the kind of thing we get as a nation when we do not stand up for PUBLIC services by us for us.


In the past I have been censored by my ISP,I was censored by AOL, I was hacked by Apple and a fisa warrant issued by the NSA. I had it all posted on my former website and it was brought to the attention of President “O”. When he had his 2 day conference at the White House concerning net neutrality I was an invited guest via email. I may post all those pages again, I may not but the thing is, if this FCC does what it appears it is going to do I might well turn into an enemy of the state and disappear instead of being invited into the White House. I fear that we are slowly and quite effectively being shut down and our country turned into a _______________ you can fill in the blank, if you wish. It may well be your last chance at free speech.


When people in the USA started to be referred to as “consumers” rather than citizens, residents, the stage was set to treat us all as consumers to be exploited in the worst imaginable ways which, under capitalism, are already pernicious.


A free and open net is an anathema to whom? I predicted this potential censorship a long time ago because of the nets ability to expose almost instantly the corporate, media’s lies.



Would somebody please post Pai’s email address and those of his staff - especially those who actually care about public service, not merely service to Trump and his disgusting cronies. We need a list of names and addresses - than imagine is 1000s of us sent notes, every day for a week.



Don’t overestimate the American public. As long as they can have their guns, evangelical religion, superbowls, SUVs, Dancing with the stars, etc, etc - don’t expect them to do too much. Remember - our president had his own tv show - the apprentice. I only wish that Martin Sheen had run for president. He is much more liberal and of course - the people would have voted him in - after all, he has experience being president. Remember the “West Wing.”?


It seems pretty simple to me. If this passes, the Headquarters of the monstrous and vile capitalist monopolies Verizon and Comcast - and whatever the equivalents are for you guys out west, need to burn to the ground…

(Although, that huge Comcast tower in downtown Philly is going to require a suicide mission with a wide-body airliner…)


Verizon and all the other monopolistic telecoms too too. What is the chance of this happening? Doodly squat.


call,letters and petitions are having no impact…now what can we do that will actually work?


Learn to Love It.


After 1000’s of years it has been shown time and time again that violence is not the answer.


comcast has no intention of doing anything other than charging people for preferred access. And that’s been corporate policy for years.