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Internet Monopolies Like Facebook and Google Have Become a Public Menace


Internet Monopolies Like Facebook and Google Have Become a Public Menace

George Soros

The current moment in world history is a painful one. Open societies are in crisis, and various forms of dictatorships and mafia states, exemplified by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, are on the rise. In the United States, President Trump would like to establish his own mafia-style state but cannot, because the Constitution, other institutions, and a vibrant civil society won’t allow it.


Soros is on target with his message and this message is gaining traction. The Silicon Valley mentality doesn’t believe in corporate competition but espouses the benefits of monopolies. If one company connects everyone that is good for the world according to Facebook. The hackers are mostly libertarians and are opposed to government regulation. They lobby in Washington to prevent regulation. Even though the are libertarians they support the Democratic Party because they fear it is the Democrats who would try to regulate them. Google Analytics played a big role in helping Obama defeat Romney in 2012. The US government should follow the lead of Europeans and regulate these companies. Individuals can do what is best for them by not registering on Facebook and not use Google for things like searching and looking at maps for directions. A big danger is that these companies believe their algorithms can eventually duplicate whatever the human mind can do and even surpass the human mind, and thereby rendering humans as essentially useless. This is the direction Silicon Valley is headed and people need to consider the human implications of what these Silicon Valley companies are trying to do.


Yikes! I almost liked this as I scanned it then I realized who the author is!

With that said I hate FB and google. Anyone out there: is DuckDuckGo the search engine to use?


I use DuckDuckGo as my default search engine and it works very well. Apparently the algorithm they use can do pretty much what Google’s does. I cannot think of any advantage of using Google, at least for searching words. You can also use DuckDuckGo to do searches on other sites including Google by adding a character or two after your search term. I don’t believe Google has that feature.


Soros correctly admits, “They are engaged in an existential struggle to dominate the new growth areas that artificial intelligence is opening up, like driverless cars.” But he doesn’t admit that completely driverless self-driving car technology is a lie, a ruse to distract public attention from real solutions, fraud. Powerful business interests are promoting driverless cars mostly to undermine brick-n-mortar retail establishments and gain market monopoly control. They don’t need driverless cars to do that and they don’t care about miserable traffic made worse with taxi Amazon delivery further worsened if self-driving car tech were possible safely, which it isn’t. Soros must know that self-driving car tech is a fraud. ‘Driver assist’ at tech level 3 retains driver control yet achieves most all safety advancements. Soros also correctly states, “Social media companies exploit the social environment…to Influence how people think and behave without them even being aware of it.” Most people believe the completely driverless tech is possible without the least comprehensive consideration.


I think driverless cars are legit. Actually if they are allowed on the roads I think mainly at first there will be driverless trucks. Trucking companies could save large amounts of money by not having to pay drivers. There seem to be too many companies now working on driverless cars for it to be a fraud. And there are certainly many videos available showing them in action and there are articles explaining the technology. However, I don’t think they have overcome all the obstacles such as driving in snow or icy conditions and certain situations where they don’t recognize things correctly. Frankly I hope the never actually do take to the roads. It would mean constant tracking of all trips which would further erode privacy. And I don’t see why the average driver without any disability wouldn’t rather drive then sit in what would amount to a taxi.


I think Soros is doing a service by pointing out the problems with these tech giants. Too few people are talking about this issue and millions of people seem to go along with the Silicon Valley hype without thinking about the consequences. More Soros articles on this subject please.


From one menace to another, eh George?


So, gambling casinos are bad? You don’t like internet companies and you don’t like casinos, George? Is that why you sold a big chunk of the Mandalay, recently, that hotel in Vegas? Got out just in time, didn’t you?


Well it’s about time somebody noticed that what we’re dealing with here is a stage of capitalism known as: Monopoly Capitalism!–This might help explain why this period in the twenty-first century is so reminiscent of the Gilded Age, when monopoly capital ran rampant (to be curbed by “Progressives,” remember?)–This is not the new innovative century of tech, this is a replay of an old tendency of capitalism which is always present and sometimes, like now, gets out of control!


So much for free speech on Common Dreams. Gotta love it, being flagged for expressing one’s opinion about a billionaire who doesn’t care about the common citizen while pretending he does.


My thought also. The comments closed are right on target.


“There is a similarity between Internet platforms and gambling companies. Casinos have developed techniques to hook customers to the point that they gamble away all of their money, even money they don’t have.”

What’s the difference between Wall Street and a Casino?


Answer: Even a casino gives you a slight chance to keep you’re money, (very slight).

Does anyone here not know that Google and Facebook are a menace?
I didn’t think so.


After talking to family members who were on Facebook I decided to take a look and put my name in a few years ago to see their posted pics. I never put anything on there and didn’t like it so I decided to remove my name. Followed directions to remove my name but never got anywhere. I just read that you cannot remove your name once on there.


Maybe Soros is A heavy contributor? I would like to know who flagged you…I believe it to be totally out of line!!!


That is one more reason why government regulation is needed. People should have access to what data about them is being collected, what Facebook does with it, and be able to remove it by request.


I believe them to be A horrible idea, just like all of the other artificial intelligence schemes-
They simply put people out of work and this country needs all of the jobs out there and more…
Besides, who wants to drive on A freeway with driverless vehicles, trusting your life to some newly approved technology- Eighteen wheelers are plenty dangerous as they are with drivers…


Some believe one reason these massive monopolies are allowed to exist is that they are working with the government. The government gets access to user’ data without permission and greedy CEO’s get to keep accumulating billions.

The USA has a surveillance state that any authoritarian of the past could only dream of.


There is no search engine currently available to civilians in the U.S. that can offer privacy. Internet privacy and anonymity are myths. Duckduckgo and Startpage both provide the same information to Google in order to access Google’s results, but they use slightly more focused, old-school search algorithms. Less ads or sponsored content, but one is still unlikely to find satisfactory results, because your entire internet experience is censored.
TLDR; Nope, they’re only simplified versions of google with a bit of yahoo thrown in.
The only people/entities that you can effectively protect yourself from online are other average folks, who have no means or desire to breach your privacy or harm you anyway.
A lot like guns imho.