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'Internet of Things' a Goldmine for Big Brother, Admits US Top Spy


'Internet of Things' a Goldmine for Big Brother, Admits US Top Spy

Jon Queally, staff writer

Sworn testimony delivered to the U.S. Congress by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper raised eyebrows on Tuesday as he acknowledged publicly for the first time that surveillance agencies are almost certain to exploit (if they aren't already) the increasing number of web-connected devices—also known as the "Internet of Things"—as a way to keep tabs on the population in the coming years.


i absolutely do not comprehend, why every thinking person, is not thinking very hard about the implications of the network that is being constructed.

Instead, most "consumers" happily buy and use "smart" products because:
- they are convenient;
- they are fun;
- they become "the norm" and are needed to maintain social normalcy;
- they become functionally necessary for "employment."

But aside from all these "consumer" reasons: The network is, most importantly, the network, and as such it has vast implications for what it means to be human.

But "Hey, how about the speed and convenience of the newest "smart" devices!"

Somehow, i believe it is actually far more important to consider "Hey, how about the surveillance and control capabilities of the newest "smart" devices!"

Silly me.


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Well, yeah. It's the Facebook effect gone wild. Why should we expect anything different? This is why I have no FacePlace account, nor will I ever.

I also have to wonder about anyone who needs the fridge to tell them when to buy milk. What did we do before? We managed....


If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

Of course, if you want privacy, freedom, nature, community, sex, non-GMO food, healthy land, air, and water then you do have something to hide; something that could hurt profits.

And that is something you will be hunted down mercilessly for until all your dirty little secrets have been exposed or until you have been neutralized as a threat to the unrestrained exercise of elite power and the flow of capital.

Welcome to the megamachine, sad little human.


I think it would be easy to reject a smart toothbrush but what about the smart gird?. A smart grid with smart appliances could reduce energy use and therefore greenhouse gas emissions. I think there is a conflict here between fighting global warming and protecting our privacy. So even those of us who don't care about the latest tech thing to hit the market may have some tough choices to make. It is somewhat disappointing that the privacy problem has not been part of the campaign as well as the problem of digital serfdom which means when people use social media such as Facebook not only are they giving up privacy but the work done to enter data is making money for the social media company while the user receives no compensation for the work. That basically is the secret to the great wealth of these companies, build a social media platform and then have millions of people who use it work for free as the data they enter is sold to advertisers. People who use social media of course think of themselves as being well connected and not as serfs but in a way that is what they are. Forget the minimum wage, the pay is zero and the corporate owners are raking it in.


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Corporations have developed software, that can read your emotional reaction to whatever focused advertising they are emitting in the supermarket aisles, and can adjust the content and style of the advertising to more effectively entice you.

Anyone who believes that such "intelligence" in the network will not become widespread to the point of complete immersion, including within the home and workplace, and will not be used for myriad purposes of social control beyond just selling shit, is deluding themselves.

Such devices, software, and capabilities are only the beginning of the sophistication that will be coded.

Note three things:

  • Ongoing R&D work - which is bearing fruit and within just a few years of rolling out the first devices - to develop network implants, so that you think and receive directly to and from the network;

  • Ongoing R&D - again, bearing fruit and within just a few years of roll-out of effective models - to develop robots that, in their appearance and ability to converse, are not distinguishable from humans;

  • We are nearing the "take-off point" where computers can design more advanced models without human involvement, so that the future development of the network takes place without humans at "the controls." Again, not many years away from reaching this point (breathlessly referred to as "the singularity" by fans, who somehow imagine it will be beneficial for individual humans, who see their own personal immortality somehow arising from this process, instead of the complete irrelevance of humans and humanity...).

But hey, my washing machine asks me if it's time to do the laundry! How fucking cool is that?


As the saying goes: if the service is free, you are the product.

The only thing that an individual with any self-respect can do as the jaws of the megamachine close in is to resist. That resistance can take many forms, but they include:

  • Closing your Facebook, twitter, Gmail, Instagram, Blogspot, Flickr, Pinterest and other accounts and encourage everyone you know to do the same.
  • Using ad-blocking and jamming browsers or browser plugins. Give the corporate and government surveillance scum no data, bad data, and/or lots and lots of useless data. Choke them with garbage data.
  • Not buying this garbage. Refuse to buy into this "smart home" Internet-of-surveillance-things bullshit. Use plain old phones, even a copper wire phone where you still can. Write snail mail letters.
  • Refusing to give up your privacy for convenience. Make a point of not only buying no new technical devices, but getting rid of more and more technical devices and services you already own or use. Starve the beast!
  • Finally, get outside and spend some time with your family and community. Live where you are, not in some empty cybervoid that is soaking you of privacy, dignity, and vitality.

Technology and civilization are destroying the world! Look through and smash the bright shiny lies of this pathological death cult. Get educated, don't be suckered by sociopaths like Gates and Zuckerberg and smiling science popularizers. These are carnival barkers for a global system of tyranny and death.


Its okay for the government to spy on the public, but if the public spies on the government the consequences are severe.

In our military academy, we had the honor system. That meant that if one saw another cheating on a test and did not report him, both would be drummed out of the corps.

The honor system should apply to government and industry. If one sees another committing illegal acts and does not report the person, both will suffer severe consequences. This would in fact make whistleblowing mandatory. If applied equally to leaders and politicians, it would remove much corruption from government and business.

Whistleblowers are heroes and should be appreciated and regarded as such.


they will lock you up in your own home or lock you out.
they will, remotely, crash your car.
to kill you or use you as a missile against another car.
beware the NEW future.................


The monologue featured in your linked video clearly makes the point that "industrial civilisation has created dire circumstances for life on the planet". It is killing the planet - in many ways. I think he is right. The speaker says that "industrial civilisation can be stopped". He and I differ in that I dont think that it can be stopped.


I can not recall the specific University but one of them demonstrated how a CD loaded in a car could load code to the computer that would give a person total control of the vehicle.


I agree that we should resist. I think in the end the people in Silicon Valley pushing the connectivity and the sharing economy are simply trying to sell us on something to make a lot of money for themselves. The idea they are selling is that this techno future will be a wonderful future. I think we have seen enough to know the opposite will be true. It can only lead to a complete surveillance society unless steps are taken. One step could be if they moved away from an advertising business model so they would not need to collect all this data and keep it. Another step would be if the government required them to delete the data soon after collection. But right now resistance is needed. For anyone not convinced there are a lot of good books to read on this such as "Terms of Service" by Jacob Silverman. He makes it clear what Facebook, Google, Linkedin, etc are engaged in. It is clearly not in our best interest, but only in the best interest of their corporate bottom lines. And just think of what could happen if Donald Trump were president and had access to all this data. Things really could get scary for a lot of Americans.


i remember reading a prophetic si-fi novel way back in 1977, the time-swept city written by thomas monteleone. at first the entire "city"--new york?, chicago?--was under computer surveillance which alerted police to any suspicious activity. in time, however, human police were replaced by robo-cops or drones that could swoop in quickly to make an arrest. of course, these robo-cops were programmed to obey the first law of robotics, to never bring harm to any human unless that person presented a clear and present danger to others. as time went by the artificial intelligence concluded that the single greatest threat to humans were other humans. therefore, by the end of the novel the computer had expelled all human beings and to protect the "city" would hunt down and destroy any person attempting to enter the city limits.

i often wonder, if we, the human species, have managed to outsmart ourselves. like the song says, "paranoia will destroy ya!


actually, i feel certain that the president du jour knows only what the deep state allows. for example, we hear a lot about obama's "kill list" but in reality he is presented with a list of names for his okie-dokie. the president is but a figure head to distract the public.


Big Brother warns us about the rise of Big Brother...and a lot of Little Nephews as well it seems? Big Brother tells us that we will be constantly under surveillance by them, by corporations and by some of us too.

If we really were a free people/a free country....our government officials would be protecting us from all of this. These people condemn their own children and grandchildren to a world where people will self censor everything they say and do no matter where they are even in the 'privacy' of their own homes.


I really think we're getting to a tipping point were intrusive devices like IOT devices are going to push people to either stick with what they have, or go back to a more analog approach to their lives.

Even right you can did a simple search and find hordes of NAD (network attached devices) that have default passwords on them. You can login and go through the data they have saved on them. You can send your neighbor a printout of a racy photo because he's using a wireless printer. I'm telling you, the ignorance of people using this devices is already shocking.

I guess its this ignorance the government is counting on right?


Not sure why anyone is surprised about this. I would be more worried about some malicious hacker than the government, tho.

That being said, get yourself a firewall behind your high speed modem and have your insecure things" on a separate virtual network that's prohibited from accessing your home network where you have your data and your storage devices.


thanks! :blush: