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'Internment Camps for the Homeless': Housing Advocates Horrified by Trump Push for 'Crackdown' on California Homelessness

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/11/internment-camps-homeless-housing-advocates-horrified-trump-push-crackdown

The US should use Hong Kong as an example of how to handle the homeless. Well maybe not. That western wannabe has no social care programs in a city that houses the worlds largest concentration of billionaires. When one of the privileged street thugs promoting ‘democracy’ was asked about the homeless and the mass of workers living in cages he commented: ‘We can’t be subsidizing the poor, that would be socialism’. Meaning: My fat cat parents and I might actually have to pay some taxes.

Eventually, each reasoning person should reach the conclusion: ‘We The People’ meant WE the fat cat framers of the US Constitution not ‘YOU The People’. WE are doing well. It is your problem if YOU are poor, hungry and homeless. "YOU can’t seriously expect WE will pay taxes or bring home some of the two trillion dollars squirreled away in secret foreign banks but on the other hand if we can financialize the internment camps …


Private prison companies are rubbing their hands in glee. More homeless people = more customers = more taxpayer money.


Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. Poverty is a weapon of hate. The correlations between hate and poverty are well documented in the Happiness Report.


Life and destiny has been subject to the authoritarian capricious decisions of the elite’s power structure, where Joblessness and homelessness are created to increase profit and to have victims to blame for bad legislation.


Ya beat me to it. Except they won’t be customers, they’ll be concentration camp prisoners.



And to scare the rest of us into compliance.


Again, we’ll see how cruel our fellow Americans who work for this administration, can be.

This is fascinating. This link to one chapter indicates that “screen time” and the activities that youth spend there time on has serious impacts on their happiness/not happy ratings.

The truly horrible part of this is that his supporters will be all Trumped Up about it. Getting those ugly reminders of inequality off the streets will thrill the deplorables. We’re living in a nightmare.


Yep, there’s no money for programs that help the poor, but plenty of money for private prison contractors.


This is just another indication that Donald Trump and everyone who works for him, or supports him, whether in the public or private sector detest and are at the least trying to build a virtual gated community to keep out the “other”. The “other” from their perspective as we know from Trump’s actions include Muslims (religion), Latinx (ethnicity), the homeless (economic class / physical and mental health). These actions are part and parcel of totalitarianism.

How much more of this vile, disgusting behavior will we ALLOW (not just talk about it) before we remove Trump, et al, at every level of government from office?


government-backed facilities

meaning concentration camps. “First they came for the Jews…” is taking place right here, right now.


Who are America’s “homeless” except yesterday’s formerly employed –

and yesterday’s unemployed who were formerly supported by Unemployment
Benefits which didn’t expire in two years when a job still couldn’t be found –

and yesterday’s impoverished citizens who were formerly supported by Welfare
Guarantees that didn’t expire, providing shelter and groceries and money for
doctors and medicines.

What is today except the GOP’s/right wing dream of a Third World America?

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I am not blowing my own horn, but I predicted this about a year ago. Who is next on Trump and his fellow fascists list? Crackdown on---------you fill in the blank!


We are all threatened by cruel government policies doing harm to any citizen –

Rent control across the nation needs to be re-established where it once existed –

Some words I’ve come across recently based on FDR’s
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

"A nation doesn’t have to be cruel to be tough" –

"For Roosevelt, the solution was to put fear aside and move on to heal the
nation . . .

“For the Oligarchy, their solution is to institutionalize fear, increase it, build
targets, and watch the destruction of freedom and civilizations.
For them, only profit and ever increasing power exist.
Starving, frightened, fighting, struggling humans are of no importance.”

As always, the right wing concerns itself with attacks on the most vulnerable of us –


“Moving the homeless into Government backed facilities”? I wonder if anyone knows if the same euphemism was used during WW II when the Japanese, Americans were sent to internment camps?


“White Male Supremacy” puts us all under the gun – literally.

But the right wing will strike always at the most vulnerable –

YES! This is the nightmare that many predicted!

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Excellent point because how many millions, in Amerika, are one paycheck away from joining the homeless!