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'Internment Camps for the Homeless': Housing Advocates Horrified by Trump Push for 'Crackdown' on California Homelessness

Smerl –

Time this fake esteem and honor we’ve been taught for “Our Founders” who were
simply White male supremacists – Elite Slave Holders – was ended –

and fed back to the Elites/Wealthy controlling us now.

Where did their wealth come from – or Elite wealth today – except from exploitation
of this nation’s land, animal-life, natural resources – and even other human beings
they used horrific violence against to steal land from – or whose labor they’ve stolen?

It begins with “Endowing them with land grants” – setting them up to prevail and us to fail.


Why Homelessness is Criminalized:


The problem is systemic. The system is Capitalism:


Shan –

You’re ahead of us –
but they will usually follow all of the original patterns
sometimes with slight adjustments –

I’d say the elderly, like the young and children are being targeted with
a pretty broad brush they’re using in attacking those groups in many ways –
from no school lunches to student loans and attacks on Social Security.
A lot to be said on all of that – as these people get thrown in the dumpster.

But, I say it particularly because of conversations I’ve had with a friend (and
her brother) who have had to take care of parents over the last years.
They’re on the front lines and see what is really going on –
From her report on facilities for the elderly it’s dismal –

She was telling me of talking with workers in one place where they were saying
that only two or a few years ago, the place was quite acceptable. New owners
came in, cut their salaries, took away their benefits and took over their pensions
if I understood correctly. The place is now very poorly run and the employees
can’t keep up with the work and are themselves part of the problem now.
These elderly patients are not being taken care of as they should be – they are
being ignored.

To shorten the story – what I’m thinking of is “Born on the Fourth of July” and
Ron Kovic as the model they’re headed for.

Or, government-backed facilities –

This sister and brother had to take on the responsibility of their parents because the
father was in a car accident which left him only needing a great deal of care.

The daughter had an excellent position with a law firm – lived about an hour away –
and ended up having to ask for a transfer to an office closer to them so she could care
for them. Quite soon, she realized she had to move in with them.
Eventually, she was let go – and she has a law suit pending for age bias.

The Mother was almost a year in a facility where she and the brother spent as much
time there as possible doing what they could – in one place the food was so bad, they
were bringing food for the Mother. Two or three months ago, the Mother passed away –
and the daughter said it was a horrible five days before she died.

She continues now taking care of the Father – and she has been able to afford a few
hours of health care still from private caretakers for him – at $30 an hour.
But she is very grateful to have that help – and fortunately she found excellent people.
Caring for the Father is becoming more difficult for her – he was recently in a health
facility where she said they did not know how to take care of him – think he has a
colostomy situation/bag as the accident caused damage to his spine. Again, she and
the brother had to help with his care, even there.

Currently, she is trying to keep him at home – actually hoping that he may pass away
given the loss of his wife which often happens. And said he is now “accepted” at the
VA which is still a good facility in her opinion, but she is trying to hold off.
And, of course, we all know that the GOP also has the VA in its sights for destruction -
where they are supplying medications at much more reasonable prices for patients who
served in the military – and still much more reasonable care for them overall.

Yes – imo – this is where we are headed.
Impoverish us all and reduce us to “the needy.”

Thanks for your reply. Yes, that looks like the paradigm we are headed for in the U.S.A.

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If there was justice in this country, it would be the Trump’s, Pence’s and McConnell’s of the world who would be rounded up and put in internment camps.


Time for change!

Time for a new constitution…a new nation founded on principles of human rights and dignity not avarice, greed and slavery.

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It’s my hope that you and others will go back through the years and see how we are being shaped. These reports are truly windows into our collective soul(s). I am very happy to see you reading it, Thanks.

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If we had a truly humanitarian government and not a fascist bent oligarchy - then maybe these camps could be good things. Remember when we had things like the CCC and PWA under Roosevelt. https://www.thoughtco.com/top-new-deal-programs-104687

Those things seemed sincere and wanted to help lift people up. Since Reagan our leaders have done everything they could to destroy the good that came out of the Roosevelt era.

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this is disingenuously partisan, especially for a place as cruel to the homeless as California has been.

San Diego is one of the very worst cities to be homeless in. Cops have been destroying camps for years. San Francisco, that great “liberal” bastion, is vicious towards the homeless, constantly trying to drive them back out into the East Bay or the Castro Valley.

There are a lot of homeless people who might take you up on the offer of an internment camp with roofs, indoor plumbing, and some food and no cops beating the sh*t out of them every other day.

I’m not defending Trump here, btw, just pointing out that this level of righteous indignation is just dishonest as hell. Neither party has done squat about homelessness other than to create more of it at every opportunity.


Exactly! In Hitler’s Germany there were no homeless people in the streets. Guess where they all went…

Government facilities will lead to further legislation long desired by the Fascists such as…

If these people are in Government facilities then they have to follow the rules. This includes curfews , drug testing on an ongoing basis and deference to authority. Punishments to be meted out for those not following the rules.

If these peoples in Government facilities then they are a cost to the taxpayer. They should be forced to work so as to mitigate those costs. Corporations can bid on their services and given that housing paid for by the state there no reason these peoples should expect minimum wages.

Private Corporations can save the Government money if they administer these shelters. They already have experience with private prison systems and their expertise can be used to run these housing projects.

Crime will be rampant without an ongoing Police presence and the ability to move quickly when trouble arises. Rights to privacy , rights of habeus corpus and the like are to be removed. As this a Government owned facility the state shall monitor all of the persons there 24/7 and given it state property warrants will not be needed for things like searches of premises for restricted items. The state shall monitor the populace for trouble makers and make sure these peoples isolated and incarcerated pre-emptively.

I think this report from the Women’s Economic Agenda Project tells a lot about why we have so much homelessness. Massive cuts from HUD funding starting with Reagan and going for 40+ years have really hurt. We are talking about billions upon billions per year. Imagine an alternative humanistic country where we had funded housing instead of wars. http://weap.org/uploads/fact%20sheets/WRAP-HistoryofSlashingHUDBudgetFactSheet-Final.pdf

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What the Hell is wrong with people that find Trumps plan to round up the Homeless and put them in Detentions Facilities? (Sarcasm Alert).

There is no Money in the Treasury to pay for assistance to the Down Trodden, let them read Ayn Rand’s books to see that America is a Nation for the Fit only, just like the Third Reich.

The Multi Trillion Dollar Tax Cut for the Super Rich was a Welfare Socialist Hand Out, there is no Money left to Help our Homeless Brothers and Sisters who are Suffering due to circumstances beyond their control.

America has turned its back on our Fellow Americans, it is Heartbreaking and Painful to be living in a Country that allows these Horrendous Conditions to Exist.

The Cost of a few B1 Bombers and an Aircraft Carrier or 2 would resolve the Despicable Unsavory Conditions we are allowing our Brothers and Sisters to be living under.

Trump had no trouble putting the Nation in Debt in order to Increase his Defense Budget.

We are able to find the Money when it comes to producing Military Machinery that can kill Millions of People, but we are Unable or Unwilling to find the Money to subsidize decent Housing for the Millions of our Fellow Americans agonizing under horrific living conditions.

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#1 is to create fear for the rest of the population –
shape up and keep working for less –
for that an underclass is necessary.

Princess Diana comes to mind given the recent anniversary of her
destruction where she made it acceptable to touch and talk with the sick.
We’re all taught to fear such contact and especially in regard to AIDS.

And, of course, the threat of being with someone who is dirty or smells –

Recommending this site for the list of Papal Bulls concerning Jews –

Not for any discussion of Zionism –

Pope Paul IV Orders Jews of Rome Into a Ghetto | CIE
Pope Paul IV (1476-1559) was an unusually rigid and anti-Jewish pontiff, and this decree was one of his first actions, issued just two months after becoming pope. In addition to relegating Jews to live in ghettos that were enclosed and locked at night, the pope also decreed that Jews were not allowed to own property and were required to identify themselves by wearing a yellow head covering.

Of course this is insufferable. Give to the rich and take from the poor. What a son-of-a-bitch.

We have an okay plan, it’s just being terribly abused and bastardized. And we are letting it happen, so we are all assuming guilt if we are idle on this.

My deceased uncle knew Reagan personally and before he died he told me that Reagan was one of the most corrupt and heartless people he ever knew!

So, now Trump thinks being Poor is a Crime?

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