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Interpreted by Young Progressives as 'Abject Contempt,' Buttigieg Says He Was Also 'Big Fan of Bernie Sanders' at 18

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/12/interpreted-young-progressives-abject-contempt-buttigieg-says-he-was-also-big-fan

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You’re a liar, Mayor Peat. Not just a covert intelligence operative, a worker for a company that has murderers as clients, a paid-off shill for the billionaire elite, a smarmy, pampered trust fund baby…a flat-out liar.
You’ve never been a fan of Bernie Sanders or any other progressive, and if there was a hell, I’d hope for u to burn in it forever.


And people think Donald Trump is out of touch.
Pete is making the same mistake that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama always made.
He believes his own bullshit. Of course, we called both of the aforementioned sociopaths Mr President.
Jeebus Christ on a cracker


Mayor Pete is not a liar. He was absolutely a Bernie Sanders fan, in fact he won a Profiles in Courage essay contest while in High School (year 2000) about Bernie. Check it out: https://www.jfklibrary.org/learn/education/profile-in-courage-essay-contest/past-winning-essays/2000-winning-essay-by-peter-buttigiegstrong text

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You can’t be serious.

First, like the opportunist he is, Mayo Pete wrote that essay after finding out that the subject of the essay he wanted to write had already been taken.

Second, the thing he praises Sanders for the most – sticking to his principles – is the exact opposite of Mayo Pete’s politics: He has no principles to stick to so he blows with the wind.


Knowing that Mayor Pete once had principles somehow makes his sociopathology worse.


Agreed. It is one thing to accept that a person has been a sociopath all their life due to something they were born with. It is another to have to accept that they chose such a lifestyle out of their own free will.

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Petey Buttigieg was a Bernie Sanders fan, until he found it less work to be a corporate whore.

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…but he found that he can make a lot of money by trashing Bernie now at the behest of his new corporate besties. I’m pretty sure he was overheard saying… “it’s amazing the fame and fortunes you can get for selling your principles”.

Buttigieg’s education took a right turn at 2 elite colleges - hardly surprising. When exposed to people with great wealth and a much easier path in life, Buttigieg turned. That’s normal for a human being as it demonstrates the “greed is good” flaw; but, that doesn’t mean we should support sellouts.

I know it isn’t popular to write the full, inconvenient truth; but, if you use the same term within my black community, you’ll hear the same term used to describe a popular former president. Most people know that great wealth and power rots human empaty; resistance is so rare we must prize it. Remember when Obama went to Flint MI, drank a glass of water and declared the situation settled? He ignored that the learning disabilities are forever.

Fortunately, FDR was unique and avoided that same fate as his characters was developed after suffering physical challenges/disabilities - never ignoring the ‘lessers’. Sanders also exhibits empathy and character.

Buttigieg exhibits opportunist character just like: tRump, Hillary, W, Bush1, Bill, Reagan, etc… After accepting financial support from Insurance companies and billionaires; Buttigieg changed positions on M4A demonstrating opportunist character. The only question is … how low will he go?