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Interview Insanity: Trump Slams Sessions' Recusal; Warns Meuller to Stay Clear of Finances


Interview Insanity: Trump Slams Sessions' Recusal; Warns Meuller to Stay Clear of Finances

Jon Queally, staff writer

In an interview with the New York Times released Wednesday evening—with remarks described as "insane" by at least one political observer—President Donald Trump openly admits he would not have appointed Jeff Sessions, a loyal campaign surrogate, to be his attorney general if he'd known Sessions would ultimately recuse himself on matters related to Russia and alleged election interference. The embattled U.S.


So if Sessions resigns as AG then Trump appoints a new GA who will not recuse himself from the Trump investgation? Not that I am a fan of Sessions - not by any means.


It is expected of him and fair to the millions of American citizens that Jeff Sessions recused himself. Unless I am confused about this the President appoints the attorney general to work for the people of the USA. Does Donald Trump think that his interests are more important than the interests of the American people?


Yes, Donald Trump believes the world revolves around him.

His removal from governance of any form must come soon.


If you think of Trump as a mafia boss then his approach about the loyalty of ‘his people’ begins to seem less inane. Trump literally sees the people that he has appointed to positions in government as expecting their personal loyalty to him in the same way as would a mob boss expect it from his people. In fact Trump sees his personal well being and business interests of more importance than government business and expects the people he appointed - his people - to give them priority.


More and more, it appears that it will be up to Congress to ultimately decide how to deal with Don.
Will the Republicans put country over party?


There is nobody on the face of the earth who Trump will not throw under the bus.

Congress has already “decided how to deal with the Don”. The only reason anybody accepts an appointment from him is to keep the best smoke screen and rubber stamp the GOP has ever had giving cover to Congress to destroy the environment while transferring wealth from the 99% to the 1% faster than has already been happening.


I am a bit foggy on who currently is the don’s sotto capo (underboss) and who is the consigliere (counselor/advisor/right-hand man) in his preferred system? I assume that your and my position (as part of the 99%) in his hierarchical arrangement is to be the loyal people (prey) whose purpose mostly is to praise and worship his wisdom, wit and glory while we are being fleeced by his and the other families.


If Sessions has sufficient integrity and loyalty to the American People he will not resign.


Now we’re getting to the gist of it. I’ve been quite skeptical of the McCarthyist groupthink about Putin hacking the election (as have reliable journalists who like to see actual evidence, like Glenn Greenwald and Robert Parry).

But Trump has longstanding ties to several Russian Mafia kingpins (as explained in the Dutch documentary “The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump”). This is why Trump is desperate to kill this investigation, and to hide his financial shenanigans. It’s looking more likely all the time that Mueller will soon be canned. Any competent advisor has to tell Trump this would be a catastrophic error. But this sociopath is irresistably drawn to keep pushing the limits of decency.


Indeed we are getting closer to the truth about trump’s “fortune.” I keep wondering for how long the GOP Congress is going to hide in fear from this oaf and begin to do their freaking job with an honest-to-goodness investigation of trump. I would really make my day if this egomaniac’s need for attention caused him to run for president which leads to a spotlight being shown on all of his past crooked financial dealings and his fortune were confiscated and the entire family sent to jail…although I know the chances of that ever happening are slim-to-nil. But one can always dream. trump’s gotta be getting a bit concerned about now to be saying the things he is.


Well duh! :imp: :stuck_out_tongue:


Donald: " So Jeff, if push comes to shove, have you got me, and my associates back. I mean, being AG makes you the top guy in law enforcement, right? That’s what you want, right? " Jeff: " Well, yes. You and I can make some big changes; right some terrible wrongs, make America great again, sir. I’ll have your back on all of it. We’re on the same page, sir ".
Donald: " So, Jeff you got my back and I got yours, great. We’re going to win. America is off on the wrong track and we’re going straighten things out. Your loyalty is important to me, Jeff. My loyalty to you is equally important to all of us, our goals, our really winning big. Jeff, you’re my AG and welcome aboard ".
Jeff: " Thank you, sir. I appreciate your vote of confidence. And, I accept your offer. I see great things ahead for us “. Donald: " By the way Jeff, what do make of these witch hunts in Congress and by the FBI, about Russian hacking and election interference. Comey is such a snoopy asshole, right? Can’t trust the guy”. Jeff: " You can’t trust anyone in Washington, sir. The DOJ is full of Comeys and assholes like him. A bunch of hot dogs and grandstanding liberals, sir ". Donald: " Yea, Rudy and Christie told me the same thing. Anyway, so Jeff about this Russia garbage and my associates, and investigating stuff ? " Jeff: " What Russia garbage, sir? What are we talking about, here? " Donald: " Ha, ha, good one. Hungry, Jeff? Let’s grab some Trump steaks, Trump wine and Trump ketchup and celebrate at my Trump Whitehouse. I insist “. Jeff: " Well, I need to make a call and…” Donald: " Jeff, I insist, I insist. And, I’m an insistant s.o.b. Got it! "
Jeff: " I’m not a slow learner, sir "


Isn’t it amazing that we are in the position of defending Jeff Sessions now at all? The guy recused himself because he was basically caught lying to Congress about his meetings with the Russian ambassador. Not to mention, this appears to be a strange and disturbing consistent pattern of behavior across members of the administration.

No big deal, it is a distraction of course. Just like Donald Trump intimates.


No way in Hell.


How can that be when he wants to:

  • Maximize prison sentences for non violent, no victims, possession of non FDA approved drugs?

  • Increase the militarization of the War on Drugs as our police under 1033 are not yet militant enough?

His loyalty is to his own psychopathic ideology of hate.


I can imagine no more critical time for The Tree to be watered…


I hope the Trump clown car remains in office for a full term and completes the de-lamination of the Republican Party. Lay it bare for all to see… If Pence gets in too soon the Republicans will have a sneakier more effective leader and might actually get through the dangerous Republican agenda… and that is terrifying.
Now if the opposition could actually develop a plan for… ANYTHING … anything at all beyond pretty words… and instead of perseverating on the orange one’s every tweet ( let the media do that) go around the country and SELL its detailed workable plans in understandable language AND talk about their plan details when they are interviewed we might be able for form a semi- decent country to live in down the road…


Why do we keep ignoring the fact that Trump got 10.6 million less votes than “the other”. We have a flawed system designed to guard against electing the Queen. Hell there aren’t that many royalist left and besides she seems nice, at least rational, C’mon we are a global joke.


The smoking gun(s) of trumps lies, wealth, crimes, and treason lie within the “finances” of the trump crime family - evidence trump must hide or be destroyed - along with the GOP that empowers his regime.
That history will bring down trump’s house of cards and hopefully play-out for many months/years so the people (maybe) see how the 1% trump & Co represents have controlled/dominated, diminished, robbed, and poisoned the lives of millions/billions world-wide - capital crimes if ever there was.

The alternative is citizens continue to sleep and bend-over for financial robbery/usury as the norm, industry to poison people, the Earth and oceans, and police to murder with impunity - with zero consequences - and our so-called leaders continue to serve the con and be destroyed themselves.