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Interviewed by Dying Medicare for All Advocate Ady Barkan, Biden Defends Undying Allegiance to For-Profit Healthcare System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/08/interviewed-dying-medicare-all-advocate-ady-barkan-biden-defends-undying-allegiance

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This is why I will not be voting in November. I refused to vote for either candidate in 2016 as well. I will not support these monsters who would rather see folks go bankrupt and die rather than simply having access to medical care as a fundamental right. They all hate us as they steal everything from us.


Millions of people have lost their jobs. They may not get those jobs back. If they had health care and a family plan that was part of their employment, that is now gone. Any healthcare or health emergencies that may arise will now go unattended or be dealt with at the emergency room that is currently overwhelmed with a deadly pandemic. Private insurance is very clearly NOT THE ANSWER. Every single person in this country should not fear being without health care, to include dental and vision, because of the greed of the overlords. America is not great. It never was. And the fact that we don’t care about everybody’s healthcare proves this fact over and over.


Stark differences between a dying man, and a brain-dying man.


“Health care guaranteed as a human right,” Biden responds, “but taking away the right to have a private plan if you want a private plan, I disagree with.”

What hollow meaningless dither that comment is! There is no right to a private plan - just ask 27.9 million uninsured Americans, as of 2019, about that “right”.


A full 75-80% of democratic voters support single payer, yet they voted for a candidate that doesn’t.
And that is why we fail.


The complaint Biden makes is a straw man, and is a big complaint of, who else?, the rich. There’s nothing in anyone’s Medicare for All plan that outlaws private insurance. But, for virtually all of us, who would want private insurance with Medicare for All available. This goes back to the Brits, the erstwhile aristocrats and their private doctors. When the NHS was adopted in 1948, the wealthy weren’t going to be forced to stand in line with the hoi polloi, so they made private arrangements with their Harley Street doctors, arrangements which survive today. The Brits just wouldn’t let them get away with not paying for the state-run plan because of those private arrangements. So, Biden is already laying down the argument that if someone has a private plan they shouldn’t have to also pay for the single-payer plan. He probably doesn’t have a clue that that’s what he’s doing, but he is. He’s not bright enough to figure this stuff out for himself. Never was (all that bull about being at the top of his law class? Just more Blue-Collar Joe horseshit).

Joe’s real constituency is the rich, and always has been. Of course he’s in favor of anything that keeps the rich comfortable and in control, no matter what it ultimately costs the taxpayers.

That’s what he’s promoting–an even more expensive plan with the money ultimately going to the for-profit health-care robber barons, and the taxpayers picking up the tab.


“. . . to which Biden interjects, ‘I don’t’”, cutting off a dying man lest he, Biden, risk having any of his donors have any doubt.


Oh, and fuck Joe Biden.


NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE short of an outright revolution. Stop voting and instead invoke general strikes and boycotts of corporations. I actually hate the Democrats more than the Republicans.


“Look man… I get where you’re coming from… I just don’t give a fuck.”

“No… Really… I don’t.”


Don’t despair - maybe the Democrats will put Medicare-for-all in their platform.

Here’s an update:

July 08, 2020 - 04:05 PM EDT
Biden-Sanders ‘unity task force’ rolls out platform recommendations

"The health care platform outlined in the document makes no mention of Sanders’s signature Medicare for All plan, which would eliminate private health insurance and cover all Americans under a single government-administered plan.

"Instead, the proposal suggests allowing Americans to keep their private health insurance, while also insisting on a so-called public option that would be administered by Medicare.

“Americans who do not qualify for Medicaid, the government program that extends health coverage to certain low-income Americans, but still fall below a certain income threshold will be automatically enrolled in the new public option for free, though they will be given the opportunity to opt out of the program”

(Source: ~https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/506439-biden-and-sanders-unity-task-force-roll-out-democratic-platform)

Oops! Maybe the Democrats won’t put M4A in their platform!!


Obama lied when he promised to fight for a healthcare public option, and sold the American people down the river when he cozied up to for profit healthcare insurance. Despite the campaign promise, it was the plan to sell out, all along. And Biden is selling out in the very same way. If Biden and the Dems won’t fight for Medicare for All, even in the face of a killer pandemic and growing economic depression, they are clearly unworthy of our support. It’s just another example of how thoroughly corrupted the Democratic Party has become. Supporting such a party and a candidate is a loser’s game. No thanks.


No one “needs” insurance. We all “need” Healthcare.


Insurance companies don’t do anything in healthcare except take their cut of the money.


Hi PonyBoy:
Oh yes and what Joe probably doesn’t know is that when his brain impIodes, those FOR PROFIT pIans might keep him hooked up to some kind of machine and continue saying HE could come back. And -for years. there would be Iots profits there , am I right $ men! : 0

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Nothing “puzzling” about it

Joe Dough “gets it”, in the form of millions from the corps that profit off holding us hostage to their bottom lines.


Yes, but to be more specific in this case, it’s the Health Insurance Industry and Big Pharma.


“Health care guaranteed as a human right,” Biden responds, “but taking away the right to have a private plan if you want a private plan, I disagree with.”

This statement by Biden makes no sense. In countries such as Norway where there is universal healthcare, paid for by taxes, everybody gets treated and nobody is “bound” to a job because of some benefits as health care. Yet there are private health clinics also for people that want to pay out of their own pockets. There is no need for health”insurance” per se. But the clinics are membership type (or drop in with higher prices) which is exactly what an insurer would pay to anyway.

So, sure, then why doesn’t he endorse universal healthcare, and if some person wants to pay for “insurance” let them…


This is Biden’s campaign slogan.