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Intifada for Dummies: Why Is a Popular Uprising Yet to Take Off?


Intifada for Dummies: Why Is a Popular Uprising Yet to Take Off?

Ramzy Baroud

Whether history moves in a straight or cyclical line, it matters little. The uncontested fact is that it is in constant motion. Thus, the current situation in Palestine is particularly frustrating to a generation that has grown up after the Oslo Peace Accord because they have been brought up within a strange historical phenomenon: where the earth below their feet keeps shrinking and when time stands still.


Fuck theocracies. Every God-damn one.


The Israelis in subjugating the Palestinians, bulldozing their homes, stealing at will are only defending themselves: That's what I've heard from our politicians, courageously standing up to the Palestinians.

Every subjugator has the right to defend itself. No subjugator should be expected to allow resistance from the subjugated - how could that possibly work?

The Israelis should not be required to comply with law or morality - all they want is pretty much everything that was once Palestine, bit by bit. All the Palestinians have to do hold their land and resources as a land bank for the Jews of Israel to take for themselves as they need it (I think you have to be Jewish to qualify for a settlement home)..


Powerful chronicle of past and recent events by the eloquent Mr. Baroud.

Every struggling people requires the keen acumen of its historical witnesses. Mr. Baroud qualifies.

This word-portrait really captures the essence of the asymmetric conflict:

"The ambitions of these youth are huge, but their opportunities are so limited; their earth has shrunk to the size of a single-file queue before an Israeli military checkpoint, where they are corralled on their way to school, to work and back home. And, like the Israelis who shot at anyone who dared to protest, Abbas imprisons those who attempted to do so.

"It is a generation that simply cannot breathe."


Why only three comments her to this moving piece?


Excellent article that puts into perspective the late historical environment of the Palestinians. I believe there are a couple of points that are having a dramatic influence on the Palestinians being able to better organize an effective and united dissent:

  • The Palestinians aren't only having to live under the oppression of the Israelis, but of the United States and most of Western Europe as well. Combined, this is a very formidable foe.

  • As the BDS movement is gaining notoriety, strength and influence; Israel and its allies are doubling down on all criticism of the apartheid and genocidal atrocities against the Palestinians by the Zionist faction within Israel. It is to the point of being absurd as any criticism at all is deemed as being anti-Semitic.

  • How many years can the constant struggle against such a massive foe (Israel and all of its allies) go on without having some signs of political fatigue? After all, the absolute brutality of the military occupation by Israel in Gaza and the West Bank makes surviving a major feat.


BRAVO, thanks to Ramzy Baroud for this excellent essay - an important look at Israeli crimes against Palestinian's & Palestinian leadership. After Yassir Arafat was murdered, the Palestinian cause was thrown into chaos - as intended, Arafat gave his life for Palestinian rights and independence. By his murder Israelis fragmented the Palestinian leadership and struggle - they were also instrumental in destabilization/destruction of other states in the ME and NA - a criminal terrorist state with racist contempt for all others - a threat to all others.

Abbas is an Israeli Uncle Tom without the integrity or gumption of Arafat or
the Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti, who remains in an Israeli prison - his leadership is what Palestinians need at this point before the complete annexation of Palestine, subjugation and cultural genocide of Palestinians becomes a fait accompli.

The Israeli's continue their "religious" exceptionalism/racism, brutality, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, , and illegal colonization - de facto annexation-theft - of the Occupied Territories as well as Palestinian natural resources. What Israelis can't steal they destroy, along with Palestinian lives and culture - a daily Israeli/Zionist crime against humanity supported by their lap-dog US sycophants/supporters.

"While cold-blooded murder is an “official” taboo for the “most moral army in the world”, last week’s execution and Israeli society’s response to it may serve as a milestone on the long and ugly road toward complete dehumanization of Palestinians and the resulting collapse of Israeli society."


The Fate of Nations:....
"Here politics and even religion itself will be used as weapons of war, as a leverage to separate people and to pit them against one another in a great conflict, not over ideology, but over the resources of the world.
Here the conflict will be masked. It will be clothed in the disguise of politics and religion, but in essence it is a competition for resources. It is a conflict over access and distribution of resources.
Humanity now faces great danger as it begins to encounter a world in decline—a world whose environments have been degraded, a world whose climate has been affected, a world whose life-sustaining resources are being depleted and ruined by human ignorance and human greed. It is for this reason that a New Message from God has been sent into the world.".... from the New Revelation: "The Fate of Nations" by Summers.
from. newmessage.org