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Int'l Spy Agencies First to Spot 'Suspicious Interactions' Between Russia, Trump Team


Int'l Spy Agencies First to Spot 'Suspicious Interactions' Between Russia, Trump Team

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The ongoing probe into ties between Russia and affiliates of President Donald Trump was reportedly first spurred by international spy agencies that picked up "suspicious interactions," which they began sharing with the FBI, the Guardian reported on Thursday.


So this has been going on for over a year. This is just too important for agencies to be dallying around. We need to put this to bed and get rid of Trump and republican sycophants and have an re election or clear DT and his crew of misfits.


This is what my dear departed dad would be saying to the intel folks, "Shit, or get off the pot."


Basically what Napolotino said on Fox. Trump got slammed for suggesting the same. I actually suggested it before either one. Of course, the report does not confirm Obama requested said intelligence, but it does not rule it out.

People must understand such surveillance is now global as we give our partners the intercepts. What we cant legally read directly we can get from our partners (corporation contractors or other countries intelligence agencies)


If Obama did request such intel, he could have used it to derail Trump, during the election. Obama did no such thing so where's the beef? GOP is acting like having surveillance on foreign agents is somehow now a scandalous thing when their own people get caught collaborating with them, while it would be totally expected and embraced as part of their national security state otherwise.


I'm sick of trying to delegitimize Trump by blaming his win on Russian meddling, and calling WikiLeaks a tool of Russian espionage. Assange denies it, and there has been NO solid evidence presented, only conjecture and assertion by our CIA and associated, discredited war-mongering agencies. I really don't care where the truth about the Democratic Party's dirty dealings and tricks against Sanders came from. All I care about is that they are true and have given true progressives the final straw they needed to finally become totally disgusted with the Democrats and start leaving in big numbers. Please join us in the Green Party, where we will NEVER engage in such tactics, and the rich and powerful will NEVER have a say. #Demexit 2017.


I don't know why they think there is evidence. Trump said there wasn't and Spicer said there wasn't. I think we should just all look the other way. It's the logical thing to do. Besides we are starting new wars without Congressional approval like Bush did. They are/were our President. And all presidents tell the truth. Remember, they put there hand on the Bible, and when someone does that, it absolutely guarantees they are going to do the right thing...i mean it's the Bible, who would dare lie after swearing on it?

Anyways, back to reality: Trump's upset they used chemicals, that we likely produced,were used on children, yet he will take away funding for our poor children which will starve them, to death if we dont do the right thing. Hypocrisy is comical, but as usual in a demented way. So what about that conflict of interest? Where's that healthcare plan that weirdo commercial kept telling me they had? Why is Amtrak getting kicked again? Where is the money coming from for charter school vouchers? Whats this bullshit about wiretapping? Need I go on?