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Intrepid Journalism 101: Watch This Reporter Jump Over the Border Wall!

Intrepid Journalism 101: Watch This Reporter Jump Over the Border Wall!

Bestowing vital hope on beleaguered journalists everywhere, 12-year-old reporter, editor and publisher Hilde Lysiak just faced down an Arizona Marshall who threatened to "have you arrested and thrown in juvey" for chasing down a tip on her bike - aka doing her job. When she challenged him, the cop said it was illegal to film him - not - and he didn't “want to hear about any of that freedom-of-the-press stuff.” Fans of her now-viral video of the encounter tried to dox the cop, but Lysiak objected: "My focus is on protecting our First Amendment Rights. Thank you.”


To the journalist (Abby) who wrote this wonderful article about another outstanding journalist: Thank you for the thought-provoking array of subjects you write about and illuminate in your articles; and a special thank you for this particular article!


It’s just stupefying that so many have sworn to uphold something (the US Constitution) they either don’t understand (at best) or, more likely, hate and fear.


The rich and powerful have always hated a democratic society (only when it benefits them), that’s why the U.S. doesn’t have one.


I feel that Truth in Journalism is important. There seems to be no mention of her jumping over any Border Wall. Please help me find that part.

I usually read well. Not sure how I missed it. The word Wall only appeared in the headline.

It’s actually in her video in the original thread


Yet Another ADULT showing up the Idiot in Chief

So easy even a Young Adult can do it.

She is awesome now, can’t wait for the Future, we are talking Pulitzer here…


What a energetic and determined young lady, I expect big thinks from her in the future. I do hope her parent who’s in the business has explained to her that to remain true to her reporting, she will have to stay out of MSM.


So refreshing to see a youngster not seduced by the ‘super hero’ costume tripe and, by golly, WORKING on developing her skills and orientation in a world that will hopefully protect her natural talents, vigor and rigor!

You be careful out there Hilde Lysiak! Keep up the good work! Essay On!!

By the way, thank you for recording the words of the sheriff, excuse me, police officer. VERY interesting… shall stay tuned.


Any police person, anywhere in America, who says " I don’t want to hear any of that freedom of speech stuff." that police person should, be made immediately Unemployed!


Unless his IQ is seriously under 90, I bet he wanted to bite his tongue once his testosterone and adrenaline went down to calmer levels. Idjit.

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HI ToniWintroub: oh —but I have met quite a few peo recently ple who want to be police people, and knowing what I know of them----it’s a very frightening proposition! People who get their self worth from a badge or a gun—often have very little substance. However, there was that recent Common Dreams story of the North East Police person who is a wonderful human being. It can be a wonderful profession for some. : )

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Yeah…good and bad apples everywhere. In ANY branch of LE, I’m afraid the good are outweighed by the ones who needed very stringent vetting. But then those statistics could apply in lots of areas, huh? As for politics…lmao…the good? Altruistic or non-narcissistic? 1%?


Thank you, Abby Zimet (and thank you Hilde Lysiak) for the most faith-rekindling story I have read in years.

(As a former editor-in-chief, news editor, picture editor, city editor, telegraph editor – yeah we still used that 19th Century terminology in late 20th Century East Coast newsrooms – and reporter/photographer transmogrified into a rimrat, that “most” is in contrast to many many many stories in nearly six decades.)

But my first of three comments is a question: who is Hilde’s erstwhile of- The- Daily-News parent? (I ask because I might well have known her, or him, during my own NYC years, which also include regular attendance at the Shrine of the Lion’s Head. (Yes, I am ancient: 79 at the end of next month.)

Second comment is what in journalism’s days of yore would have been a green-visored grumble
articulated at enough volume to be heard the length of a typewriter-loud, cigarette-befogged, caffeine-edged, telephone-bejangled city room:


Third comment?


Again my thanks.


But it is a “Dying industry”! Why? Because the MSM is genetically programmed to lie, to obfuscate, to create fake news, to the point that no one can trust it anymore!

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You triggered a flood of old memories. The clattering of teletype machines, the whoosh of pneumatic tubes as they carried off copy to the typesetters; emptying ashtrays and filling glue pots, taking orders for coffee and buttered rolls, fetching copies fresh off the press to distribute to the department heads—ah, for the romantic life of a copyboy in the bustling newsroom of my local daily (not entirely ironic, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world).


Hi ToniWintroub: With politicians at least, i would like them to not be a whole lot richer when they leave—maybe besides looking at tax returns, we need to see who prospers A LOT and make that a measurement too.
Do we really need people in positions for ever? Maybe there should be term limits so people don’t get entrenched, and maybe too lobbyists seem to have more power to be heard than the People—so that needs to be fixed. And too, was there once a law which said that ex congress people can’t work in any lobby, or government related job for 5 years? Was that just a long ago idea or was it ever a law, and if it was a law, what happened to it?

That restriction, to my understanding, IS a law, but the fox guarding the hen house is going to enforce it? I agree with your other points. You’re a lot nicer than I am about that stuff.

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HI ToniWintroub-------and OMG there is a law that Congress is IGNORING???----Hello media everywhere, can any of you clarify this? We need this information now! : )

I had to laugh! YOU triggered a bunch of old memories! My dad was a stereotyper in the newspaper printing org where I grew up! I spent many an hour watching all those guys working in the different departments. Fascinating processes! Because of part of his job, Dad could read backwards and upside down. I thought he was magic!

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