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Invasion! When Donald Trump Attacks Planet Earth

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/05/invasion-when-donald-trump-attacks-planet-earth

Engelhardt sez:
“… in the spring of 2003, the same set of (neocon/PNAC) officials did just what a number of them had been eager to do on September 12, 2001: they unleashed American forces in an invasion of Iraq …”

These “officials” had been just as eager to do so on Sept. 10, 2001 (along with enacting the USA PATRIOT Act, et al.).


Ever since 911 the GOP has been testing the waters with serial crisis to soften us up so they can ultimately declare a national emergency that will cancel elections and create a full dictatorship.

With voter suppression efforts already maxed out and foreign intervention in elections exposed the GOP’s only way to rig the 2020 election will be to cancel it.

Since 2007 a US Army battalion dedicated to “quelling domestic disturbances” has been stationed at Fort Drum NY and will be deployed post haste to deal with anybody protesting the 2020 coup. For the past decade regional military bases have been conducting air assault drills in nearby small towns (allegedly to react to an “invasion”) so they will be prepared to pave the way for the Fort Drum battalion’s deployments.


Tom Engelhardt is a talented writer, but what a waste to use that talent to repeat ad nauseum, and cement in the publics mind the official BS story of 9/11. Just sad.


Space X should seriously offer him a free trip to see the earth from space.

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The DNC gave us Trump. Now they want to do it again.

ALL mass murderers call themselves conservatives. Yet oligarchy agitprop has convinced liberals and progressives to disarm.

“What big guns you have”, said the libs. “The better to kill snowflakes with”, said the cons.


It’s not just Trump ‘attacking earth’.
Biden and most of the “Democrat” leadership are taking bribes from fossil fuel industry. They aren’t going to stop.