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Investigating Jill Stein for Russian Collusion Decried as 'Dangerous' and 'Absurd'


Investigating Jill Stein for Russian Collusion Decried as 'Dangerous' and 'Absurd'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Stein, who is fully cooperating, warns, "we must guard against the potential for these investigations to be used to intimidate and silence principled opposition to the political establishment."

Jill Stein


Seriously, Investigating Jill Stein for Russian collusion?! You just can’t make this $hit up. The U$A has been on a long decline into utter madness. It has clearly been accelerating the last few decades and now we are about to head into hyperdrive. Anyone who ever wondered how Nazi Germany came to be, just look around the U$A today. Sociopathic Criminals are promoted to oversee the corporate state in which we all live now. Insanity is the operating principle in the U$A. Good luck ever breaking free of it now. Adios U$A. You were born and bred from genocide and slavery and nothing has changed since then. Good riddance as you implode. Perhaps if there is anything left to salvage, something better might come from the ashes in the future. But given human nature and its capacity for brutality, I would not bet on it.


Exactly. And the lionization of Meuller, Comey, the FBI and the police state apparatus in all of this by Dems and lib/progs is absolutely sickening and demonstrates how ignorant and corrupt the lib/prog “left” in the U.S. is.


To paraphrase Orwell: In a time of universal corruption and deceit, speaking the truth is treason!


Why are they wasting time and money on an investigation of someone who has no power - she holds no political office. So even if they find something, they can’t do anything to her. Just when I think the Repugs have gone as low as they can go…


This is not about Dr. Stein. This is a blatant attempt to permanently torpedo the Green Party, because, as the only third party with any kind of ballot access, it represents a threat to the established two-party duopoly. We are making a serious effort to become the next major political party, and to take down the Democratic Party, which has become as much of a tool for the oligarchy as the Republicans have. The Democrats have done everything they could to hurt us last year, now the Republicans join the oppression. True progressives need to come and stand with us. The Green Party is the one organization, no matter how small, that shows the way for the uncorrupted power of average people to run a government of, by and for the rest of us.


Watch the darling of the neo McCarthyites Rachel Maddow in this disgusting piece.


The Russiagate hoax can’t get any sillier than this can it ?



Hilarious!!! Well Dr. Jill better get a refund from Putin because the quid pro quo just wasn’t there!! Maybe it was the mainstream media, which completely ignored Jill’s campaign, that should be investigated for Russian contacts. Did Chuckie Todd have dinner at a Russian restaurant?


Because the Green Party, or any large third party, now very much represents a threat to the status quo. They want to smear the party and dissuade people from voting Green at a time when most millenials and many others, want a third party option.


“Just when I think the Repugs have gone as low as they can go…”
…the damnocrats join in to help.


I don’t think it was just the Democrats that torpedoed Sanders in the Primary. Just look at Arizona, a Republican controlled state. The exit poll discrepancies were the worst there than anywhere else.


It would be hard to find a clearer sign that the electoral process has run off the rails.


And equating the Left as the same or as bad as the Right accomplishes the objective of rightwing propaganda. Ideologically, the Left promotes democratic ideals and the Right promotes class warfare. Antifa radicals are republican stooges.


Obviously, this is designed to distract the public from the investigation of Don and his wrecking crew. Mueller is, after all, a Republican, and these great eminences must hew to the sacred principle of bipartisanship at all costs.


What the Senate should be doing is appointing an independent prosecutor to investigate the connections of Trump with Russia. The investigation would be nonpartisan and Trump could not fire the prosecutor. The net seems to be closing in on Trump and his gang with regard to Russia but the Republicans do not want to do the obvious and conduct an impartial investigation. Their last bastion of support for the Republicans is the rural areas of American where distrust of the government is extreme and right wing radio hosts are believed (unbelievable as that seems). Their supporters hide behind religion in an attempt to create an authoritarian state. Can the Republicans keep this up until all effective opposition is essentially eliminated for will Americans finally have enough of this and stand up for the Constitution and the ideals of our Founding Fathers. The election in 2018 could be the country’s last chance to make a stand against this blatant attack on democracy from inside the United States.


These are extraordinary circumstances so it’s possible that the parties you cite that are otherwise not particularly our friends, sadly seem to be our only hope that we might get rid of the international threat in the Oval Office.


Yes, we knew all along that all of this was caused by Jill Stein. She is the main and only culprit. We must nail her to the cross. Time to drop the investigations into Trump and focus 100% on Jill Stein. Repeat over and over: Jill Stein is guilty! Jill Stein is guilty! Jill Stein is guilty!

And remember folks - this new tax bill is good for you. War is good. Stop thinking. We will think for you. Thank you.

Your US Government

P.S.-Keep paying your taxes!


Didn’t Ralph Nader go to Russia once? Hmmmmm.


It’s obviously a conspiracy between Ralph Nader and Jill Stein.