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Investigation Finds $800M in Taxpayer Money Went to Funding For-Profit Immigrant Prisons in 2018


Investigation Finds $800M in Taxpayer Money Went to Funding For-Profit Immigrant Prisons in 2018

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant agenda has been disastrous and deadly for asylum-seekers fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries, a Daily Beast investigation published on Thursday found that the White House's xenophobic policies have been a major boon for the private prison indust


For-profit prisons are an abomination, every bit as much as for-profit health care. I wonder if we would be hearing all this hysteria about immigration if there weren’t a dirty dollar to be made.

This article dovetails nicely with the one about Kirstjen Nielsen’s blame-the-victim statements.


And exactly when did the privateers begin to move in big-time into the the U.S. - Gulag prison industrial complex? See Bill Clinton’s 3-strikes Crime Law and Barack Obama’s deportations for starters. Oh, but there is no Duopoly and the Dems simply need to be reformed a bit.


This is quite a devolution of the penal system that actually had something to do–long ago-- with giving inmates time/space to reflect and become penitent. But as we are in late stage capitalism where everything is commodified and exploited, this was bound to come to pass. We need to focus on the actual problem undergirding all societal/environmental problems.


Two wings of the same capitalist system but the apologists will be along very soon.


“For profit” means the shareholders will want ever greater returns. That means the cheapest food and medical care. Crowded conditions also generate more profit as in less infrastructure. Wall Street doesn’t give a damn about anything more than the money that gets funneled to these profiteers of human misery. If you invest in mutual funds or the stock market, you might want to check to see if YOU are partly responsible. If your portfolio shows these companies or fossil fuel companies, take out your money and invest in something more responsible.
Extra money lying around has always been elusive to me, so at least I know I’m not contributing.


Just came across this:



So-called “privatization” to circumvent and evade the rule of law; sanctioned and created by corrupt politicians who often attain the highest levels of government, are complicit to the original construct and the creation of the fodder of profits - the vulnerable and weak, those made the property of profits via “laws” to create the vulnerable status or those seeking safety from vicious dictators, who happen to be also created and kept in power by the same politicians at the highest levels of “government”…those who are better thought-of as perpetrator profiteers themselves.

If there was any real government of justice, empathy, caring, and concern for the Common Good, those complicit politicians from whatever level of complicity would swing from a gallows or their torsos separated from their heads via a guillotine…that would be justice for all the evil they do…all they rob from society, the torture and misery their actions inflict on millions!


And, some progressive groups within the Democratic Party coalition have called for an end to private prisons. That is in their progressive platform, like Sandernistas and the DSA affiliates. They may get something done, btw.
The only people who won’t get something done: those with no power, and no ability to build and grow coalitions, that’s who.
Know anyone like that?


Follow the money.


I agree that in a real democracy with caring people this would not be permitted. How we would stop them would be one thing but I think once they are imprisoned for their crimes - that it enough. The U.S. is a culture seeped in violence. We don’t need more although we do need a method to restrain and restrict these agents who subvert the common good. I still consider the violent excesses of the French Revolution with its guillotines to be repulsive.


The caging and selling of human beings, is a white Amerikkkan family tradition.
Join the US military, become a US mercenary to kill folks in the middle and then get hired by rigged hiring that gives vets, ex-mercenaries, extra points on exam and get paid to practice slavery in a US for profit prison.
Be Best and sign up now!


All members of congress, the oval office staff and all gov employees should by law be required to report any and all interest they and or family members have in private prison, detention centers and all of the contractors that provide services to them and the information be open to the general public and the media.


I understand that the immigration movement has become more organized and into caravans for safety reasons. And a new larger one is underway. My question, is the money for the caravan organization coming from its travelers,…or from American private prisons?
As Ticki said above, just trying to follow the money trail.


Which corporations are providing work for private prisons and immigration prisons?


This is only the $800 Million that we know about.



Great points!! …and I am in the same boat


…and uh…your “name” …doesn’t reflect a town, does it?..cuase…I live …in that town …


I don’t divulge where I live in case the stormtroopers start rounding up the liberals. I’m always friendly to my conservative neighbors and hopefully my low profile will give me time to sneak out the back door.