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Investigation Links Potential Cover-Up to Chicago Mayor's Top Aides


Investigation Links Potential Cover-Up to Chicago Mayor's Top Aides

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Chicago mayor and powerful political operative Rahm Emanuel appears increasingly entangled in his own cover-up of a white police officer's deadly shooting of 17-year-old African-American Laquan McDonald last year.


Buck-passing…Yeah, blame it on the aides…there must be a school for “top aides” i.e., the “top aides” of governor Christie’s office. Never divulge instructions from the “chief” to “handle it” or keep it under wraps with the intent to absolve and separate the “chief” from such actions. Politics on all levels of governing in the U S have historically been rife with back-office dealings, graft, corruption, etc. but the level of criminal activities seems to be escalating precipitously…sad to say.


Exactly. But that’s what aides are for…to take the fall and protect the real criminal.


And how have employing “Israeli Tactics” ala IDF training worked out for Chicago PD so far…well, maybe the PD benefitted but what an hellacious price the human targets of these tactics and police policy have paid as a result. Subterfuge is inherent in the IDF training not unlike those embraced by Massad, masters of punishing policies.


Go Rahm! Go!


NEWS FLASH: Concerning police officer Jason Van Dyke’s trial for shooting Laquan McDonald, the city of Chicago is requesting the city of Baltimore, Maryland, extradite the jurors who deadlocked in the Freddie Gray trial to compose the jury deciding the fate of Jason Van Dyke.


O’er the hills and very far away. Forever.


The stench of Chicago politics and police is ripe, from top to bottom corruption reigns in Chicago (with rare exceptions); its politicians as a class are bred to it, bath in it. Rahm Emanuel and the cover-up of the execution-murder of Laquan McDonald is representative of how deep the corruption reaches and how challenged justice is in the “Windy City”!

Its no coincidence or surprise Prez Obama, along with Emanuel, is steeped in Chicago politics given his pathetic record in the WH. I wonder how conversations between Obama and Emanuel read after Laquan’s depraved murder, during the cover-up conspiracy, evidence tampering, and what influence obama possibly had on so-called Federal “investigations”, their focus and timing, all the way up to today…a fly on the wall would have tales to tell no doubt…The seeming almost intentional destruction/undermining of the Democratic Party as any semblance of a progressive force for the Common Good in America and the world has become a charade over recent decades…Obama’s placing Debbie W-S into the chair of the DNC is an example!

“Chicagoans have a long and curious history of tolerating and even rewarding corruption, neglect and cover-ups from their leaders, especially where police abuse is concerned.”
“But the most likely outcome is that Emanuel will continue making speeches, gestures and limited reforms on police accountability until the public outrage over McDonald’s killing dies down and then revert to business as usual.”

excellent pieces on current mood of Chicago’s citizens…and continuing corruption.


Thanks for the link to the excellent comprehensive report on the militarization of US police and influence of Israeli tactics and brutality on our police forces! Emanuel of course is an Israeli dual-citizenship shill for Zionism, holding first-loyalty to a foreign nation’s agenda. The influence of Israeli tactics used against Palestinian demonstrators has been imported into the US by emanuel and others, and that subversion of our sovereignty is no mistake or exception, but a premeditated pro-Israeli agenda.

Israeli suppression of Palestinian civil rights to enforce their illegal colonization of palestine includes wholesale murder/executions of unarmed demonstrators, both palestinian and international, including Americans, has been an ongoing war crime in Israel for decades - importing that mindset here is no less than treasonous!

Here is another good link - http://www.rawstory.com/2011/12/report-israeli-model-underlies-militarization-of-u-s-police/