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Investigation on Black Market Fate of CIA Weapons Raises New Questions



Notice that all this subterfuge, principally under the guidance, coordination, and machinations of the completely incompetent CIA, occurred during the tenure as head of the US State Department of the Queen of Darkness. Trump is insufferable, ridiculous, a racist, an imbecilic fumbling liar, and an xenophobe, but the Queen of Darkness is infinitely more dangerous. She represents an existential threat to most of the life on this Earth.


Both the Syrians and Russians have been reporting finding caches of US supplied arms in the hands of ISIS and Al Qaeda linked groups. The corrupt Jordanian officers is a great cover story.

If the NYT running the story , you can almost bet it a what the Government wants you to believe happened rather than what in fact happened.


Can't disagree with anything you said there.


That's what I was kind of smelling too.