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Investigation Reveals US-Led Bombings in Iraq Kill 31 Times More Civilians Than Reported


Investigation Reveals US-Led Bombings in Iraq Kill 31 Times More Civilians Than Reported

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

New York Times reporters uncovered "consistent failure by the coalition to investigate claims properly or to keep records that make it possible to investigate" in what "may be the least transparent war in recent American history"



Terrorism on steroids!


The greatest creator of terrorism?

The US-led Global War on Terrorism.


Global war on terrorism?

“Make the lie big, keep on saying it; and eventually they will believe it.” HITLER.
We need to change the narrative of the US lie from a global war on terrorism to: A GLOBAL WAR OF TERRORISM.


With Musk’s Space-X Falcon 9 Rockets now in the business of launching super high tech. military low orbit satellites, and all the on ground super high tech. surveillance, to include on ground spooks, or informates, spies, and everything else. The US Government military knows exactly who they are killing. It reminds me of Clinton times, when in 1999 the US Government military bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia then the US Government military claimed it was a mistake, accidental. Even, a dumb, dumb did not believe that accident.


There it is.

A vote for a Duopoly politician that supports these endless military engagements, and the proliferation of weaponry sales, is a vote for killing innocent people.

It’s time to own up to it.


But they were only brown-skinned Taliban/ISIS/Al Qaeda, etc. followers including the elderly, the newborns, the toddlers, the children, the teens and their parents/friends/family and therefore, legal targets in time of endless, widespread and senseless war/carnage. Who needs to keep records of kills? The pilots with decals of dead bodies on the fuselages of their jets? Or the notches on the desks in the dark rooms in the black ops towers in Nevada from whence the drones are directed…carved by those “pilots” who never see the victims of their launched attacks? Collateral damage is the term used in the past that obfuscates the reality of wholesale slaughters of non-combatants.


Our tax dollars at work? Which would you rather have, all of these civilians killed on the other side of the planet or a Medicare for all health system? Our wars on the other side of the planet have been the driving force behind a $20 trillion national debt for America.

Trump is our own mouth terrorism on steroids. And Viagra.