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Investigation Uncovers Israel-Based Group Behind Bigoted Facebook Smear Campaign Aimed at US Muslim Congresswomen

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/05/investigation-uncovers-israel-based-group-behind-bigoted-facebook-smear-campaign


Both Omar and Tlaib have been the target of hateful rhetoric from President Donald Trump and have received death threats. Tlaib, a Democrat from Detroit, Michigan, read one of those messages directed at her aloud at a June hearing on white supremacist violence.

I do know about you, but I would say if something happens to either of these brave women, the hateful rhetoric from Trump should have him arrested and sent to prison as an accessory to the crime.


It’s OK if Israel does it. AIPAC is basically part of the U.S. Government so not really a foreign influence.


Well, their’s a freakin surprise! Who would have thought Israelis and their extremist sycophants and bought-cheap US politicians would be bigoted and racist? - of course except where Palestinians are concerned.


Wonder if the reactions to this would be different if they were based in Russia…


How ironic that it is the pro “Centrist” Guardian which hosts and amplifies the essentially anti Semitic attacks on Jeremy Corbyn for non-existent anti Semitism.


The intensity of yahoo invective focused on these two women in particular is a fair measure of the threat they uniquely pose to the foundation of a delusional system. It doesn’t take many truth-tellers to get the truth out there, therefore human beings such as Omar and Tlaib must be silenced by any means necessary, by all hands on deck.


You just knocked the wind out of me. Yesterday was the fifty-year anniversary of the assassination of chairman Fred. Another terrible truth, undisputed in all particulars, almost universally unknown.

Fred Hampton was a particularly charismatic BPP chairman, with razor-sharp insight into reaching all fellow subjects of oppression, speaking words they understood. Naturally, the idea of oppressed people getting together, rather than fighting each other, scares the hell out of the FBI, &c. I believe he was only 21 when they took him out, but Fred Hampton will never die.


Well while we’re on the subject, props to Julian Castro. Any other candidate weighing in?


A notably abbreviated attribution, I think. Maybe that’s one point of Twitter: to abbreviate the multi-stratified cast of perpetrators in cases like this.

Israel is the epitome of corruption, propaganda, and lies. Stolen land.


Concise. Here’s the long form.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Thalia are strong progressive women who are often the targets of right wing attacks. Part of this is due to misogyny, part due to racism, and in the cases of Ilhan Omar and Rhasida Thalia , it is also based on anti-Muslim venom.

Unfortunately, racism and anti-Muslim hatred, are so deeply entrenched in US culture, even some folk who consider themselves progressives sometimes end up promoting racist/anti-Muslim sentiments. Hopefully, the revelation of the right wing Israeli based smear campaign, will encourage folk to be more outspoken in expressing support for folk of color, Muslims, etc.


OMG, I’m shocked. Really???


How much longer will we allow Israel to interfere in our elections? It’s time for some serious sanctions!


Courage, like love, is not zero-sum: it only increases as it’s shown. Also, our perception of what is courageous and inspiring, like our perception of what is lovable, is profoundly personal, unarguable, subjective. Anyways, reflecting on Chairman Fred today brings to mind something I find interesting in how it seems to me: So many – nearly all – of the most courageous folks around today happen to be women, in my especially humble opinion. Kathy Kelly, Medea Benjamin, and Amy Goodman, for instance.


A thousand times, BDS! BDS! BDS!


True, why else would they be the USA’s #1 ally ?


We all know that the U.S. is a colony of Israel. Scotus,Potus,and congress as well as the MSM is in the tight grip of AIPAC. Enjoy !


I wonder how many entitled, yupped-up dip shits would join an Eff-book boycott to make Zuckerberg’s apparent fascism unprofitable?

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