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Investigators Ready to Go, But Will US Consent to Hospital Bombing Probe?



US exceptionalism - thinking it is the only nation on Earth that never has to take responsibility and come completely clean on anything.


Perhaps what these groups have to do in the future is privatize their hospitals and operate them at profit so as to make a return for shareholders. The USA has demonstrated that it much less likely to interfere with a Corprations profits than it is to take lives of poor people.

They have principles you see.


Will the US consent to a truly independent bombing investigation? Of course not, the US and most of its citizens see themselves not as part of the global community but as its rulers.


" We need to know if the rules of war have changed." Dr. Joanne Liu.

" Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on its actions.
Washington is the exceptional indispensable. No one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington's will.

In its claims Washington surpasses that of the Third Reich." Paul Craig Roberts.

There is your answer Dr. Lui.


This was a deliberate and most egregious attack, so of course there can never be any real investigation and the best we can hope for is probably some Afghan patsy to take the heat.

There were two 6' x 9' hospital flags on the roof of the hospital and according to many of the Doctors without Borders the jet flew over the hospital 5 times before the bombing started.


" But Will US Consent to Hospital Bombing Probe?"

I'd be less surprised to see a genetically engineered flying pig than to hear the US military/government give full consent to an unconstrained independent investigation of the MSF hospital bombing.


For US "leaders" to give approval to an independent official investigation would mean they actually wanted to know the truth and have that truth shown to all the world, and that they will not do - truth is the enemy to American MICC war machine and its political handlers/shills.

Here is a well-reasoned and comprehensive analysis/commentary on what facts are known so far of the US C-130 gunship attack on the clearly marked and well-known MSF hospital.

Several facts jump-out prviding evidence for a deliberate attack on the hospital and that being a war-crime.
The rationale for the attack was (finally) claimed Taliban firing from the hospital grounds after 3/4 different lies.
The C-130 gunship is the most powerful/destructive weapon of its class in the US arsenal, ridiculous overkill for a few Taliban with small arms.
No warning was given to staff of a well-known and well-marked hospital, itself a violation. C-130 crews have advanced night-vision devices to see what they are doing.
The attack hit, and apparently targeted, only the hospital building, not the grounds or other buildings in the MSF complex.
Even after hospital staff contacted US forces asking they stop the attack, it continued for about an hour more on the hospital building, NOT the grounds.
The US military immediately attempted to cover-up the truth of the attack.
Someone in authority in the US military is guilty pf a war-crime and its not MSF!

The US military has a long record of attacks on civilians and covering-up the truth of those and other attacks - this hospital attack is only one of many, but a very important one!!


US "leaders" know the truth now the critical need is to prevent other people from discovering it. Not only do they know exactly who fired on the hospital and who gave the order to do so but they also know why this was done. For the life of me I cannot see what tactical or strategic advantage is gained but I have to assume there is one - any suggestions welcomed.


No suggestions yet as to why, maybe suspicions, but there will be growing demands from the world and perhaps UN and certainly MSF to release the video and voice recordings from the C-130 crew and whoever was in command before, during and after the attack - those might shed some real light on the why.......when the US refuses they will have painted themselves into a war-crime corner! MOFO's!


Does anyone think that a criminal will give approval of its own investigation? The US will say that it has sufficient investigations underway, and that will be the end of it.


Let's see...Charles Manson interview: Mr. Manson, would you permit us to conduct an investigation/probe into your cult and your twisted, evil, murderous mind?

Manson replies: No, Because it is a matter of national security that my activities, no matter how malicious/horrific/unwarranted they may be, remain top secret/confidential. So P_ _ _ off!


There is no rational explanation for attacking a hospital even if there had been the possibility of firing coming from it. It was filled with medical personnel and sick or injured people. Taking it down to the ground was insane and an act of extreme rage. Either the military had a gripe against MSF and this was payback they thought they could get away with, and probably will, or someone on that plane really did go crazy with rage. Very bad things happen to people in a war zone when they are asked to kill anything that moves. The military will not want to admit to either of these possibilities.