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Investing $2 Trillion in US Clean Energy and Infrastructure Could Create Millions of 'Good Jobs,' Analysis Finds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/20/investing-2-trillion-us-clean-energy-and-infrastructure-could-create-millions-good


Although those jobs might be created with US tax money non-discrimination provisions may well demand they employ foreign frms and foreign workers, if they bid cheaper.

Overseas workers employed by overseas firms. The era of the stable, modestly but reliable public service job is ending, thanks to the neoliberal ideology that says that all workers should be treated like interchangeable parts in a machine. Its changed the world’s labor standards froim a generally upward trajectory into a free fall.

It’s been that way for a long time, but the scope of what is considered bound by these agreements has been enlarging rapidly as we sign more and more of them.

Note: These deals only apply to government subidized jobs and jobs within the scope of governmment at or controlled by bodies who have delegated quasi-governmental authority, it also regulates all “measures of general application” a very broad term meaning all laws…

at all levels. The definitions used in the same scoping and government procurement provisions of many trade agreements, regional trade agreements, both existing and pending, and longstanding services deals like the GATS overlap.

This Public Citizen paper explains many of the reasons generally but its coverage of trade deals is outdated.


So basically, now you need to be aware the future of work is very unpredictable for Americans because the decent wages people here made in the past are under attack by both both parties here (in the name of profit) anjd being challenged by foreign countries that want those jobs. One has to wonder, how are Americans supposed to support ourselves?

I think they really dont care that much any more, as they have made it impossible for governments (Not just our own, others too)
to help people who are impacted, and people will be impacted a lot, you can bet on it.

Because the whole point of this is forcing wages, rules, even long sacrosanct ones like wage and hour rules or anti-discrimination statutes, as well as banefits like Social Security and Medicare that might be framed by others are various trade barriers, even if not intentionally so, if they have that effect,

The intended effect is to put the world into a race to the bottom.

The excuse is likely to be varioations on an argument that that help undermines the products sold by corporations, and we can’t allow that.

I couldn’t possibly make thisf up. Its there for people to see if you look for it.

My advice is get out of debt and dont assume any new debt. Because people who think everything will continue as it has are not seeing a big aspect of whats been happening and its this push for services liberalization, in particular. The end of the compassionate 20th century began in 1995.

A huge shift is occurring within which Americans will lose all the reasons that made this a better than average place to be, while the horrible aspects of living here are guaranteed to get much worse (healthcare, labor standards, job stanbility, rights for formerly marginalized groups) because we’re pushing a global race to the bottom, whose goal is harmonizing rules downward internationally so workers can work everywhere, to lower wages, locking them all in - in a situation where we have to get the worst deals of all because we’re the country thats most aggressively pushing this “free trade” agenda.

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Is it trolling, or does one merely need to invest in

Hmm… if only there was someone running for president with a serious Green New Deal… someone who developed and ran on it ten years ago… someone who’s not already bought off by planet killing interests…




Just give each citizen about $4,000/mo. permanent UBI from the trillions Banks, Wall St. corporations, M/I/I Complex, lobbyists and politicians stole from the public treasury and we’ll find our own jobs.


As long as youre not some government entity youre welcome to give them whatever you want. But if you are youre not allowed to except as part of a minimal response to an emergency and it has to be “minimally trade restrictive” which is a complex thing that you can look up.

Its actually even worse than that, there is an actual freeze.

Since we committed to be extrordinarily hospitable to financial services entities from other countries, and part of that was agreeing to freeze new regulation on financial services in 1998.

The document where we did that is called the: “Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services” and its on the WTO site, along with a number of other relevant documents. The Annex on Financial Services is also very important, I would (please) read the first portion of that and consider the implications of expanding Medicare without leaving GATS first.

People have to be aware tghat we’re living in a world where the US has made extensive committments internationally that transfer entitlements to do much work now done by our workers to the firms of other countries, if they are cheaper, at the same time undermining wage and labor laws and long established practices. Don’t listen to politicians who have gotten into the habit of telling people what they think we want to hear and lying a great deal, for reasons that are not clear to me. Addiction to high profits and high yields, and the breaking of the social contract, and dismantling of the social programs that sustained a great many of us through hard times. Nobody voted for what they are doing, ever.

The luxury of living in this ignorance is likely to come at an absolutely unprecedented cost for young people especially.

That would also mean wrenching apart the veritable regime of subsidies, tax breaks, favorable regulations, antiquated fees, etc., that makes fossil fuels extraction quite profitable. In fact, without the panoply of the aforementioned, they would be much further along their well deserved fate of being antiquated businesses along the lines of the Pullman Company. Fossil fuels is a 19th century technology who’s effective business life had been extended via regulatory capture. They will continue to be on corporate life support for as long as the crooks in charge them can manage to do so. Talk of clean energy investment is all well and good, but first, antiquated fossil fuels must finally face the true judgement of the marketplace without the artificial supports that have sustained them for over one hundred years.


We often hear politicians claim they will create all these new alternative energy jobs.
We don’t talk much about helping the people that would lose jobs. Workers in the coal mines and oil fields and gas producers. We don’t mention what happens to the insurance company workers go if we have M4ALL.
There is little empathy for those that would lose their livelihoods. Just mind wandering.

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Most of the infrastructure we build is within the build up of military interests.
Amtrak is our version of high speed rail.
We gobble up our open lands for real estate and energy development, not transportation.


I suppose people will just build new homes, then? Or do you plan to foot the bill?

“Subsidies” also means the pre LNG export prices, they consider not exporting the natural gas until its gone as a subsidy. That means that in the next cold winter, the loss of that subsidy is going to result in large scale loss of affordable, rent stabilized housing. Millions of families will be kicked out of the only homes they could ever afford in cities, their existing, postwar apartments. The chance of them being able to rerent is zero.

So the cost of electing a neoliberal is going to be astronomical for them. Homeowners too, although hey have significantly more options. What can a renter do if their entire neighborhood is condemmed in order to build new energy efficient condos - Oh, a limited number of “affordable” $2000 a month studios may be available, after a three or four year wait, for a select few renters. If they dont mind using the side entrance that keeps them out of sight.

The alternative, moving somewhere else they can afford, someplace thats likely very far away from their jobs. Plus they will need a car, they dont currently have.

This trick will wipe out Democratic communities that exist today. Most of them don’t even drive, and quite possibly have never had a need for a car. Millions will likely belong to communities that rural areas are not welcoming to. .

They call it churning. Or “Creative Destruction”.

Those energy jobs are going to be outsourced, they are just hiding that as they are hiding everything else. I would not be surprised if almost all of the jobs where people without a quite advanced level of education still made a decent wage vanished. In fact I would be surprised if that did not happen.

That doesn’t explain who has been doing the work of the installing of hundreds of thousands of windmills, solar collectors, mirrors, and buildings related to said installations.

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Why am I not surprised to read that the Economic Policy Institute is promoting more economic growth as the solution to our existential crisis. Economic growth comes at the cost of further environmental degradation. Wasn’t it economic growth that got us into this mess in the first place? Follow the science from authorities such as – Dr. Nate Hagens, Dr. Tim Garrett, Richard Heinberg, Stan Cox, Gail Tverberg, Dr. Timothee Parrique – I could go on, and on…


Really, who needs “carbon sinks” when, as the subconscious general mentality allows us, Earth’s entire atmosphere and water systems can be and are used as our carbon dumps?

It’s undoubtedly convenient for the fossil fuel industry to have such a large portion of mainstream society simply too exhausted and preoccupied with just barely feeding and housing their families on a substandard, if not below the poverty line, income to criticize the former for the great damage it’s doing to our planet’s natural environment and therefore our health, particularly when that damage may not be immediately observable.

About a year and a half ago, our supposedly environmentally concerned Canadian (now minority) Liberal government, besides pushing for the tripling of diluted bitumen flow, gave the dirty-energy fossil fuel sector 12-fold the subsidization they allocated to clean renewable energy technology innovations.

To have almost everyone addicted to driving their own fossil-fuel-powered single occupant vehicle (etcetera) surely helps keep their collective mouths shut about the planet’s greatest and still very profitable polluter, lest they feel like and/or be publicly deemed hypocrites.

It seems as though to have a regular livable-wage job thus reliable food and shelter in contemporary society is increasingly being considered to be a privilege.

Employment creation appears to induce euphoria for some who are superfluously wealthy; we read this mentality in, for example, Donald (What, me worry?) Trump’s tweets proclaiming how there will be a great “creation of JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!” —whether actual or but political and wishful.

Of course, he/they have in mind there will be (by extension) economic stimulation, however insignificant when compared to Big Business’s destruction and max-exploitation of laborers, resources and natural environment.

To such mega-money-minded men, ‘practical’ (including human and environment friendly) solutions will always be predicated on economic ‘reality’, the latter which is mostly created and entrenched according to industry interests. Indeed, for a leader to try reworking this corpocratic ‘reality’ would seriously risk his/her own governance, however a landslide election victory he/she may have won.

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The sort of programs you describe is a tiny, measly crumb compared to the mega 20 course meal fed to hundreds that is the subsidy regime the fossil fuels mafia gorges on, plus said subsidy programs you describe are relatively young (post-WW2) compared to the wholesale corporate welfare dating back to the 19th Century that comprises the latter. The very few that remain are rhetorical human shields used in the manner that you did in your reply, ‘this population will be adversely effected.’ In fact, said affordable, rent stabilized housing has been gutted to next to nothing starting with Grandpa Caligula (Reagan), and has carried on since then – so the mass loss you bemoan has already happened. Going forward, the USA would be well advised to enact what has been Belgian law since 2000: all new construction must be energy neutral. As for subsidies, the last to go should be the ones you mention. However, the vast majority that comprise the others must go as they are part and parcel of the fossil fuels driven climate change overheating this planet. If the planet goes, everyone dies.

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Hi zed:
WOW---- so is a college degree worth nothing now? And student debt issn through the roof too! There goes the middIe class. Maybe the greedy powers should look back at a few good things that Henry Ford did. I think he paid something like $5 a week, and made his cars so affordable that the workers could afford one. sigh—I read today that in San Francisco , that rent is 31 % LOWER----- for rich people.
If America keeps slip sliding away in terms of pay—too many peope will be roughing it forever! : (

The quixotic aspect of their post to me is their promoting the idea that these laws could be created that would encourage investing in US workers and US business. Neoliberals are against that on princile because they have promised all those things would not discriminate against foreign firms and their workers, their goal is using this as a means to drive wages down globally. The EPI folkis know that but cant discuss it because they would lose their corporate funding. The effect of this has already been a higs disaster for this country, but its just beginning. Millenials are growing up in a world that doesntt want them and their allegedly “unrealistic expectations”. If people think older people are angry, imagine if you were a millennial and you realized that “boomers” had traded your future jobs away. Which is basically what’s happening.

Also a huge wave of displacement is coming. People who rent affordable rentals now are in for a big surprise within the nxt two or three years as the cost of heating older buildings doubles or more. Those buildings will get taken off the market and millenials and poorer other people will have noplace they can afford to rent. Millions of people will become homeless. Instead of trying to improve wages, the country has been relying on rent stabiolization laws that are dependent on apartments remaining on the market to be stabilized. Those rights are tied to THAT apartment and landlords just hate this.

Its going to be an absolute disaster for the millions of urban Democrats who were convinced to go along with it and a neoliberal candidate.

Its kind of too late now to fix it. Voting for Trump is not a good idea either. Many people may have to move out of the country to survive. There wont be enough jobs and at the same time housing will be vanishing and the cheap energy is being exported. People wont be able to afford the newer energy efficient buildings, if they are built. I actually expect the economy may crash before then.

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If there were customers, this would a great time to start all sorts of businesses because of all the really cheap new technology that is coming out to enable it.

In essence its like getting people who would work for free.

We should focus on starting businesses and not try to compete with that.

There is no way that we’re going to be able to keep all those desk jobs people have now, they will likely be contracted out in large numbers. Alan Blinders paper said something like a quarter of all our jobs could be lost, I think thats likely too conservative.

jobs, people from developing countries coming here basically for the experience are willing to work for almost free. In fact, many of their parents are probably paying for them to get jobs. Who can compete with that?

The middle class as we have known it is probably doomed. The mess that we have in washington is really so bad that we would be best off elsewhere. People who have the ability to do so might want to consider it.

Howie Hawkins has put some thought into this. He calls it a “just transition” for workers in his Green New Deal platform.

“From Day One, the next president should ask Congress to appropriate funds for a Just Transition for workers and communities who lose jobs and tax revenues due to economic conversion to demilitarized green production in the military, fossil fuel, and other economic sectors. The Just Transition should guarantee five years of wage, benefit, and local tax revenue maintenance as the country transitions to a clean energy and demilitarized economy. In the meantime, the president should use the powers and resources available under an emergency declaration to support a Just Transition for workers and communities.”