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Invited by Vatican, Naomi Klein Makes Moral Case for World Beyond Fossil Fuels


Invited by Vatican, Naomi Klein Makes Moral Case for World Beyond Fossil Fuels

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Naomi Klein—activist, author, and self-described "secular Jewish feminist"—spoke at the Vatican on Wednesday where she championed the Pope's message for global action on climate change and made the case for "the beautiful world" beyond fossil fuel addiction.


“Klein also expanded on what may appear to be an unlikely alliance with the leader of the Catholic Church.”

Fitting actually. Jesus was a Jew.



Ms. Klein’s timely message aligning with that of Pope Francis is akin to watching the “Cowboy-Indian Alliance” march down the streets of NYC for the Climate Change Protest several months ago.

I was thinking of a political cartoon where the thermostat sits at 101 and counting and a voice from the heavens yells down, “Still don’t believe in global warming?”

Meanwhile, these visuals collected each month really show the magnitude of all that’s coming apart as per Climate Chaos:


Maybe the Vatican could shoot for “matching funding” what with that hoard of wealth the Church has been squirreling away for centuries- It is, after all the most wealthy and powerful private institution in the world-


A clever parallel there SR- It is A welcome sight to see old adversaries joining in common cause…(Not saying that Kein and Pope were ever adversaries!)


Hopefully Big Catholic and Big Secular Jewish Feminist can get others to glom on and fight the titans of disinformation!


No nukes will put a dent in the cancer epidemic in a generation or two.


Funny how the Vatican is all of the sudden growing a conscience about their sordid past and finally taking a stand on an important issue that threatens the earth, only at a time when membership in the Church of Rome is on the wane.
I almost hate to be cynical about the motivations of the Catholics, but…who am I kidding, I will always be cynical concerning the Catholics. They can make me a believer in their new found social activism the day I see solar panels and turbines going up on all catholic owned buildings.
Oh, and when they stop sticking their dicks into children. That would be a big start.


In addition to the hazards and carbon footprint of waste disposal, as the easy-to-mine uranium is mined out they need to mine deeper, creating an ever bigger carbon footprint in the uranium mining/processing phase as well.

Not to mention the water resources and environmental damage that results from cooling the nuke plants. A few years ago farmers in Georgia couldn’t get water during a drought since the nuke plants had first priority for cooling water.


Nadia Prupis: Kudos on another excellent article. I have posted a link to it on the Facebook page of Skeptical Science. You may want to check out the comments that are posted there.


Make up your mind - if “current temperatures are not outside normal ranges for our climate”, then pray tell what is the “weather modification” you speak of?


Even if your claim were true (where is the “science” and evidence that 98% of the world’s energy experts tell us what you say they tell us?) it would be a red herring at best, and likely a logical fallacy. What do you mean? That because Naomi Klein doesn’t agree with your opinion about nuclear energy we should reject what she says about climate change being a moral issue, or that the Pope’s encyclical speaks to her? I think you are missing the forest for the trees.


$100 billion/yr? Our nationthe US, routinely by vote of Congress , spends a trillion dollars annually on the military, spy agencies and other mega pwer policies that never address the real battle of survival, environmental disaster caused by human induced climate change; read for profit fossile fuel industries. And this all in the religion of capitalism!


And the religion, capitalism, has its fair share of sordid personalities. Yes, the strategy remains for ever the same for those who have no real rebuttal; destroy the deliverer of the message not their message.


Sshhhccchh!!! Don’t tell anyone.


I specifically asked for evidence to back up your claim that “98% of the world’s energy experts” tell us what you say they tell us about nuclear energy. Serious question:Can you provide any evidence to back up this claim? I am skeptical about this claim but am open to any evidence that supports it.


Well why doesn’t the pope just talk to his make believe friend and have him fix it?

Why invite someone who fails to mention that the pope promotes ignorance about overpopulation and resources?

Did she brings condoms for the audience? Why not?


Remember the movie ‘Tea-house of the August Moon?’ The moral of that old movie was: we need to take a step backward in the right direction. That moral seems more appropriate than ever.


Cue chirping crickets…


So easy to be a cynic and sneer at anyone actually attempting to build a movement to effect meaningful change.

I have a feeling that if Ms. Klein limited herself to making alliances with people as morally pure as you apparently are, she’d likely die of old age before she ever found one.