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'Inviting Bribes,' Trump Ethics Office Will Allow Staffers to Receive Anonymous Gifts


'Inviting Bribes,' Trump Ethics Office Will Allow Staffers to Receive Anonymous Gifts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a policy reversal critics described as a "big ethical leap backwards" and an invitation to bribery, the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) has "quietly" overturned internal policy prohibiting White House staffers with legal defense funds from receiving anonymous gifts from lobbyists.


Both parties are pervasively corrupt … Rethugricans now are at liberty to steal everything in sight.


and you will only hear it here and liberal sites, certainly not even centrist sites. The people who need to know (Trump supporters won’t hear it and if they did they’ve been set up by Trump to think all is fake news.


Trump and ethics? He is corrupt to the hard core. His government will be like him, corrupt to the hard core. If we can’t impeach him out of office due to Republican control of congress, we need to vote the Republicans out of control of congress in 2018. Then vote Trump out of office in 2020. The only way to do this is to give up our apathy toward voting that compromised the 2014 and 2016 elections and show up at the ballot boxes in huge numbers in 2018 and 2020. America deserves better than a corrupt to the hard core Trump, Republican government…


I gotta say, I really do admire this administration and the right in general, for their blunt, in-your-face, big fat middle finger held defiantly skywards attitude. No more mincing words, no more wink-wink dog-whistle politics, no more say-one-thing-but-do-another BS, no more painting on a thin veneer of respect for the Constitution and the law over the surface of their contempt for both - hell no! Now, they’re just letting it all hang out - the corruption, the sleeze, the lack of ethics, the bribery, the collusion, the contempt for the Constitution, democracy, the law - fuck it! Brazen and balls-to-the-wall in the sheer mendacity of their evil. Honestly, I prefer this approach to the ones the Demorats and establishment Rethuglicans still use, trying to cover up their corruption with flowery words or trying to distract us from their right hand stabbing us in the back with their left hand waving BS and sweet-sounding rhetoric in our faces.

At least with this obvious corruption smacking the country in the face, nobody can hide behind the old “I didn’t know.” Anyone that supports these slimebags now is doing so knowing 100% full-well that they are supporting corrupt, sleazy criminals and are darn proud of it, which makes all you Trump supporters complicit in all of this corruption and evil. The saddest part, of course, is that most of them are saying “hell yeah! Love it!”


The Office of Government Ethics? More like the office of bribery and corruption!


Along with feeling a lack of empathy goes feeling a lack of guilt. Just as you say - straight out and in your face - no sense of shame - open overt corruption. It is an arrogance that doesn’t bode well for any democracy.

We are all being shamed by Trump but most especially the Repubs who can’t pretend that they are powerless to do anything about Trump like the Democrats are doing. So these are our leaders, our moral guiding lights, our Congress!

The thing is that history will not erase the stain on the reputations of this Congress. One cannot publically keep looking the other way and then later try to act as if you never knew. The Republicans all know what Trump is doing and yet they ignore it all. Do they think that any of it will be forgotten by the public…

…or history?


Right on. I think most of these slimy bastards in politics today don’t look past tomorrow, or even today. Certainly not past the next election cycle. It’s all about short-term profit, short-term gain. It’s why they don’t care about climate change, it’s why they don’t care about their own legacies 100 years from now and how history will portray them. Etc. What can I get for ME right now, the future be damned?

Such short-sighted, greedy, corrupt, unenlightened, inhumane cockroaches (no offense meant to cockroaches).


I couldn’t agree more.

Now, everybody all together, “In 2020, we all vote for the Green Party Presidential Candidate.”

Let’s all bring an end to the last remaining Empire.


And the painted ponies go up and down. Every day has a new atrocity to reveal. I suppose we will eventually become so shell shocked that we will no longer notice the filth at our feet.


I wonder what percentage of Americans would think of this as corruption were it they in the legal hot seat. The “Anything goes as long as I get mine” mentality we are witnessing is not exactly unique to D.C. Situational ethics is at the core of American values.


well said. and in the end, this kind of arrogant display of power can serve a positive purpose. Trump’s great contribution to American political history–assuming we survive him and still have one–will be that he did more than any of his predecessors in the modern era to expose this system for what it really is. And since that recognition has been a hindrance to the growth of a viable Left, I’d like to think it can help radicalize many more people than would have been under a Clinton administration.


Bravo Greg/dissent for your comments, tell it like it is! As you express so well, I often say the R’Cons tell you to your face they will screw you, and the Dems do it behind your back - but we have entered a whole new world of contempt for common decency, truth, and the Common Good - no shame, no guilt, no thought for the future or sustainability, no “justice” or that quaint notion or the Golden Rule - rubbish for chumps! - “greed is good”! Ethics,corruption, bribery and pathological lies and deceit? - just politics by other means.

Thanks to you and Wereflea for taking the time to express the (very) ugly truth so vividly and accurately! I wish more people would read them…

Hopefully the wider public/electorate also see much of these truths and if candidates of conscience, wisdom, truth and empathy have the gumption to enter the cesspool we will support them and sweep-away the filth and corruption of the scum now in power - and then prosecute them to the fullest extent…keep the faith.


Trump is one of the most corrupt presidents we have ever had in our entire history. Staffers getting anonymous gifts ranks up there with the article I read recently showing all of the Trump businesses that parasite money from the federal government. We have got to show up at the ballot boxes in massive numbers for 2020 when he will run for re election and vote him out of office.


I doubt that he will run again but even so, we need to prevent the Republicans from retaining control.


I like the Green Party very much, but each time I vote I find myself having to make a choice that will make the most difference. Unfortunately on most occasions it is realistically Republican or Democrat. They both have their faults. Republicans under Trump are going to get a huge backlash, and I just hope we have the right candidates in the other parties to kick him out of office. I am still hoping the Democrats will come up with another Barrack Obama, a new face and energy that is an outsider. Hillary was an is an insider, which left me with serious concerns. I do hope for the chance of electing a female president, such as Elizabeth Warren.