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Iowa and New Hampshire Voters Show Medicare for All and Climate Crisis Top Issues for Democrats in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/12/iowa-and-new-hampshire-voters-show-medicare-all-and-climate-crisis-top-issues

Here’s a headline we’re not going to read anytime soon:

“Chattering Classes Clueless!”

Proud of you Bernie Sanders and like minded Democrat’s.

Mr. Phillips

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It is informative that both Sanders and Buttigieg supporters place health care as the most important issue. It is also informative as to how well Buttigieg’s campaign of deceit is working for him.

Buttigieg is the Obama clone selling his supporters on change while at the same time promising his funders that the status quo will remain unchanged. The double speak provided to him courtesy of the insurance and pharma industries is working as planned.

Clearly his supporters have not and well not being doing their homework regarding the health care issue. Rather, they willingly believe his lie that Medicare for All Who Want It is a solution to the inherent problems with a health care system based upon profit above care. I can’t self rigorously stand on my soap box and condemn because I was one of them in 2008.

Buttigieg’s Medicare for All Who Want It is a plan, like the ACA, designed to guaranty that we continue to pay for the profits of insurance and pharma at the expense of our health.

Public Option vs Medicare for All: Bottom line – They are NOT the same.

Incrementalism As An Obstacle to Improved Medicare for All and How to Resist It.

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It makes no sense to vote for Klobuchar if you’re concerned about climate chaos, since she has by far the worst record on climate of any Democratic candidate. It doesn’t make much sense to vote for her in any case.