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Iowa Bill Would Force Universities to Hire Right-Wing Profs


Iowa Bill Would Force Universities to Hire Right-Wing Profs

Nika Knight, staff writer

As Republican-dominated state governments push frightening right-wing legislation nationwide, a GOP senator in Iowa joined the fray on Monday with a bill that would force universities to exclusively hire Republican professors and temporarily bar Democrats until "partisan balanced" is reached.


Iowa is not a "heartland" state as its governor, legislature, and residents have demonstrated just how HEARTLESS and uncaring they are. Do all the chemical fertilizers and pesticides they put on their GMO crops poison their psyches? What gives?


The Iowa State capitol building looks like it would be right at home in Russia.

Is Putin considering annexing Iowa ?


If this bill is ever passed, and I doubt very much that it will be, the University of Iowa should be thrown out of the Big Ten. That would send a message that I think the Republicans in Iowa will be able to understand.


Kruschev came to Iowa in 1959 and made a promise on that same visit, " we will bury you ". Who knew he was talking about pig manure and chickenshits.


Surely this bill would never pass a court challenge, even in a conservative court...


I don't think it will pass, but the irony is that most public universities (not just Iowa's) are under the sway of neoliberalism, so no need to hire repubs as they are already in control of board of regents and the 3 state universities, especially Iowa State. Corporate ag rules and increasingly owns science and a good number of scientists.


Nazi Germany did precisely the same thing.


Well, Iowa has lots of Germans and white Europeans in its ancestral and current populace, so they're off to a good start.


Iowa is going down the same awful path politically as Scott Walker's Wisconsin.

Pat Rynard's accurate observation: "It is outright fascist."

Never have I understood the appeal of Republican politics, and in all the years I've voted, since 1972, I never voted for a Republican politician, in any election.

Iowa's Republican legislators recently gutted our collective bargaining laws for public service employees, that ironically were established over 40 years ago by Republican Governor Bob Ray. Collective Punishment now replaces collective bargaining.


Yes. During the mid-80's, I was interviewed for a postdoc at U. Iowa by a professor of German ancestry, who asked me my religion. Needless to say, back on the East Coast, my Jewish dissertation advisor was aghast.

said Mary Mascher, a Democratic state representative whose district includes the University of Iowa, to the Des Moines Register:
"We never ask that question when someone's hired: Are you a Republican, Democrat, or independent, or Green Party or socialist or any of that," Mascher added. "And I think that would be clearly discriminatory."


Think of the major drop off in enrollment from international students, and from students here in the U.S.of A. enrolling in Iowa Universities. No students, no university.


The late former Iowa Governor --and Senator-- Harold Hughes recounts in his autobio, The Man from Ida Grove, his growing up Republican in NW Iowa.

He also was not impressed with Republican politics, and in 1957 switched to Democratic Party to run for Iowa Commerce Commission in 1958, a race he won. He won the governorship in 1962.

In a way, I follow his example in departing the Democratic Party and registering Green Party, where there is a commitment to peace and justice politics.


"...they're already trying to impose a one-party rule in the state...". Welcome to the modern "Republican" Party. Gotta love words. They can be soo deceiving. Sometimes you just have to put two and two together.


Will political discrimination pass the Constitutional test? Maybe so if the Supreme Court is stacked with the same ideology.
They're taking over, folks, and if we let them, it's out fault as well. We the People are standing up in large numbers all over the place. Looks like we're needed at colleges as well. If we don't act now, the only "science" being taught in higher education will be Creation classes.


This university professor control attempt has ALEC/Koch, inc. fingerprints all over it.


Business schools are already at more than par with Republicans. The sciences are probably about even, maybe with a lean toward liberal. The only part of the universities that are heavily liberal are the humanities and social sciences, and they will stay that way, regardless of what that clueless Iowa senator wants. That's because Republicans hardly EVER go into these fields. They are too "squishy" (their words) for them. Besides which, as another comment already mentioned, such a law would never withstand court challenge. It's discriminatory. Since when do we discriminate based on political beliefs?


Coming directly to the threat, the American people must figure out a way to STOP the MIC and
stop funding weapons.
We have some really disturbed and sick people running our government and it would be much
better for the world if they didn't have control of a military.


You might be asking, but "Would Nuremberg laws actually be carried out?"

As MLK, Jr. noted, "Everything that Hitler did was legal."


We need to refocus not on Russia/Khrushchev but on the Fourth Reich because Germany and
fascism didn't lose the war, they simply moved it into the US and other places around the world.
The Elites who set up Hitler/Nazis and funded it and moved them on were represented by Allen
Dulles and among the first on the agenda was controlling our press with Operation Mockingbird.
It is the Fourth Reich that we are facing and all of the harm that the CIA has done here over the
last 70 years. Mockingbird was being drafted two years before the end of WWII. At the same
time higher ups in the German military were also visiting our Pentagon and making deals.
To understand Mockingbird, you also have to understand Operation Paperclip and Operation
Since February 17, 2017, Wikipedia's articles on these programs have been under "editing."
Especially Mockingbird.

Here are some new links and there are many opportunities on the internet to find more information
about all of these programs ... which very likely are only 3 of thousands.