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Iowa Proved Bernie Sanders Can Win – and that Hillary Clinton Is Beatable


Iowa Proved Bernie Sanders Can Win – and that Hillary Clinton Is Beatable

Lucia Graves

Bernie Sanders’ path to the White House has been incredibly narrow but, after his near-draw in Iowa on Monday night, there’s clearly open road ahead of him.

On Tuesday, the race in which pundits long-ago declared Hillary Clinton the presumptive victor will begin in earnest; sit tight, it’s going to be a very long, bumpy ride.


Schadenfreude: watching "inevitable" entitlement erode.


Sanders did prove that he can do well in a state where the Democratic voters are almost all white. That is the first step. The next challenge is whether can do well in a state where a large portion of the Democratic voters are not white. Once the South Carolina race is concluded the answer will be clearer. The contest for all intent and purposes could end on Super Tuesday or it might go all the way to June. Perhaps it will take a brokered convention to determine the winner. It seems unlikely these days but you never know.


The mainstream media keeps telling us this morning that Clinton won in Iowa...no surprise there.

Graves' assertion that "the caucus structure favors Clinton" is consistent with my observations when I have caucused in other states. In addition to the Party establishment controlling each caucus location and the proceedings, many low income folks can't get off work and/or have no way to get to the caucus site at the scheduled time.


The "southern firewall?" Why is it always the reactionary South in this country that gets to call the tune?


I don't expect these comments to be very well received on CD, but I do believe them to be realistic.

If he loses in NH (which might be a good thing), I think Bernie should consider a Plan B.

If starting a revolution is really his goal, fidelity to the Dems should not be a consideration.

If he stays with the Dems and is elected he would be under DNC pressure to govern as a neoliberal and he would have no congressional backing unless he did.

If Bernie loses, and then supports whoever is elected the Dem candidate, this would effectively end his revolution and greatly disappoint his growing legion of followers.

His politics are much more in sync with the Greens than the Dems, and since he is an Independent, he is free to support whatever party he chooses.

The Greens are the party best positioned to challenge the duopoly, but they are nearly comatose and in need of a recognized name and strong leadership. Bernie could fill those needs.

An alliance of Bernie with the Greens, either as a candidate or not, would boost the Greens' popularity and so extend Bernie's revolution.

It might be practical for Bernie and the Greens to consider Jill Stein running as prez and Bernie as VP - youth and freshness combined with age and experience.

If a peoples' revolution is the goal, the Democrats are not the vehicle. They are servants to the 1%, and I believe the chances of revising the party from within are slight to nil. Bernie as a Green could completely change the US political landscape.


Exactly, how does one explain the great northern and western states conceding political dynamism to this section of the country? California, for example, a huge block of delegates is always an afterthought, instead of leading and guiding the political conversation because of its size and delegate clout, it ends up being a big oaf, a Joe Palooka going along to get along The same can be said for New York, Illinois, Penn., Michigan, et. al., I think the only "progressive" state on Super Tuesday is Mass. Go figure. Intentional or not, this system gives an enormous advantage to Blue Dog Democrats and other assorted critters.


I'm glad Senator Sanders did well but please bear in mind that Goldman Sachs won in both primaries. I'm sure the Senator knows this but everyone else should keep in mind the nature of the real enemy.
Just a thought.


Once again I must note the selected photo. Article about Sanders tremendous accomplishment but photo of Bill and Hillary. Because you know images are not important.


Please refer to him as what he is, columnists, a democratic socialist, ala FDR.

And we have elected politicians willing to represent us all, to buck the system, before. And we will, God help us, again.


I don't mind hearing from her supporters, i hope we can change their minds. :O) But everything else is spot on. Shame on you, Mr. Nichols! And I'm sick of columnists subtly saying "socialist" without the "democratic" and without any reference to FDR and the real type of government Bernie is running for.

Feel the Bern! As my son wrote this morning #spittingtruthlikefire.


He will not lose in NH. :O)


Bernie would never let the DNC force him to do anything. Bernie is only beholden to us, and we will never let the DNC or corporate thugs put Bernie in a straitjacket. We have the power...we just have to use it.


Yes, you're right - "the Greens have a snowball's chance in hell [of winning the presidency] at this point in time" - but Bernie's revolution, as I understand it, is about building a democratic socialist movement.

That is not done overnight; it will require a sustained effort for some time. My point is, that task will never be accomplished within the Democratic party, so as soon as it can be moved to a more accommodating environment (the Greens), the better.

With Bernie on board, the Greens might concentrate on the election of congresscritters with some success (a prerequisite to a viable presidential run).

Bernie's work so far, as a Democrat, has been excellent, but when the Democrats can no longer serve his cause, he should drop them and move on to more fertile grounds.


Clinton did prove that she can do well in a state where the Democratic voters are almost all white. That is the first step. The next challenge is whether she can do well in a state where a large portion of the Democratic voters are not white.


Probably to maintain the FICTION that ours is a center-right nation, a right wing leaning Christian fundamentalist state like Iowa gets to DEFINE the direction of the Presidential race.

It's as much a farce (and embedded tradition) as is the electoral congress, a media beholden to corporate status quo holders, and the entire political pay-for-representation felony, anointed by "The Supremes" as bona fide in the form of "Citizens United."

After the smoke and mirrors fade out and the parade leaves town where will all the worked up crowds of angry, disaffected voters/citizens go? Particularly if they're served up the same shit sandwich that's defined the political menu for decades?


I agree 100%.


Between the nuclear confrontation 4-minutes-to-midnight clock and the one ticking faster for the dissolution of formerly stable climate systems, there is no time to build these independent movements.

However, if the Dem Machine ploughs over Bernie Sanders... and if Hillary or Trump gain the U.S. throne, there is going to be so much angst among the body politic that I don't think the betrayal this time will go back into the proverbial bottle.

Many forget that very dangerous elites have planned for every exigency.

They know they've been selling out the people in trade deals like NAFTA that have robbed the nation of good-paying jobs while reciprocally gutting unions.

And they are raising the stakes on treaties like NAFTA by pushing for TIPP and TPP.

They see the rising crowds against Fracking, Oil operations, coal mountain top ecocide... but they stand in the way of significant investments in alternative energy sources.

They know that the wars they spread through an inordinately profitable trade in global arms are sending millions of refugees to Europe and even as far as Canada... and that a brutal winter is upon those tragic tent camps.

And while they continue elections to give the governed the ILLUSION of choice, any real choice that might better the lives of the masses is NOT in their pre-paid forecasts.

THAT is why, as Chris Hedges and others have pointed out, particular laws have already been passed that can very easily CRIMINALIZE dissent and frame any opposition to corporate plunder as an act of treason or insurgency.

The question is whether or not this IS an FDR moment? Will the elites rollback the vast assets they've largely stolen from working class persons (and that means, the Middle Class)... and allow for some saner tax policies to spread basic decencies around; or are they going to roll out their armed forces and use State Powers to punish any who refuse to go along with the same status quo programs?

As the adage goes, "May you live in interesting times..." This era more than qualifies.


The only thing Clinton won last night is a coin toss.


She is calling herself a progressive these days. A 'we came, we saw and he died progressive' I guess? She keeps telling us that her record as a progressive is clear. a voted for the war in Iraq former Sec of State pro bomb Iran 'progressive' I guess.

She will say anything because she knows most people don't check their facts anymore. They simply believe sound bites.