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Iowa’s Big Winner: Senator Bernie Sanders


Iowa’s Big Winner: Senator Bernie Sanders

Robert Borosage

The results of the Iowa caucuses won’t be known until late this evening, but we already know the big winner: Senator Bernie Sanders.


The big winner is a more progressive slate of issues having dominated this election (as yet). We have been able to talk about oligarchy and Citizen's United and about universal healthcare and free colleges and so forth none of which would have happened without Bernie being in the race.

The big winner has been America this election. As long as Bernie is in the race, we discuss the reality in this country like a free people. If Bernie is pushed out by oligarchy then you can expect to see all of these issues dropped from the debate real quick.

Yay Bernie.


I agree that Bernie has been legitimized as a candidate but in Iowa there is a lot at stake for both. It appears almost certain that Bernie will win New Hampshire so if he wins Iowa that would be a huge boost going into South Carolina where he is expected to have a lot of trouble because of the high percentage of black voters. If Hillary wins Iowa that means she will go into South Carolina with at least a split in the first two states which would help her and also a win in Iowa might make it much closer in New Hampshire. This appears to be part of the effort to play down losing in Iowa by the Sander's side as they seem to expect to lose in Iowa. But the outcome in Iowa really is important. This primary election could certainly be settled on Super Tuesday with the demographics strongly favoring Clinton so Bernie needs whatever positive results to get between now and then to keep his chance of winning the nomination alive beyond Super Tuesday.


Bernie Sanders to HRC: "Eat my dust, m'dear." I sure hope so.

The political wonks do not know what to do with a candidate who truly represents the needs of the people and their prognostications reflect that. They have been lulled into complaceny by all the hackneyed campaign rhetoric.


A fifty-fifty split is pretty darn good, considering Bernie's starting position vis-a-vis Clinton. It is extremely hard to break the inertia of the status quo and Bernie has certainly done that. Would have loved the psychological effect of it being Sanders 700 Clinton 695 instead of the other way around though.

On to New Hampshire.


Clinton wins by a hair, and leaves Iowa against the ropes. Sanders narrowly lost this round, but Clinton is the one who got beat.

The Republicans continue to confound. Cruz--really? He's a lot more dangerous than Trump (and even smarmier looking if that's possible).

This is one helluva an election season.