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Iran and Iraq Take Steps to Bar Americans in Response to Trump's Muslim Ban


Iran and Iraq Take Steps to Bar Americans in Response to Trump's Muslim Ban

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amid international outcry over U.S. President Donald Trump's executive order barring citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries, at least two of those nations are taking steps to ban U.S. citizens from their borders.


Not using the American dollar as currency of choice is probably the most intelligent response from the international community, since the only thing the elite of the US care about is $$$$$$


And, it's the one thing that will make America stand up and pay attention!
Or worse - Sadams' scheme to bipass the Almighty Dollar in their oil sales was one of the reasons for the invasion, as was the same decision by Lybia's leader Quaddafi.


Countries singled out under the iTrumpet ban should simply boomerang the idiotic idea verbatim.


"'...the decision was passed by a majority votes...'". Wow, i wonder what it's like to live in a country that members of parliament votes on decisions. Here, in 'Merica, the "President" in a "Democracy" just circumvents all those darned 'ole politicians and their stupid ideas of voting on decisions. Home of the brave, land of the free, and something, something...


YES! Like Arundhati Roy has said, the beast can only be taken down by its pillars -- and that is $$$$$


Saddam and Muammar Gaddafi may have been thugs, but that was not what regime change was about in both Iraq and Libya, because both were perceived as threats to the petro dollar. Gaddafi's gold Dinar and Saddam's wanting to change the oil bourse. If both leaders were America's thugs their countries never would have been invaded.


America First is delusional, That is not the way the world works. Trump and his angry hoards of followers are on a collision course with reality.


Nice job Frump. Not using the US currency is catastrophic for the US. This is what happens when a malignant narcissist is running the country, oh wait, it's Bannon that's running the country now. A white nationalist baboon. We're screwed if they don't yank this pig out of office soon. To sign the petition to impeach go to www.rootsaction.org.


Exactly. If Hillary was in office, Iran's ditching of the dollar would be cause for war. Now, with Trump, it will be interesting, to say the least, to see what the response will be. Iran's not going to be as easy to pulverize as were Iraq and Libya. But, I somewhat doubt Wall Street and certain people in Trump's administration will want nothing less.


I think malignant narcissist is applicable to Bannon as well.


Saddam was America's thug during the Iran War. He thought he had scored enough points to get Kuwait.


I'm surprised that Iran has been "using the U.S. dollar as its currency of choice in its financial and foreign exchange reports". I would have guessed that they never would have to begin with. However, if middle eastern nations really wanted put some hurt on the US, all they'd have to do is not export oil to the US. All of them altogether all at once say "no more for you!"


Yes, very true, Saddam was America's thug at one time, there are old pictures of Saddam shaking hands with the Bush administration representatives in Iraq.


That would lead to a boom in the Bakken oil fields and fast expansion of the tar sands development, along with the associated pipelines. Oil is funny that way.


Rumsfeld himself.


And until it gets developed? Those sources won't meet american demand that quickly. Then after it gets developed, OPEC can flood the market with cheap oil and crash that development. Markets are funny that way and we are seeing some of that crash already anyway particularly for the oil sands development. Its just not as profitable as it was during that brief period of time.


Good for them, especially for Iraq!
I hope, that also covers sending American troops out the door!


Not quite true see: https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201501241017299147/
Quote:Deputy governor at Iranian Central Bank stated that Iran no longer uses the US dollar in foreign trade transactions, replacing it with other currencies.UNQUOTE
This report is dated January 2015, two years old now,

There was a time, when all international trade was facilitated over the USD. With the emergence of China as the predominant economic power of the planet, this is rapidly changing. Even Canada has had for a couple of years now a direct conversion agreement between the CAD and the Yuan.

When it sinks in world wide, that the Greenback is no longer needed for international trade its value will drop like a rock, because there will be too many floating around, which have become unnecessary.


Dear Iranian and Iraqi government officials,

First, let me apologize for Mr. Trump and his handful of friends. Mr. Bannon and Mr. Priebus in particular are acting like they want to overthrow American democracy once and for all.

If it's possible for you to somewhat separate the actions of this handful of bureaucrats from the actions of the great majority of the American people, please do so. That way, you can keep up good relations with the United States of America in the long run.