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Iran Assassination Aims to Hurt Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/06/iran-assassination-aims-hurt-biden


Iran needs to assassinate Netanyahu. He most assuredly ordered the assassination of the Iranian scientist. He, his Likud Party, and Zionist Israel have been the cause of the vast majority of the problems in the region ever since they forced their way into becoming a criminal “state” in 1948. I stand with the Palestinians and whatever they want to do to take back their rightful land from those thieves.


Newsflash. Biden is not the center of the world. I really don’t think how this would affect Biden had any part in this decision.


Right Reese, but you’re talking about a proud American Zionist. Biden’s
not likely to go against his heart’s desire and his political interests, corrupt
as that heart is.


U.S. support for Israel has done significant damage to the U.S., death and destruction for the people of the Middle East, and problems elsewhere with refugees and terrorists.

We have been careening around the Middle East damaging as we can Israel’s adversaries in Iraq, Syria. Lebanon, Iran, fighting Israel’s battles as we gift them billions every year to boot. Perhaps AIPAC should register as a foreign lobby.

Perhaps if we had settled on fair terms the Israeli-Palestinian question much of this, including conflict with Iran, would not have been necessary.


Persians are patient, practical people. The Islamic Revolution certainly altered their character, but not their core. They take body blow after body blow but still hold their gloves up in a defensive manner rather than overreach and expose themselves to a knockout punch. Theirs is an old civilization, challenged by upstarts who are based more on greed than tradition. I certainly do not agree with all of their ways, but neither do I agree with all of ours, nor will I when I take my last breath.


Biden has already begun flim-flamming the suckers about Iran.

He says he wants to return to the “Iran Deal” (which is itself a trick),

but people are deliberately ignoring HOW Biden envisions that “return.”

He want to make two changes which will be detrimental to Iran after Iran

did not violate the previous set-up.

  1. Biden wants to make some more restrictive rules and extend them farther and

  2. He wants the Saudis and the UAE to be included in the unnecessary reconfiguring

of the sabotage when these predators were not overtly included before.

In short, Biden wants to take Trump’s attacks on Iran and use them to put Iran in an

even more vulnerable position.

No matter what Biden says, he is intending to put more pressure on Iran while he is

trying to give the Saudis and their allies in the UAE the appearance that they are

diplomatic while they viciously continue their sadistic horrors.

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So confused and have no regard for Isarel government and espescialy Netanyahu. How is he still in charge, I thought he had been outed and forced out? How did he get back.

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What in the US is euphemistically called "support for Israel’ in European and other continents’ social circles (if not rarely in their media) has for years been considered the opposite - as Israel being a US’s satellite puppet state, and one of the means to control, the oil rich region of the Middle East. So, it’s not support for poor misguided state of Israel, it is Israel being a vassal of the empire and in support to it. There is a fundamental difference.

Iran is just trying to keep its sovereignty and its own natural resources, in the face of a massive rapacious empire.

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Boy, that would be some real left-handed three-dimensional inside out chess for the QAnon folks. Stick to the plan, Mr. Erlich; it’s not like there’s anybody else that Trump might want to mess with in his last days in office, right? It’s not like planting the bullet a world away suggests that it might have a different target?

Why is it exactly that warlike Joe will be upset to be given a war without his name on it?

Petty, irrelevant, and spiteful all sound on target, but with problems like this, it’s Christmas for Joe Biden all year long.

How has Israel helped the U.S. control the Middle East since the end of the cold war?..

That’s it, in a nutshell. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Biden’s and Harris’ handlers engineered the assassination directly with Tel Aviv, with notification to the White House only after the fact.

Iran, in its present form, simply must not be allowed to thrive as it poses an existential treat to the US - remember that ol’ chestnut?

Who cares, though, all with Cardi D-types and Y-Box Workstations to satiate the burgeoning curiosity of the American Intellectual? It’s interesting, though … for all of our much vaunted educational system and Jesus-Sanctioned Exceptionalism, all we seem to produce are those with Associate Degrees in Criminal Justice, Gender and Race Relation Studies and Mass Communications or, otherwise, “Thank you for your service” military welfare recipients or, as the prefer to be called, “soldiers” … oh, I get it now … .