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Iran Calls for Nuclear Disarmament by US, Israel, World


Iran Calls for Nuclear Disarmament by US, Israel, World

Juan Cole

At a summit on Monday, Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif turned the tables on the countries demanding that Iran keep its nuclear program for solely civilian, electricity generation. Zarif called for all countries to give up nuclear weapons, including Israel and the US. Iran does not have a nuclear bomb and gives no signs of trying to develop one.


I think I hear the sounds of neocons’ heads exploding.


Such simple straightforward comments from Zarif, and reporting from Cole.

How many professors in their classrooms never mention Israeli nuclear weapons, or US obligations under the NNPT? How many students have never been informed? This simple report should be posted everywhere.


I am a fan of ALL nuclear disarmament. However, the idea that any form of nuclear power is peaceful misses the ecological facts. To maintain nuclear power plants, vast amounts of water are needed; and in an era where all prognostications point to potential wars over water, wasting this most precious resource on developing energy systems better suited to solar power is dangerous at best, and suicidal at worst.

And while the use of radiation is popular in the treatment of Cancer, there, too, a BETTER approach would come down to eliminating so many toxins–additives, preservatives, insecticide-pesticide-herbicide residue, chlorine, fluoride, and gen-tech inversions of biological structures from our diets, and thereby save Gaia, the Earth Mother, from all this DEADLY pollution since it’s undermining far too many ecosystems, all part of a web of life held together by these living strands.


Why is there hardly a mention of this summit in the mass media while non existing Iranian bombs are front page news in EVERY news paper and news broadcast.


Oh, okay… that’s was a good one…


In the final analysis, having nuclear weapons anywhere in human hands means simply that sooner
or later we shall all be enveloped in a nuclear conflagration (ragnarök). There is no question about the
validity of this, as humans are not perfect beings, actually far from it. Giving toddlers loaded guns is
a close analogy. So, all nuclear weapons must be decommissioned and phased out. Allowed only are
swords, shields, and spears, which should keep the inimitable and aggressive war guys happy and
busy. Hand to hand combat is the most most appealing and fun for them. Look around. Nations must
all become world citizens, as we inhabit a small and fragile globe. It’s ours to protect, not squander.


ab: Great comment. Mr. Zarif spoke the quintessential truth. hipo