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Iran: Deal or No Deal?


Iran: Deal or No Deal?

John Feffer

A full-page ad in this week’s The Washington Post portrayed President Obama as history’s favorite whipping boy, Neville Chamberlain. It was wrong in nearly every one of its many strident particulars.


American petro-patriots pout over 1979 much like the Iranians were infuriated (legitimately) by 1953. Israel seems to want to vanquish civilizations with ties to times older than her claims, such as Babylon and Persia. It really is despicable…


WiseOwl. We need to fight catastrophic climate change instead of any war of conquest of any other nation whose natural resources we covet. Instead of trying to conquer any member of OPEC we need to sponsor R&D to develop a renewable substitute for petroleum and/or its products. Then we need to subsidize our too big to fail oil firms enough in mass producing it to get them to make the renewable substitute instead of buying petroleum from some member of OPEC. If we merely capture CO2 and compress it enough to use it to frack geothermal reservoirs, that will at best even after achieving economy of scale cost US(2014)$50/metric ton of CO2. Recycling at least some excess CO2 from ambient air in a renewable substitute for oil should be worth at least that much in subsidy to save our farms from catastrophic climate change.


Israel claims its claims in the area date back somewhat before the reign of Kind David of ancient Israel about 1000BC. I believe that is older than Persia. Babylon dates back to the tower of Babel over which **** threw rocks (meteors) at Sodom and Gomorrah about the time of Noah’s children, which was before Abraham about 2000BC.