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Iran Demands Lifting of Sanctions for 'Irreversible' Moves, Says Insider


Iran Demands Lifting of Sanctions for 'Irreversible' Moves, Says Insider

Gareth Porter

As the P5+1 and Iran agree to continue talks on a possible joint statement past a midnight deadline into Wednesday, the most contentious issue in Lausanne still appears to be how and when sanctions on Iran will be lifted.


So the Iranian negotiators are to return home like whipped dogs, having gained nothing but a public shaming? In a just world I wouldn’t blame the Iranians for giving them all the bird and ending this international charade. But since George W took a dump on international law Iran doesn’t really have that option, and this is not a just world.


Yes Israel is the thousand pound gorilla in the room. Nitwithyahoo with his finger on up to 400 nukes. There lies the problem right their in a nutshell.


Iran will get the sanctions permanently rescinded (maybe not in this “round”) or will not agree to any further concessions. They recognize incremental-capitulation disguised as “negotiation”. And China and Russia are the 10,000 pound gorillas in the room with a massive combined nuke arsenal, a small part of which that could vapourize Israel moments after Nutty-yahoo pushes the button.

If the US/EU/NATO doesn’t want to trade with Iran, particularly demanding oil in US-petro-dollars, the rest of the world will. The BS that any country that dares trade oil in non-US$ currencies is “legally” subject to US/NATO sanctions/military-incursions is losing its power.

The biggest “crime” of Saddam, Gadhaffi, Venezuela, Syria, Russia, and IRAN? Trading (or simply planning to trade) oil in currencies other than US$.

The US is losing “friends” at an alarming rate, even if we ignore the UK-backed tactic to try to swamp the China-led Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank with IMF/World banksters like was done to the EU/Euro system. Xi and Putin are little more clever than their EU counterparts, and will not allow the US/UK/bankster tail to directly wag the BRICS+ dog.

The US is behaving with increasing desperation as its standard sanctions/NGO-CIA-destabilizations/regional-wars strategies are being outflanked by China and Russia simply “doing business” where the IMF/World Bank austerity-machine is all the US/NATO has on offer. The EU in particular is looking with extreme trepidation at what the US has done in Ukraine because Yanukovych dared turn down the EU/IMF-austerity-trojan-horse “loan”, trying to accept Russia’s 3x-larger and no-austerity loan.


Sanction Israel or better yet, one wonders when America will be sanctioned by some country like China. Because, if any country needs to be sanctioned it is the U.S.! And once the U.S. is sanctioned, its fawning parasite… Israel will follow.