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Iran Denies 'Malign and Dangerous' US Allegations of Election Interference as Critics Note Dubious Nature of Claims

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/iran-denies-malign-and-dangerous-us-allegations-election-interference-critics-note


Fake President!


The FBI proved these allegations are complete nonsense. It must be a tough way to live being these constant liars who spew from our government led by the liar-in-chief. They must be exhausted from having to come up with more and more insane gimmicks to bury the facts, distract our citizens and rig this election. May they fail and go down hard.


How do you know a Trump appointee is lying? His mouth is moving!
I might remind all that, after the events of 9/11 there were candlelight marches in Tehran in support of the US. Our absurd and incompetent foreign policies changed all that .


“Regrettably, the Trump administration has eroded its credibility”

The sentence should have ended there.



As published in an article on truth-out, “A review of the source code from some of the emails reveals IP addresses that originate from other countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Estonia.” Why, after all, would Iran favor Trump? This is just another warmongering meme from the CIA neocons repeated by their embedded media.


“U.S. intelligence officials’ allegations Wednesday evening that Tehran was behind a torrent of threatening emails recently sent to registered Democratic voters and designed to appear as if they were sent by the Proud Boys, a [violent pro-Trump group]”

So said the US Intelligence officials; the worst offender when it comes to deceiving the American people.


The Trump regime is simply carrying on the GOP’s long tradition going back to Senator Robert Taft during the 1940s of serially creating and promoting boogeymen to push voters’ fear buttons.


I agree, it make no sense. It seems the intelligence level has dropped even lower at our intelligence agencies.


““You will vote for Trump on Election Day or we will come after you,” the email reads.” How would the Proud Boys know how anyone voted in a secret ballot? What an absurd implausible idea. More disinformation from our renown intelligence disservices.


This demonizing of Iran makes sense if Trump can blame Iran for fraud and interfering in the election allowing Biden to win, that way Trump can contest the results as fraudulent and have the election decided by his SCOTUS, KANGAROO COURT!


Anyone, with the slightest knowledge of how to recognize spam, would laugh at this ridiculous attempt.


Why is our billion dollar Homeland Security agency and our multiple intelligent agencies NEVER able to PREVENT these alleged breaches? Only able to tell us after our security has been breached? The answer is bullshit.


A Trump administration attack on Iran, whether verbal or military, a few days before the national election could be the “October Surprise” many of us on this site have predicted as a distinct possibility. The allegations, of course, are completely bogus, but that doesn’t matter. Trump and his enablers never let the facts get in the way of more human carnage in pursuit of right-wing political agendas.

Watch for some “incident” in the days ahead that will enable Trump to pose as a president who takes charge and rallies the American people to defend our country against a nation (Iran) in which many of its citizens are already at death’s door due to the coronavirus pandemic.

To Trump and the GOP, genocide is acceptable if it is profitable or enables them to remain in power. Expect no less from this group of criminals posing as political leaders.


Isn’t the claim being made that Iran would be helping Biden if it faked messages from Proud Boys to Democrats? (That would rile up Democrats to get out the vote - right?).

And the question isn’t why would Iran favor Trump, it would be why would any faction of the Iranian government favor Trump (or Biden if the ruse was meant to go the way I would think)? And there are reasons for both directions.

Hard liners would favor Trump because they don’t want the Iran deal - they thrive on the animosity between the US and Iran and are happy to help create more (just shy of being invaded of course). It helps them stay in power.

Moderates would favor Biden because they do want the Iran deal - they would prefer a world with less conflict and a chance for Iran to breathe again, trade, and try to get out of the mess they are in (their economy, population demographics, and political situation is better than some countries, but worse than many).

No would either faction attempt to do something without explicit permission of the top levels of government - that I don’t know. I know a little about Iran from my dad who was born there and I’ve visited 3 or 4 times but not since 72. It is a complicated culture with many different dynamics going on.

Now what about the other countries? Is it in Saudi Arabia’s, UAE’s or Estonia’s interest? I’ll leave off the last - maybe that’s just internet routing. For the first two who aren’t friendly with Iran, I suppose they could be interested in seeing Trump win (and they each have good relations with Trump). But then I don’t see how this meddling makes it more likely Trump wins (assuming there was any meddling at all - @LynneC said it was nonsense, but I was unclear on what part was nonsense - attaching it to Iran or that it happened from a foreign country at all).

And they were pretty key in cooperating with the US in both conflicts with Afghanistan (they’ve always had a problem with that country) and Iraq (and a problem with the Suni side in that country). The whole axis of evil nonsense thought up by Frum didn’t help as we could have probably repaired our relationship around that time if not for that attitude.

(from article)

"Unlike the U.S., Iran does not interfere in other countries’ elections.

It’s definitely true that we interfere (I’m sure we still do and obviously have many many times before). Iran could easily be lying about this - the government has sent assassins to foreign countries in the past (as do we) - so I don’t think their view of elections is any more sacrosanct as this guy is claiming.

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As soon as I saw that it was Radcliffe who came to the mic, I knew this “report” was BS.


I always wonder that myself.

Let’s take this apart.

First, the U.S. Government showed no concrete evidence that Iran had anything to do with the emails. I’m reminded of Senator Joseph McCarthy perpetually saying that he had the names of (fill in a random number here) communists in his briefcase, except the public could never see the names.

The emails came from servers in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Estonia, three pro-western countries. Why wouldn’t Iranian hackers prefer to use some neutral Asian country’s servers?

Saudi Arabia is almost at war with Iran. The UAE just resumed jet flights to Israel. Assuming that Iranian intelligence agencies aren’t particularly stupid, why would they specifically contrive to use Saudi servers? In the past two years the Iranian government, which clearly doesn’t want a war, has never shown any interest at all in overly offending Saudi Arabia. The US has claimed that an Iranian mine hit a tanker, although the tanker’s crew could see the missile coming in and the hole in the tanker was 30 feet above the water line. A few months later the US claimed that Iranian missiles hit a Saudi oil refinery, although no radar evidence of the origin of the missiles was ever shown to the public and the U.S. Navy would certainly be scanning day and night for such missiles after the tanker attacks.

Estonia interests me because it’s only an hour’s drive from Saint Petersburg, Russia and it joined NATO. Vladimir Putin’s regime really doesn’t like Estonia. The Estonia flag raises the possibility that the Russians were once again at the heart of the election trouble. By the way, Russian hackers have been mentioned recently but the federal government didn’t say anything specific about Russian election hackers, just reputedly Iranian hackers.

What is the effect of a staged national news cycle in the U.S. where the press claims that an armed group is spying on likely Democratic voters? According to the email the armed group knows who has voted in Democratic primaries in the past - that’s an open record - and they promise to cause trouble for any voter who doesn’t switch their/her/his party affiliation. Probably, millions of people who never got the email will become just a bit more scared of something happening. Zero of the threatened people are going to march over to city hall in the middle of the covid pandemic and switch their affiliation, and of course it won’t affect their votes - if they vote.

The email would be consistent with a widespread, coordinated Republican voter intimidation program.

In the future, it’s important that party affiliation be kept as secret as who each voter voted for. Otherwise we’re going to see the growth of anonymous and hard-to-stop vandalism based on public information, sort of a political shakedown.

Based on previous right wing armed troubles in this election campaign, is this an action that the right-wing armed militants might have endorsed? Is this type of widespread threat consistent with right wingers injuring protesters by running them down in crosswalks? Is it consistent with wingers cruising parking lots and letting the air out of tires? Granted, nothing could be completely consistent with a violent group attempt to kidnap the governor of Michigan.

I notice that the late October timing of the emails is designed to scare voters away. This tactic wouldn’t have been as effective, say, a year ago. Whoever wrote the emails understands U.S. Republican politics. The government’s claim that this is a general attempt to split the American public and so weaken U.S. democracy is disingenuous unless they also show that massive, realistic scare tactics have also been deployed against solid Republicans. No, the Trump campaign personally infecting hundreds of thousands of “diehard” Republican voters with covid-19 and killing or maiming thousands of them doesn’t count.


Poor suckers, why they still haven’t realized that the US is and will remain a predatory vulture capitalist system and will always loot, kill, lie and steal. That’s the only way the US system can survive devouring the bodies of it’s victims.


Uh, who stole DNC files in 2016, it wasn’t Iran duhhh! I smell a RATcliffe doing drumpf’s and putin’s dirty work. Ratcliffe, intelligence, Ratcliffe, intelligence, hmmmm. Low IQ is a republican prerequisite, all others need not apply.