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Iran Denounces Trump's 'Hollow' Offer of Negotiations After US Imposes Latest Sanctions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/08/iran-denounces-trumps-hollow-offer-negotiations-after-us-imposes-latest-sanctions

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Iran should ride out US sanctions despite the hardships it represents because renegotiating what was already agreed upon will place Iran in a much weaker position. The US will only dictate its terms because it will realize it’s sanctions are producing the desired effects.

Any country, or person, who thinks the trump admin. will, or would, deal honestly with them needs to do some rethinking! The USA is not all that trustworthy to deal with in the best of situations, with the fascist trump at the wheel, getting royally screwed will be the outcome. Unless, of course, you happen to be a fascistic dictator!

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Message to the world. Please band together and sanction the U.S. big time. If sanctions are an honorable thing to do to punish asshole nations, then we need a large dose of it.
I still don’t have a good understanding of why Iran should be sanctioned. We should be embracing them as a potentially friendly nation. Religions aside, wouldn’t peace be a nice thing to try for once?
U.S. get your heads out of that dark place and turn your swords into plowshares for once.


It’s all about the unelected John Bolton. who now controls the US.


Elected members of government no longer have any power.

All is not lost: