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Iran Designates US Central Command a 'Terrorist Group' Operating in the Middle East


Iran Designates US Central Command a 'Terrorist Group' Operating in the Middle East

Jon Queally, staff writer

Iran's Supreme National Security Council on Monday officially designated U.S. Central Command operating in the Middle-East as a terrorist group.

The move was a direct reaction to the Trump administration earlier in the day designating the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) in a similar fashion.



Got that right.



The USA is the biggest Terrorist organization in the World, pretending to be on an Altruistic Mission of Peace.

Those who join this Mercenary Band of Killers should be ashamed of themselves.

We should be sending the Secretary of State Pompous-Ass and his side kick the Obnoxious Insane Walrus to the front lines in the Middle East. NOW before they do anymore damage.



Who has the intelligence and knowledge to effectively respond to this, reasonably, without the distraction of emotion?

Wouldn’t this be a good test for presidential aspirants?

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Of course we are terrorists, obviously. We snatch 5 year old crying children out of their mothers arms, disappearing them for months…even years. We have had only 20 years without military action out of well over 200. We are the only nation to use nuclear weapons on human targets in Japan. We tested nuclear weapons on our own soldiers in Nevada for years and tried to cover it up. We have tried to overthrow or have successfully overthrown countless democracies worldwide going back for centuries. We are constantly using the threat of nuclear attack to terrorize foreign nations into submitting to our endless extortion. There has never been a terrorist network more dangerous and more active than the United States, it makes Al Quaida look like day camp.



Pompous peo, the tanked elliot, the mustache and drumph have no positioned the mid-section mirrors in this carnival of insensate twits.

For the above to have “failed to recognize the obvious” - well, it all speaks for itself.



Queally sez:
“In its declaration, the SNSC also … charged that the U.S. government and its allies ‘have always been advocates of extremist groups and terrorists’ in the Middle East.”

Finally. A governmental organization with a working grasp of irony. Well-played, chaps.



Stoltenberg’s statement to Congress sounded in parts like an excerpt fromGreen Eggs and Ham

Do you like green eggs and ham?
I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.
I do not like green eggs and ham.

Would you like them here or there?
I would not like them here or there.
I would not like them anywhere.
I do not like green eggs and ham.
I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.

Oh dear, Now Iĺll be condemned as a Russian sympathizer RT on NATO narratives



The US and its lap dogs israel and saudi arabia truly represents this centuries Fourth Reich. This evil empire incorporates economic sanctions, military threats (real or not), regime change and a never ending printing press of US bribe money used to hire mercs. I don’t think anything is possible to reverse the control of the ruling military elite that is destroying the world for a few bucks, Benjamin’s or shekels for short term profits and power. But we can only hope that the Reich dies a miserable death.



Caligula needs some new wars for reelection. He needs his own set of war crimes. Just like the Bush’s and Obama



Jeebus, Bolton, give it up already. The walrus was Paul.
Oh, and BTW, you’re under arrest.



Until the masses of brainwashed American people realize we are the terrorists that have become a military dictatorship pretending to be a democracy, I agree.



And of course it all began with the theft of the land and lives of the First Nations’ peoples and the kidnapping and enslaving of Africans.



Hi Giovanna-Lepore-----and not just America, but all over Europe, the BIG nations were scooping up land, resources and making slaves of citizens. Wow, the Belgium Congo… yep----nations can disappear and change names in a nano second. European nations were grabbing everything too.
So here we are and I have to agree with Iran—America is lead around by wanna be emperors in al levels of government. : (
I am glad Iran is speaking up -----they did everything to create peace, as so many other nations of the world have tried to do------I think America, as one of the younger nations ,does not have a clue as to what happens when their own nation becomes ground zero where a war is fought ll over the nation,
.I hope it never happens-----but America has not ever suffered the way other nations have with , “bombs away<” happening every day. America has been lucky that way—but no one’s luck lasts forever, and the hubris of the last one standing in WW 2 doesn’t count any more.
The climate is changing quickly and nations need to look to themselves first and focus on their own people and land. America, except for the Civil War, has not experienced war the way so many nations of the world have. I hope it never happens here, but mostly I hope that ALL nations can get along as the future of the planet is looking scary.
So America and the Praetorian Guard, which runs this nation ----remember the lines from that poem
“Oh what a tangled web we weave , when first we practice to deceive…”
I don’t think a lot of nations in the world trust America or believe what it says very much at all. Besides , didn’t Iran offer to help with some of our disasters in he GULF? I think Obama said no. What a different world we could have had if he had said YES, to the peaceful offer of Iran’s help.



Reminds me of kindergarten:
-You’re a terrorist
-No, you are
-No, you
-Are not
-Are too.

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It will only get worse as nations start scrambling for dwindling resources. The US will use its military might to try and sustain American citizens unsustainable standards of living.



God damned right it is. Hell, the US government is a terrorist organization.



Trump has been doing Israel’s bidding all along, Israel and it’s US agents not Russia are in charge at the White House and comgress. Russia gate is and has been a distration from the real source of anti democratic, anti American and anti US constitution planned and executed by the fascist Zionist Jewish state and it’s lackeys in US Congress and administration.

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Yeah give them wall marts how cheap can it get and at what cost to American economy the slave laborers in China and our planet trashed with Chinese made garbage.



You got that reversed the US is Israel’s lap dog my dear. Israel antagonist US banksters are in charge, think Rothschilds.

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