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Iran Doesn’t Have a Nuclear Weapons Program. Why Do Media Keep Saying It Does?


Iran Doesn’t Have a Nuclear Weapons Program. Why Do Media Keep Saying It Does?

Adam Johnson

Iran has a civilian nuclear energy program, but not one designed to build weapons. Over 30 countries have civilian nuclear programs; only a handful—including, of course, the US and Israel—have nuclear weapons programs.


Great thanks to the author and CD for this critical distinction and history!

The belligerent power in the ME is not Iran as Adam Johnson writes, but Israel, that does have a nuclear weapons program, has somewhere over 200 nuclear weapons/bombs (all hidden of course!), and at least 3 different types of delivery systems (subs, aircraft, ICBM & cruise missiles).

Israel is not a member of the IAEA, not allowing any inspections of its nukes, and has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) - they are a rogue terrorist nuclear state founded on violent expansionist exceptionalism and racist ethnic cleansing that continues and accelerates to this very moment!.

The truth of who foments war and atrocities in Palestine and wider ME/NA has been hidden by the political power of extremist Israel/Zionism on the media and politicians - also hidden is Israeli spying against the US and false-flag ops, overt treasonous subversion of our politics/elections and foreign policy - ME wars, and Israel’s false-flag sneak attack on the USS Liberty, killing and wounding over 200 American sailors, and covered-up by both Israel and their lap-dogs in the US government ever since!
http://www.gtr5.com/evidence/moorer.htm - Findings of the Admiral Thomas H. Moorer Commission on the truth and evidence of the Liberty sneak attack by Israeli forces 1967 - please review!

THAT is our supposed great ally?!!

So WHO is the greatest threat to the ME, wider world, and the US, Israel, that has nukes and has committed near countless acts of aggression, war, and murder, or Iran whose democratically-elected president/government was deposed by the US and UK, installing the dictator Shah, a brutal and repressive regime for over 20 years?! It is claimed Iran has not attacked another nation for centuries!


This article educates, and nails it. Not just this Iran issue, but also, the more important issue of the establishment media standards nowdays.

Beware: Nearly Half of Voters Think Media Fabricate Anti-Trump Stories

The Oligarchs want their new War, and what better way than to use the best medium to change minds and gain acceptance.

Corrupt Corporate Media.



“Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program”—the REAL “fake news.” I think the author is much too kind in attributing the repeated lie to laziness or groupthink, rather than to purposeful disinformation by our “intelligence” establishment.


Iran is interfering with Israeli subjugation of the Palestinians, so we need a powerful propaganda campaign against it, to win support for Israel. Israel should be able to take whatever it wants of the West Bank, and push out those living there now. We should provide them with the funds needed, and if necessary, fight Iran on its behalf.


Yes, Trump and his followers are such a sources of objectivity and accuracy.


The “Iran was (or is) pursuing the building of nuclear weapons” is one of the most durable US State Dept. and Israeli spouted myths out there - proof that any lie spouted often enough get accepted as truth. I never understood why, but particularly when it comes to foreign policy or military matters, the corporate media simply falls in line. NPR/PBS is the absolutely worst this way.


In order to win the War on Islam we have to control Islam.

We control the Arabs.
We don’t control the Persians- yet.


There are some countries that the US Powers That Be have incurable grudges against. Iran has been on that National Shit List ever since the Ayatollahs and their followers threw out the US’s pal The Shah of Iran. Cuba is another country with whom the US PTBs have a permanent hate on for and act like lovers who have been unjustly spurned,


Yes, thank you for pointing this out.

But here’s another reality that also gets ignored.

Iran, if they did want a nuclear weapon, has as much right as the U.S., which has terrorized the world, the U.K., which imposed an imperialistic reign so vast the sun never set on it, France, which oppressed Algeria and Vietnam, Israel, which every so often kills thousands of Palestinians in Gaza, Russia, which when it was the Soviet Union imposed authoritarian communism on Eastern Europe, and Pakistan and India, which partitioned from each other with horrid bloodshed.

Meanwhile Iran has never invaded another country for 2500 years and has two powerful enemies in the Middle East, Israel and Saudi Arabia, that want to destroy it and which are armed, financed, and encouraged by the biggest military power in the world, the U.S., who for some reason figures it has the right to demonize Iran, when it wasn’t Iran that over threw American democracy in the early 50s but the U.S. that did that to Iran. Also Iran was invaded by Iraq at the U.S.'s bequest in the 1980s.

I wouldn’t blame Iran for wanting a nuclear weapon. But they don’t. When an Ayatollah puts a fatwa on nuclear weapons that definitely means they don’t plan on having them. But if they were to want them they have as much right as the Western Imperialistic powers. Maybe more.


So what did Iran agree to with the various nations imposing sanctions?


Because people are ignorant and buy it. And it’s a great excuse for war with Iran.
Smoking mushroom clouds over american cities is what got 70% approval for Bush to invade Iraq. The gullible public bought it then, they will buy it this time also. Never overestimate how stupid americans are, esp. when it comes to war. They are easily scared and will baa we must go to war with fill in the blank.


To Trump it seems to build as many nuclear weapons because there is no oversight. Plus Trump uses a narrow agreement to try and solve every problem Israel and Saudi Arabia have with Iran. To Trump Iran agreed to go sit in the corner with a dunce’s cap on.
Now you weren’t really asking what they did agree to do. That destroys every war drum beating against Iran.


Excellent brief summation.


I have highlighted this excellent article in an essay I have published on Medium, with additional commentary: