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Iran Doesn't Want Conflict, Says Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, But Any US-Saudi Attack Would Spark 'All-Out War'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/19/iran-doesnt-want-conflict-says-foreign-minister-javad-zarif-any-us-saudi-attack

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Javad Zarif has four college degrees from American universities in San Francisco and Denver.

He is more American than I am.

The american army needs three or four years of genuine peace to rebuild. Cannot win land war in Iran - ever. The population is too large. We would suffer massive casualties.

I am questioning the saudi display of drones used in the attack. One table is labled ‘May 2019’.

Humor = John Bolton did it. His last chance to light the fire for his war in Iran.

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Well, I think it is clear by now that Iran wasn’t directly involved but that they used one of their proxies. Got to give them credit, it was a brilliant bit of strategy and it took a lot of wind out of the US/ Saudi sails. The Iranian message was clear enough (You interfere with our ability to sell oil, we interfere with yours and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it). It clarified to the world how shaky of the Saudi regime is and that they can be toppled. US foreign policy is in serious disrepair and their failures are how on public display.

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Zarif comes across as an intelligent, and, thoughtful man, pretty much the opposite of our so called “leaders”,who are not much more than lying, greedy demons.

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who’s motto is " by means of deception"? anyone…the shit is obvious
hint; Is not Iran

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A few weeks ago the Houthi rebels launched a drone attack on Saudi pipelines, causing pundits to proclaim “game over in Yemen” as the vulnerability of the Saudi oil infrastructure was exposed. I’m guessing the fact that Saudis took too long to pull the plug on their Yemen misadventure prompted the Houthis to figure that this attack on a refinery would push them across the threshold. A dangerous move to be sure, but what do the Houthis have to lose. The best argument against Iran having launched the attack is that they DO have more to lose and have never shown signs of being so reckless.

I find it interesting (read: DISGUSTING) that this administration finds bombing an oil refinery (with minimal loss of life) to be an egregious act of war, while giving a pass to SA for five years of bombing civilian targets and deliberately destroying food stores and water systems in a country already suffering massive famine and the worst Cholera outbreak the world has ever seen. NOT ONE WORD of outrage from our government or our press. It is SO typical for the U.S. to believe that when you start bombing another country, it is SO UNFAIR for them to fight back. Do we really have to wonder why they hate us?


What if it turned out that all that money we spent building weapons was a total waste? From Pepe Escobar:



We keep such a close eye on Iran, I doubt that we don’t know exactly where that ordinance came from.
Too bad Zarif didn’t hint that they can devastate most large cities in the U.S. from Iran.
Gee, what if we gave a war party and no one showed up. What would it be like if WE were the spoils of war?

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Iran doesn’t want conflict? True, but Israel sure does! Using the bravery and deaths of American, soldiers!

To put icing on the cake of incompetence, yesterday the Saudi regime announced that they’d join a coalition aligned to fight Iran.

Meanwhile, they’re losing a war both on the ground and in the court of public opinion against a ragtag band of Houthi rebels. The bloodthirst of MBS is only matched by his military’s uselessness – despite the third highest budget in the world.

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I wonder if Smedley Butler would take on a coup today.

The insightful Pepe Escobar gives his take on this incident. His conclusion is that the claims the attacks originated in Iran are not credible.


This quote significant from the article coming from a Houthi Leader

“This operation is one of the largest operations carried out by our forces in the depth of Saudi Arabia, and came after an accurate intelligence operation and advance monitoring and cooperation of honorable and free men within the Kingdom.”

In other words the Houthis had help from within Saudi Arabia.

Israel will fight to the last American after all.

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The first thing that would happen in the case of an attack on Iran by a US / Saudi combo is for the Iranians to blockade the Strait of Hormuz. Doing so is relatively easy due to it being both narrow and shallow (sinking two merchant trawlers at it’s choke point would do the job). Who wants to bet not one of Orange Anus’ lackeys has summoned up the courage to tell him this, or that they even know this is possible? My money is on the latter.

In winter 1992, we had fellas inside Bagdad marking the targets for the missles.
Were actually hunting for Sadam. But he had 30 doubles.

Saudi - Yemen cease fire ??