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Iran: Economic Blockade and Crowd Protests Were Also How the US Made the 1953 Coup

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/18/iran-economic-blockade-and-crowd-protests-were-also-how-us-made-1953-coup


Here’s some interesting news which may actually help Iran from the coup attempts?: Saudi Arabia’s Aramco is going to be put on the international stock market with a value of $1.7 trillion. Wouldn’t investors in Aramco world wide be against an attack on Iran, because they would know that Aramco can be destroyed by Iran, and there goes the potential profits for them? Possibly maybe?


It’s time for Russia and China to put their power on display and start buying more Iranian oil.
And if that means escorting tankers past the US Navy, call their bluff.
The US won’t fight this war outside of sanctions. In MidEast wars, we keep losing.

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The E.U. needs to step up and into the vacuum created by Trump’s delegitimizing of the U.S. leadership role, and the resulting erosion of the cohesion and power of NATO. If they do not take steps to REPLACE the U.S. in the developing new political world order, they will ensure that they will be dragged down with it. Allowing this increasingly feeble, impotent and rapidly fading empire to direct Europe’s regional and national politics undermines their ability to control their own future. Participating in the illegal machinations of destabilizing the entire globe is not in anyone’s best interest.

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“The maximum pressure campaign was plotted out by Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and other warmongerers closely tied to the US arms industries, to Saudi Arabia and to the Israel lobbies, all of which would like to see the Iranian regime overthrown and the exercise of US military power in that country”.

Iran is opposed to the Jewish ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and Jewish/Israeli land grabs, to the Saudi dictatorship and oppression of the Shea, to regime toppling in Syria, and to the promotion of widespread Arab internecine conflict and State destruction. Intolerable!

Iran has lots of oil, and military action is good for our war profiteers.

We must continue our good work in the Middle East to improve further the lives of its peoples and the power and influence of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Blowback be dammed. Our blood and treasure well used. Right is on our side.

Incidentally, Iran has no nuclear weapons project.